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[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

ENDOR CUIDAD – After weeks of progress, Richard Mercton had finally put the government and government structure of J Andres in place. J Andres is to be a representative federal republic comprising of six provinces: Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine (this is due to the fact that previous government documents regarding the former provinces of J Andres has been lost, and so Mercton had opted to keep the political administrative system of New England in place).

[b][center]THE COMMUNE[/center][/b]

Firstly, the J Andres Commune is to be the legislative body of J Andres. First established back in 1982, and recently in 2016, the Commune has full legislative powers, including but not limited to drafting and passing laws, overturning them, ratifying treaties, declaring wars, and appointing and removing any government officials (including the President) from office. It consists of about 180 Senators, each representing about 100,000 citizens. Each Senator serves two-year terms and can be reelected once; each Senator receives one vote. The Commune’s unicameral nature had excluded the necessity of a House of Representatives, which under the old system of New England utilized proportional representation—which to Mercton gave too much power to a particular state/province.

Not only Commune senators receive votes, but also the President and Monarch [to be explained shortly] receive a number of votes equaling to about one-fifths of the total number of Senators. In this instance, the President and Monarch receive 36 votes each. This is generally to give the President and Monarch increased power and leverage over the Commune—though only the Monarch has the power of abstention. In addition, the Commune also has a Constituent Panel, where J Andres citizens have the power to participate in government more directly; they can cast votes in proceedings. Like the President and Monarch, the Panel receives one-fifths of the number of senators—amounting to 36 votes total.

In additional to appointing or removing the President from office, the Commune has the power to unilaterally infer the President supreme powers. In that case, the President has broad executive and legislative power, effectively making him the only source of power in the government. The President, once bestowed this degree of power, also has the power to return power back to the Commune. This happened only twice: Josef Mercton, the first president of J Andres, was granted supreme power by the Commune in the 1980s, and President Richard Mercton in the 2020s.

Lastly, the Commune has the exclusive power to declare war.


The President of J Andres is the official head of state of the Maritime Republic. In additional to having the power to execute the laws passed by the Commune, the President has the exclusive power of veto—inherited from New England—which can be overturned by the Commune with a two-thirds vote. The office of the President is a non-electable, non-hereditary position with life tenure (he however, can resign or be removed by the Monarch). Next, the President has the power to create new government departments to assist him in his duties, as with the Prime Minister. Richard Mercton is currently the President of J Andres. With the establishment of the current system, the President is responsible for foreign affairs and some aspects of domestic affairs; he shares executive power with the Prime Minister, even though he will exclusively retain the power of veto as stated before. The President will not represent any political party, and can appoint the Prime Minister. Should the post of President become vacant, the Prime Minister can appoint a new one.

The President was, until 2030, the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of J Andres. He had ultimate command over the military (this has been taken over by the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, who reports to the Prime Minister). The President is responsible for foreign affairs and some aspects of domestic affairs.

[b][center]PRIME MINISTER[/center][/b]

The Prime Minister is typically the executive power of the government. He wields, for the most part, considerable executive powers; he heads the Commune and effectively the J Andrean government (except the Foreign Ministry, which is under the exclusive domain of the President). In addition to representing and heading his political party in the Commune, the Prime Minister heads the civil service, the government agencies (including the Cabinet, but not the Minister of Foreign Affairs), and the armed forces - but not the Kommissazul, which is under the control of the President. Next, the Prime Minister heads the army, navy, and air force - and he is [i]defacto[/i] the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces through the Supreme Commander.

Lastly, the Prime Minister is typically responsible for domestic affairs within the nation.


Originally created as a way to hold on power during the Communist Revolt of 1986, the Monarch (usually a King) is generally a constitutional monarch with no official power, a symbolic figurehead. However, the Monarch does have some power and involvement in the government; as stated earlier, the Monarch receives 36 votes in the Commune. In addition, the Monarch has the power to bestow “Peerage” to any individual; for instance, King Josef I made the Dukedom of Boston for Ben Richards back in the 1980s. The Order of Succession typically is bestows the crown to the eldest child (either male or female) of the reigning Monarch. With the death of Josef Mercton in May of 2028, the position of the Monarch became vacant, and was subsequently occupied by his son, Richard, but as Regent instead of the next Monarch.

The government of J Andres is detailed below, as well as a list of cities in the Maritime Republic of J Andres.


Monarch: Richard Mercton (as Regent)
President: Richard Mercton
Prime Minister: Ben Richards

Minister of War and Defense: Joel Brunel
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mickey Bethesda
Minister of Domestic Affairs: Brian Wilfork
Minister of Energy: Nobaru Yoshiro
Minister of Finance: Henry Morgenthau
Minister of Education: Arne Duncan
Minister of Justice: Edwin Stanton
Minister of Agriculture: Tom Vilsack
Minister of Transportation: Anthony Harlan
Minister of State Security: John Feliks

