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A declaration


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Once, long ago, when the fight for TE was in full blast and when Murder Inc. banished the great Bamabuc to the white team, a great man appeared. His name was English Empire. Some of you youngins don't know who the hell English Empire is. This is why he needs an alliance named after him. So, I now present: English Empire!

At the beginning of the world we know, a young ginger appeared out of the whole Bama's large body made. His name was, English Empire. Soon after this young ginger created an alliance, it's name, United Nations.

Now, United Nations had a rough start...middle... and ending. But, this was mainly due to the sheer greatness of EE. He was so great, his alliance had to decrease the greatness level so much to get to the equilibrium. But, that's for later. United Nations soon grew greatly due EE's [s]gaming community[/s]cult. But, they didn't get that large just due to the cult. They openly recruited throughout the TE community in a manner that Jimkong could only dream of!

Now, these new members were a rowdy group, they never even signed up on the forums! Heresy, I tell you! Back to the topic at hand. Now, these new members are on of the reasons that brought United Nations down. See, these members were very immature. Think Coolgreen, but 10 years younger. Scratch that, he'd be -2 then. Ok then. See, these members raided the forums every day, because they saw MI do it, but no one could ever eva eva get on our level. So, if you can't be the best be the worst... I guess? That's actually the unofficial motto of UN. So, they basically brought English Empire's cult to the ground.

So, I stand on a pile of dirt over-looking Steve. I then proceed to say, "This is where I will build the church, and once again start the cult." With that I take a drink of Haterade and yell at the construction crew.

o/ English Empire

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