Direktor of the [i]Kommissazul[/i]: Roger Admadinejad



[b][u]Endor Cuidad[/u][/b] (Smithfield) – 141,185 [CAPITAL]
[b]Mercton[/b] (Boston) – 1,242,170
[b]Providence[/b] – 734,225
[b]Annan[/b] (Worcester) – 514,788
[b]Richards[/b] (Springfield) – 301,382
[b]Bethesda[/b] (Hartford) – 285,424
[b]Kissinger[/b] (Bridgeport) – 273,512
[b]Lanier[/b] (New Haven) – 247,341
[b]Brunel[/b] (Stamford) – 238,721
[b]Miller[/b] (Waterbury) – 217,172
[b]Admadinejad[/b] (Manchester) – 203,070
[b]Bauer[/b] (Lowell) – 196,230
[b]Solanger[/b] (Cambridge) – 193,187
[b]Fitzgerald[/b] – 188,625
[b]Madeleine[/b] (Bangor) – 141,900
[b]Karr[/b] (Augusta) – 114,025
[b]Rossingol[/b] (Warwick) – 101,736
[b]Porto Pacis[/b] (Portsmouth) – 83,142

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[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

ENDOR CUIDAD – In a press statement today, Foreign Minister Mickey Bethesda announced that a referendum will be held in the regions of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland as to enable the inhabitants living there to decide whether they wished to become independent, join the Northern Republic, or remain a J Andres protectorate.

In the same speech, Bethesda stated that a similar referendum is currently being held in the region of Tennessee for the same purposes explained earlier (simply replace the words “Northern Republic” with “Federal Republic of America” and you got it). Election commission officials will be dispatched to these regions to ensure a “free, fair, and just election” and to ensure the referendums proceeds smoothly.

The options in the referendums are as follows:

[quote][TITLE]: What option do you favor regarding the current situation in [New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland/Tennessee]?


As a final note, Bethesda stated that, in regards to the advertisements by the Northern Republic to inform the inhabitants about the benefits of living in said country, foreign advertisement and campaigns are allowed—but he also warned that no “[i]fraud or force or intimidation[/i]” would be accepted. In such a case, the current referendum will be dropped and a new one started, “[i]under stricter supervision.[/i]”

ENDOR CUIDAD – Brian Wilfork, Minister of Domestic Affairs, announced that the Department is planning to replace the defunct New Englander Dollar (NED) with the Anchor (Å or JAA). In turn, the [b]J Andres Federal Reserve[/b] will be established in Endor Cuidad to regulate the flow and distribution of the currency around J Andres, and will be headed by Director of the Federal Reserve (D-FR), Barry Wilkins. In the interests of favorable trading and transactions, the Anchor will be compatible with the rest of the world’s currencies. Its exchange rate will be 1:1. The Anchor will be divided into denominations of $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, and $1,000.

[i]The One Anchor Coin[/i]

[i]The Five Anchor Bill[/i]

[i]The Ten Anchor Bill[/i]

Any citizens still in possession of the old New Englander dollars are encouraged, though not required, to bring them to the nearest bank to exchange for J Andres at the same value.

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[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

ENDOR CUIDAD – It had been announced today that the corporation [url="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/JTech"]JTech[/url], after many years of absence, has once again emerged on the new geo-political landscape of J Andres. Founded in 1982, JTech went on to attain great achievements for J Andres in terms of technological development that not only improved and enhanced the lives of many J Andres citizens, but strengthened J Andres’s position on the world stage. Donald Gates, the founder and CEO of JTech, stated in a televised statement that his company will be established in Endor Cuidad, and has already requested government assistance and funding.

JTech is not the only corporation to emerge in the new world of J Andres. Other companies and corporations, according to the Ministry of Domestic Affairs, had been established and is currently petitioning the Commune to provide them funding and support. They include, but is not limited to the Endor Petrofuel Processing, Oceanside Aluminum, and Woonsocket Wheat, along with others.

However, news of the reestablishment of these companies and corporations have given way to rumors that plans to reestablish the [url="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/J_Andres_Federation_of_Industry"]J Andres Federation of Industry[/url] may be well underway. The rumors remain unconfirmed, at least for the time being, and the Government has not made any comments on this yet. But one thing for sure: J Andres had taken her first step toward economic recovery and prosperity.

ENDOR CUIDAD – Foreign Affairs Minister Mickey Bethesda, in yet another televised press statement, stated that a referendum has started in the region of Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine, traditionally a part of Quebec but currently part of the region of New Brunswick, to enable the inhabitants there to decide whether they want to join the Federation of Disparu or not. The options of that poll are similar to the ones currently taking place in the Maritime region and Tennessee, albeit with several modifications:

[quote][TITLE]: Do you desire to join the Federation of Disparu?


Bethesda went on to say that the referendum will conclude in a month’s time (OOC: about one or two RL days). The results will be announced and appropriate courses of actions will be undertaken according to such results.

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[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

MERCTON – The Commune voted to pass its first legislative act in J Andres today. Commune senators deliberated to pass into law what is known as the [b]Mercton Reconstruction and Improvement Act[/b]. The Act appropriated about $500 million to help rebuild the city of Mercton (formerly Boston), which had witnessed one of the “fiercest and bloodiest battles in history.” In what was called the [i]J Andres National Uprising[/i], [i]Second American Civil War[/i], or more popularly the [i]War of National Liberation[/i], Boston was the site of the battle between Merctonists (those who supported Richard Mercton) and loyalists (those who supported New England). In the space of a few weeks, Boston—or at least its city center—was “[i]the scene of devastation...rubbles all around[/i]”, as according to a [Merctonist] war correspondent who visited the frontlines there.

[center][img]http://kbarts.hu/tmp2/city_dest_03.jpg[/img][/center][center][i]An [probably exaggerated] art rendering of Mercton after the battle.[/i][/center]

As soon as the dust settled and the city came under Merctonist control—and subsequently renamed Mercton, though there is an ongoing dispute about who it was named for. Some believe it was named in honor of Richard Mercton, others believe it was done so to honor Josef Mercton, the founder and first president of J Andres—efforts were undertaken at the local level to rebuild the city. Modest success was attained, for the city’s streets were largely cleared and its infrastructure brought online—but ruined buildings and houses still littered the city’s blocks. Mercton’s harbors, wharves, and ports—destroyed by loyalist forces—were yet to be repaired and as the result of that, the city’s economy languished for weeks, largely cut off from international trade and commerce.

However, as J Andres’s taxation system were still in the working and not implemented yet—though it was introduced to some degree in Endor Cuidad, Providence, and Richards (formerly Springfield)—the $500 million Anchors were to be contributed by former New Englander businesspeople, bankers, corporations, and investors to help rebuild the city.

With a population of approximately 620,000 citizens, Mercton is by far the largest city in the Maritime Republic of J Andres—though that figure may have declined due to the recent war. As Boston, the city served as the capital of the former New England, and was a thriving port. It is currently the capital of the Province of Massachusetts.

ENDOR CUIDAD – President Richard Mercton sanctioned the establishment of the [i]Border Guard of the Maritime Republic of J Andres[/i], the [b]J Andres Border Guard[/b] for short. It is to consist of about 8,000 guards and personnel, and will be responsible for not only manning the border with the Commune Protectorate [New York and New Brunswick] and Disparu, but also to protect the country against smuggling, illegal immigration, trafficking, and other illegal activities.

In addition to performing customs and immigration duties, the Border Guard is to serve as the first line of defense in times of war; they are to slow down—if not stop—an invading foreign army in order to give ample time for the Army to mount an appropriate response. For this purpose, the Border Guard is to be equipped not only with standard weapons (pistols) but also heavier weapons (such as submachine guns, assault rifles, and shotguns); they will have heavy equipment, such as rocket launchers, sniper rifles, and artillery guns.

The Border Guard, in order to monitor the entirety of the border, will employ helicopters, observation posts, specially-modified vehicles, and checkpoints. It will be placed under the aegis of the Ministry of Defense and War and will report to Minister Joel Brunel. Anyone interested in applying for the Border Guard must be at least twenty years old, be an official citizen of J Andres, and have no criminal record. The last part would effectively exclude the vast majority of the former FBIS Border Troops, especially these who had fired upon Northern Republic border personnel. It is estimated that the formation and commission of the Border Guard will take at least one to three months; in the meanwhile, the Kommissazul and Army will maintain the border for the time being.

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[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

ENDOR CUIDAD – Minister of War and Defense Joel Brunel stated in a press statement today that he had ordered, with President Mercton's approval, the evacuation of the now-former New Englander base of Guantanamo Bay. All military troops, assets, and equipment in said base are to be transferred to the new J Andres naval base at Bermuda. What Brunel declined to say, however, was that Guantanamo Bay was to be turned over to Louisiana.

In addition, all the former New Englander ships stationed in Guantanamo Bay—including these currently in the Gulf of Mexico—are to return to J Andres immediately. Brunel said he had notified the Government of Louisiana regarding this.

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[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

ENDOR CUIDAD – Foreign Affairs Minister Mickey Bethesda announced that he had received the results of the referendums in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Tennessee, and the Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine region of New Brunswick.

Firstly, according to the reports by election commission officials in the Maritime regions, a “huge majority” of the population were in favor of Option B, that is, joining the Northern Republic. Over 68 percent of the combined population voted for such. About 10 percent voted for Option A (independence) and 22 percent voted in favor of Option C (remaining a J Andres protectorate).

Secondly, regarding Tennessee, a “vast majority” of about 71 percent of the population voted for Option B (becoming a part of the Federal Republic of America), while 15 percent voted for Option A and 14 percent favored Option C.

Thirdly and lastly, a “whopping” 80 percent of the population in the Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine supported joining the Federation of Disparu (the results have been validated by election commission officials). 15 percent opposed such, while the remainder (5 percent) abstained.

Considering the results of the referendum, the people have spoken and their wishes shall be upheld and respected. And on that note, the Maritime Republic of J Andres would like to announce that it is withdrawing all troops, government officials, and civil servants from all these areas under referendum, starting immediately.

To clarify, troops and officials will withdraw from the Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine region, beginning with Gaspe, to be followed by many cities and towns throughout the region. While leaving, the troops will turn over control, jurisdiction, and sovereignty to Disparu. At the same time, troops will withdraw from New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland; they will turn over control to the Northern Republic. Lastly, the troops in Tennessee have begun to withdraw from Tennessee.

The populations in these aforementioned areas are in good hands. We trust that they will be treated well, and wish these nations well in governing them. A reminder, though: if these areas fall into anarchy or lawlessness, then J Andres reserves the right to intervene to do so and reestablish protectorate status.

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[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

ENDOR CUIDAD - The Commune voted 171-15 to officially rename the Province of Rhode Island to the [b]Maritime Colony[/b], with Providence as its capital. This move, the [b]Maritime Colony District Act[/b], is designed to honor J Andres, especially its early history, and is designed to draw closer support for the country from its government and people. According to a report by the Ministry of Domestic Affairs, approximately four-fifths of the population supported and approved this move.

RICHARDS - In the City of Richards (formerly Springfield, Massachusetts), the City Commune [all legislative bodies on all levels throughout J Andres are called as such] approved a resolution establishing [more like reestablishing] five school districts, each supervising five secondary schools each. A total of twenty-five secondary [kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools] educational institutions are to be reopened by the next year. Similar initiatives have been launched in other cities and towns, such as Bethesda (formerly Hartford), Admadinejad (formerly Manchester), and Fitzgerald (formerly Portland).

MERCTON - With the funds [$500 million] pouring into the City of Mercton, the city’s Commune resolved to establish the [b]Mercton Reconstruction Commission[/b] to oversee and supervise the rebuilding of J Andres’s largest city, as well to maintain funds and allocate resources and labor. Approximately 50,000 workers, contractors, and supervisors were called up by the Commission to begin the process; they would be given appropriate equipment, as well as given protection [through insurance] that they would need to do their work.

ENDOR CUIDAD - Direktor Roger Ahmadinejad announced his plan, with President Richard Mercton’s approval, to expand the Kommissazul from 30,000 troops to 70,000 soldiers and personnel. According to Ahmadinejad, the reason for such a move is to not only consolidate and expand a base for an effective military force, but also to enable the Kommissazul to perform their duties more better. At its current state, the 30,000-strong Kommissazul is overstretched to near the breaking point to maintain law and order throughout the Commune Protectorate, which is vastly larger than J Andres itself. The presence of the Army and police in the Protectorate helps to ease the pressure somewhat, but Ahmadinejad warned that the Kommissazul needed to expand its ranks or “face collapse”.

However, several J Andres officials had suspicions of Ahmadinejad’s actual motives behind such a move. For one instance, Ben Richards and Joel Brunel speculated that Admadinejad may be “[i]plotting to expand his role in the Government of J Andres[/i]” by expanding the Kommissazul into a “[i]formidable force[/i]” that will enable Ahmadinejad to deal with his “[i]competitors in any ways he sees fit.[/i]” However, no evidence of such allegations exists, and neither did Richards and Brunel elaborate of what they had meant by Ahmadinejad using the Kommissazul to deal with his “competitors in any ways he sees fit.” But even so, rumors continue to circulate around the inner circles of the J Andres government and society.

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[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

ENDOR CUIDAD - In response to increasing popular demand, Defense Minister Joel Brunel revealed the full extent of the Armed Forces of the Maritime Republic of J Andres. Do note, though, that the numbers do not indicate the [i]actual[/i] readiness of J Andres’s military as of right now; indeed, the military is currently in the process of reorganization. The list serves more like a projection of what J Andres’s military will look like when brought to its full readiness.

[b][size="4"][center]Compilations of the Armed Forces of the Maritime Republic of J Andres[/center][/size][/b]
Army: 1,031,280 troops
Tanks: 10,312 tanks
Military vehicles: 10,312 vehicles
Air Force: 105 squadrons
Navy: 66 ships

[u]1,031,280 total[/u]
300,000 active
751,280 reserve
50,000 special forces
30,000 Kommissazul [planned to be expanded to 70,000]

[u]10,312 tanks total[/u]
5,000 Abrams tanks
3,500 Panther tanks
1,812 BT-100 tanks

[b]Military vehicles[/b]
[u]10,312 vehicles total[/u]
2,500 Humvees
1,500 SPA M110 self-propelled howitzers
1,000 M270 multiple rocket launcher systems
2,500 M-113 armored personal carriers
2,500 M2 Bradley IFV (infantry fighting vehicles)
312 M104 Wolverine Heavy Assault Bridge (armored vehicle launcher bridge)

[b]Air Force[/b]
[u]105 squadrons [1,260 aircrafts total][/u]
36 fighter squadrons (432 aircrafts)
44 interceptor squadrons (528 aircrafts)
5 bomber squadrons (60 aircrafts)
7 troop transport squadrons (84 aircrafts)
7 Special Operation squadrons (84 aircrafts)
5 cargo squadrons (60 aircrafts)

[u]66 ships total[/u]
7 aircraft carriers
9 battleships
7 submarines
7 destroyers
8 frigates
8 cruisers
10 landing ships
10 corvettes

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[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

ENDOR CUIDAD - The Commune, after weeks of deliberations, voted to pass the [b]Government Capital District Act[/b]. The Act, also known as the [i]Haupstadt Act[/i], established what is akin to the former District of Columbia in the first United States of America and the Federal District in the Federated States; a federal capital district was established within the Maritime Colony. Known as [b]Haupstadt Capital District[/b], the district will encompass the capital of Endor Cuidad, the military base of Fort Farnum, and the town of Porto Georgiaville, as shown below:

[center][img]http://i731.photobucket.com/albums/ww320/LordJedcjt/Maritime%20Republic%20of%20J%20Andres/governmentdistrict.png[/img][/center][center][i]Boundaries of the Haupstadt Capital District[/i][/center]
The federal government will have supreme power and jurisdiction over the Capital District. Citizens in the District will have full rights and duties on par on that of citizens living in the provinces; they will have the right to vote in presidential and Commune elections. The Capital District will be administratively separate from the Maritime Colony in the sense that it will maintain its own local government, have its own police force, provide its own goods and services, along with many others.

ANNAN - The city Commune of Annan (formerly Worcester) announced today that five banks have been opened in the city. The [b]Annan National Bank[/b], headquartered at 365 Main Street, was the first to open, followed by [b]Bank of J Andres[/b] [located at 370 Main Street], [b]Anchor Bank[/b] [located at 120 Front Street], [b]Maritime Savings Bank[/b] [located at 28 Franklin Street], and the [b]Mercton Regional Bank[/b] [located at 386 Main Street]. Similar initiatives have been launched in other major cities, particularly in Bethesda, Richards, and Fitzgerald.

All five banks have requested, and received, loans and capital from the local and provincial government; they are still waiting for a response from the federal government in Endor Cuidad. It is expected that the banks will help contribute to the growth and development of Annan.

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[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

ENDOR CUIDAD - With the withdrawal of Army and Kommissazul troops from the now-former Commune National Protectorate into the protectorate in New York State and J Andres itself, Minister of Defense and War Joel Brunel declared that the “[i]consolidation[/i]” of the “[i]Armed Forces of the Maritime Republic[/i]” could now commence.

According to the plan, officially known as the [i]Strategic Initiative Regarding the Status of the Armed Forces[/i] and informally known as the [b]Strategic Initiative Plan[/b], much of the Army (hundreds of thousands-strong) will be reduced to 300,000 troops, of which will play an active role in national defense and war capabilities. The troops not in the active reserves will be reorganized into an [b]Army Reserve[/b], which is to consist of over 700,000 troops and placed on reserve duty, to be called into active service if needed be. In addition, 40,000 troops is planned to be transferred to the Kommissazul, while 50,000 troops are to be formed into a special forces organization (no official name has been decided yet, though rumors abounds that it would be called the [b]J Andres Special Ops[/b].

Regarding the Air Force, much of its organizations and chain of command, as under the former New England, will be carried over and retained in place. The Air Force is to consist of 105 squadrons, totaling 1,260 aircrafts. They will employ fighter, interceptor, bomber, troop transport, special operations, and cargo operations - each to serve a specific purpose.

As for the Navy, the Strategic Initiative Plan - as for the Air Force - will keep the chain of command and organization of the Navy in place, but the ships’ names, rank, and insignias will be “renamed” and “rearranged”. In other words, all sixty-six ships will be renamed and assigned to different bases.

And speaking of which, some of the old New Englander bases (Army, naval, and Airbases) will be closed down, others will be retained, and a few will be “rearranged for other purposes” (a euphemism for storage, such as fuel depots, ammunition stations, etc).

The overall “consolidation plan”, to take place over five years, will be supervised by the federal government through the [b]Strategic Initiative Commission (SIC)[/b]. The SIC will be headed by William Ramsey, who was appointed as head by President Richard Mercton, and will report to Minister Brunel. One last aspect: President Mercton sanctioned the establishment of three new sub-agencies under the Ministry of Defense and War: the [b]Ministry of the Army[/b], the [b]Ministry of the Air Force[/b], and the [b]Ministry of the Navy[/b]. Official appointments for these new sub-agencies are currently pending, but it is confirmed that these three agencies will report to Brunel.

ENDOR CUIDAD - Foreign Minister Mickey Bethesda announced in a press statement today that J Andres will retain the coat of arms of the former New England. “[i]It is the least we could do to acknowledge the role of New England in the history of [the Maritime Republic of] J Andres.[/i]” Bethesda stated in his speech. "[i]This course of action[/i] [regarding the new coat of arms] [i]will show that.[/i]"

The new coat of arms are as below:

[center][img]http://i731.photobucket.com/albums/ww320/LordJedcjt/Maritime%20Republic%20of%20J%20Andres/Arms-national.png[/img][/center][center][i]The coat of arms of J Andres[/i][/center]

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[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

ENDOR CUIDAD - In a highly surprising move, the Commune put into motion a resolution bestowing President Richard Mercton “supreme power”. After deliberations lasting weeks, an “astonishingly 83 percent” of Senators (151 out of 180; 151 in support and 18 against, with 11 abstentions) voted in favor for granting what they termed their “Great Leader” absolute power. This was augmented with support from the Constituent Panel; the 36 votes from the Panel were added in favor for such motion. Only King Josef I abstained.

When asked about this by the [i]Anchor Times[/i], the King said little, but it is speculated that despite their relationship in the J Andres government, both Josef and Richard remains estranged from each other. In top of that, the refusal on Josef’s part to place his votes in support of his son may stem from his experience in the 1980s, when as President of J Andres, Josef himself had been bestowed supreme powers from the Commune and was unsettled by the enormous degree of power being placed on him; shortly after, he returned the powers back to the Commune. This doesn’t include the fact that Josef had drifted apart from his son in recent years, despite his support for Richard in the coup against the Federated States of America.

[center][img]http://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/stalin-2.jpg[/img][/center][center][i]Despite being a King, Josef Mercton prefers to wear his old military uniform in public[/i][/center]

However, to everyone’s surprise, Richard Mercton refused what he termed an “[i]unnecessary act of gratitude[/i]”, even exercising his power of veto against the resolution, named the [b]Presidential Supreme Powers Act[/b], soon known as the [i]Gratitude Act[/i] or the [i]Great Leader Act[/i]. Equally surprisingly, the Commune managed to muster enough votes (153 out of 180; 153 in support and 11 against, with 16 abstentions) to override the veto. It didn’t help [in Mercton’s views] that the Constituent Panel of the Commune placed its support (36 votes) behind the proposed Act, effectively increase the vote from 153 to 189.

In this single act, J Andres was effectively transformed into a personal dictatorship. No longer was it a democratic federal republic by the strictest sense - but the President vowed to continue ruling J Andres just the way it was meant to be ruled: as a democracy, not a dictatorship. Despite his now-vast powers over the government and country, Mercton promised he would continue to defer to the Commune “[i]whether they liked it or not, whether they wanted it or not[/i].”

Despite the vocal concerns by few intellectuals and news reporters, a large majority of the population supported this move; some even voiced surprise that Mercton “[i]would…refuse such a wonderful gift from his own government that too many people in the world would merely dream of getting[/i]”, as according to an [i]Anchor Times[/i] journalist.

MERCTON - The Mercton Reconstruction Commission reported that progress “[i]is well underway…Hundreds of buildings and houses have been and/or currently being built or rebuilt…with scores of old, damaged[/i] [buildings and houses] [i]being cleared away to make more space.[/i]”

Much of the city’s ports, harbors, and wharves have been largely rebuilt; now ships and vessels can bring their commerce from all around the world and “transform” Mercton into a “thriving metropolis” that it always had been. In addition to housing and construction projects, the Commission has announced, with the approval by the city’s Commune, plans to build a new building for the to-be-established [b]Port Authority of Mercton (PAM)[/b]. Not only will the Port Authority have wide-ranging powers over the city’s commerce, customs, and trade, but it will be led by a board of five officials appointed by the local Commune.

[center][img]http://i731.photobucket.com/albums/ww320/LordJedcjt/zaha_hadid_antwerp_02.jpg[/img][/center][i][center]A digital rendering of the Port House[/center][/i]

The planned building, codenamed the [b]Port House[/b], is to consist of two parts: a station and a “[i]new crystalline volume lifted above the…building[/i].” The Port House is to contain 500 personnel, and will provide for a way to “[i]spur development of Mercton[/i]” as well as to “[i]symbolize Mercton[/i] [as] [i]a world port and economic driving force of J Andres.[/i]”

[center][img]http://i731.photobucket.com/albums/ww320/LordJedcjt/zaha_hadid_antwerp_011.jpg[/img][/center][center][i]A different angle of the Port House[/i][/center]

The building will be designed as to optimize performance and access. To begin off, personnel and visitors will have access to offices and meeting rooms in the station from a central lobby; they can also access the “extension” from the lobby. As if to symbolize (or emphasize) Mercton’s proximity to the sea, the new building will be designed similarly to a “[i]hull of a ship[/i]” and will be covered by glass and aluminum panels that will “[rotate] [i]slightly with respect to the each other, and[/i] [reflect] [i]light from these facets…[/i]”

The construction of the Port House is but one part of the extensive construction effort currently taking place in Mercton. Several spectators have commented that “[i]when this is all over, Mercton will look drastically different than it was before…It seems to me that the [/i][local] [i]Government aspires to change the face of Mercton to reflect the new culture of J Andres. It is mind-boggling.[/i]”

[center][img]http://listverse.files.wordpress.com/2007/10/origamicitymp.jpg[/img][/center][center][i]A digital rendering of Mercton[/i][/center]

Edited by JEDCJT
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[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

ENDOR CUIDAD - Richard Mercton exercised his powers as President [Mercton insisted on being called President, not Leader and certainly not Dictator!] to create four new government ministries: the [b]Ministry of Finance[/b], the [b]Ministry of Education[/b], [b]Ministry of Justice[/b], and the [b]Ministry of Agriculture[/b]. In addition to the four current Ministries, J Andres now has a total of eight Ministries in its government and Mercton’s cabinet now has four new members. The President has not made any appointments yet.

To start off, the Ministry of Finance will take over the responsibility regarding finances from the Ministry of Domestic Affairs. The new Ministry, led by the Minister of Finance, will be responsible for setting the federal government budget, ensure economic growth and prosperity, set tax rates, and generally determine financial and fiscal policy.

In turn, the Ministry of Education will be responsible for formulating education policies and establishing education standards as well as curricula. The Ministry will be responsible for overseeing educational institutions (from kindergartens to high school and from colleges to universities) as well as school districts on all levels [local, provincial, and federal]. It is also responsible for maintaining and overseeing the implementation of academic contests and scholarships.

Next, the Ministry of Justice will be tasked with the responsibility of law enforcement and administration of justice on the federal, provincial, and local levels. Not only that, but the Ministry will also be responsible for maintaining the justice system on all levels, ensuring public order, overseeing elections, maintaining polls, and carrying out law reforms.

Lastly, the Ministry of Agriculture will have wide-ranging responsibilities and powers pertaining to agriculture. Not only will it be responsible for developing and executing federal policy on agriculture, farming, and food, it will also be responsible for price controls on food and food products; promoting and regulating agricultural trade and production; overseeing food quality and ensuring food protection and safety, as well as consumer protection; and meeting the needs of farmers and ranchers. It will also protect natural resources; alleviate hunger in J Andres and abroad; and conduct agricultural research.

It is widely speculated, though not confirmed, that the establishment of the new Ministries may be a plan by Mercton to increase the size and scope of the federal government in accord to the degree of the President’s new-found powers. It is expected that more new government ministries will be established in the near-future.

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[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

ENDOR CUIDAD - President Richard Mercton announced his nominations for the Ministry of the Army, Ministry of the Navy, and Ministry of the Air Force, respectively.

Firstly, Alex Miller was appointed as J Andres’s first Minister of the Army. He had an impeccable record of service in the armies of the first, second, and current J Andres. From 1987 to 1998, Miller served as Minister of War and Defense under Presidents Jack Bosco and Ben Richards; he also served as J Andres’s fourth president from 1998 to 2003.

[center][img]http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20070312191033/cybernations/images/4/4e/MichaelWHagee.jpg[/img][/center][center][i]Alex Miller[/i][/center]

Secondly, Chester W. Nimitz in turn became the Ministry of the Navy, where he will have broad [administrative] powers over the Navy. Nimitz had a long and glorious record; as Admiral, Nimitz led the navies of the first United States, the first and second J Andres, New England, and the Federated States to prominence.

[center][img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/77/Fleet_Admiral_Chester_W._Nimitz_portrait.jpg/388px-Fleet_Admiral_Chester_W._Nimitz_portrait.jpg[/img][/center][center][i]Chester W. Nimitz[/i][/center]

Thirdly and lastly, Harold Brown was appointed Minister of the Air Force. In the times of New England and the Federated States of America, Brown served as the Secretary of the Navy under the administrations of Presidents John F. Kennedy and then Lyndon B. Johnson. He transformed the Air Force into a solid fighting force, and it is expected that he will bring the J Andrean Air Force into a formidable power as it had once been.

[center][img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/1e/Harold_Brown_photo_portrait_standing.jpg/471px-Harold_Brown_photo_portrait_standing.jpg[/img][/center][center][i]Harold Brown[/i][/center]

ENDOR CUIDAD - Minister of War and Defense Joel Brunel unveiled the compilation of the J Andres Navy. The ships has been given new names (except for the battleships), prefixes, and classes to correlate with their new status in the Navy. They are as follows:

[quote][b]Aircraft carriers ([i]Providence[/i]-class)[/b]


CR-01 [i]Providence[/i]
CR-02 [i]Josef Mercton[/i]
CR-03 [i]Richard Mercton[/i]
CR-04 [i]Benjamin Richards[/i]
CR-05 [i]Alex Miller[/i]
CR-06 [i]Bermuda[/i]
CR-07 [i]Adrik Annan[/i]

[b]Battleships ([i]Charlemagne[/i]-class)[/b]


BB-01 [i]Charlemagne[/i]
BB-02 [i]Magnus[/i]
BB-03 [i]Augustus[/i]
BB 04 [i]Pious[/i]
BB 05 [i]Carolingian[/i]
BB-06 [i]Renassiance[/i]
BB-07 [i]Pikachurin[/i]
BB-08 [i]Imperium[/i]
BB-09 [i]Byzantium[/i]

[b]Destroyers ([i]Sarah Tintagyl[/i]-class)[/b]


DD-01 [i]Sarah Tintagyl[/i]
DD-02 [i]Kaiser Martens[/i]
DD-03 [i]Tom Dobbs[/i]
DD-04 [i]Sean O’Deaghaidh[/i]
DD-05 [i]John Kennedy[/i]
DD-06 [i]Ty Eyvindsson[/i]
DD-07 [i]Lynneth Sarkara[/i]

[b]Frigates ([i]Immaculate[/i]-class)[/b]


FR-01 [i]Immaculate[/i]
FR-02 [i]Intimidator[/i]
FR-03 [i]Mighty Fist[/i]
FR-04 [i]Titan Grip[/i]
FR-05 [i]Retribution[/i]
FR-06 [i]Seahawk[/i]
FR-07 [i]Floating Fortress[/i]
FR-08 [i]Revenge[/i]

[b]Cruisers ([i]Woonsocket[/i]-class)[/b]


CS-01 [i]Woonsocket[/i]
CS-02 [i]Rossingol[/i]
CS-03 [i]Solanger[/i]
CS-04 [i]Pawtucket[/i]
CS-05 [i]Atlantis[/i]
CS-06 [i]Saccarine[/i]
CS-07 [i]Rocco[/i]
CS-08 [i]Karr[/i]

[b]Landing Ships ([i]Sun[/i]-class)[/b]


LD-01 [i]Sun[/i]
LD-02 [i]Mercury[/i]
LD-03 [i]Venus[/i]
LD-04 [i]Earth[/i]
LD-05 [i]Mars[/i]
LD-06 [i]Jupiter[/i]
LD-07 [i]Saturn[/i]
LD-08 [i]Uranus[/i]
LD-08 [i]Neptune[/i]
LD-09 [i]Pluto[/i]
LD-10 [i]Eris[/i]

[b]Submarines ([i]J Andres[/i]-class)[/b]


SB-01 [i]J Andres[/i]
SB-02 [i]Disparu[/i]
SB-03 [i]Northern Republic[/i]
SB-04 [i]Pravus Ingruo[/i]
SB-05 [i]Tahoe[/i]
SB-06 [i]Louisiana[/i]
SB-07 [i]Promised Land[/i]

[b]Corvettes ([i]Milford[/i]-class)[/b]


CV-01 [i]Milford[/i]
CV-02 [i]Warrington[/i]
CV-03 [i]Gorham[/i]
CV-04 [i]Berlin[/i]
CV-05 [i]Cranston[/i]
CV-06 [i]Randolph[/i]
CV-07 [i]Washington[/i]
CV-08 [i]Greylock[/i]
CV-09 [i]Frankfurt[/i]
CV-10 [i]Munich[/i][/quote]
On a related note, the ship prefix, NES (New England Ship) and the FSS (Federated States Ship) has been officially changed to the [b]JAS (J Andres Ship)[/b] and will be used to refer to the ships from now on.

Edited by JEDCJT
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[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

ENDOR CUIDAD - The Foreign Ministry announced today that J Andres has [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=86187"]signed a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact with the United States of America[/url]. Given the recent successes on the part of Foreign Minister Mickey Bethesda, such as the alliance with the United States of China and the ongoing conferences with representatives from Atlantis and Vietnam, it signaled a high success for J Andres on the field of diplomacy. Not long after it formed, J Andres now had a growing list of friends and allies - and was expanding its ties and contacts with the rest of the world, something that the former New England and Federated States of America was not able to achieve.

This, termed a “diplomatic coup” by news reporters and journalists, showed a promising future for J Andres on terms of diplomacy and illustrated the fluent skills of Bethesda on the delicate art of diplomacy. “[i]Minister Bethesda here has done a wonderful service to the nation regarding the art of diplomacy.[/i]” President Richard Mercton stated in a press statement in front of the Adrik Annan Governmental Building in Endor Cuidad today. “[i]It is my personal opinion and firm beliefs that he will continue to perform an exemplary job as Minister of Foreign Affairs as he is as of right now.[/i]”

However, several critics pointed out about the timing of the signing of the Children of Freedom Unity Treaty. According to Stephen Colbert, host of his new TV show, the Colbert Show, the “[i]signing of the[/i] [treaty] [i]between J Andres and United States[/i] [of America] [i]seems to…serve an ulterior purpose. After all, why would the United States sign a treaty with J Andres so soon after they had so recently [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=85074&view=findpost&p=2303136"]stated their intent to take over the Tahoan protectorate[/i] [in the Midwest][/url]? [i]Smells like a plot to me.[/i]”

Edited by JEDCJT
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[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

ENDOR CUIDAD - In a televised press statement today, Minister of War and Defense Joel Brunel announced that the Ministry of the Navy, in one of its first official acts in the J Andres government, had placed an order for four ships to be delivered by the end of 2026.

According to Brunel, much detail remain classified, but what has been confirmed is that the ships that were ordered will be a “[i]destroyer, cruiser, landing ship, and corvette.[/i]” When these ships are built, tested, commissioned, and launched, the Navy will have seventy ships total.

Once the ships are delivered and confirmed, it is expected that they will be built beginning in 2028, commissioned into service no later than 2030, and launched on or around 2032.

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[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

PIKACHURIN - Located off the coast of North America, situated about 800 miles from J Andres, Bermuda had been a part of New England, then the Federated States, and now J Andres. Since it became part of New England, Bermuda had served as a naval base - but then, it was always overshadowed by Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Since the conclusion of the War of National Liberation, despite officially being a part of J Andres, Bermuda had virtually no military, a skeleton police force, and a tiny, disorganized government.

This would all change, though, for President Richard Mercton passed an Act [labeled a decree by some critics] that would establish the official status of Bermuda. Firstly, the [b]Bermuda National Organization Act[/b] established for a precedent for territorial government, police, and military to be formed, along with others. A territorial Commune was established in the capital of Hamilton (which was subsequently renamed [b]Pikachurin[/b], in honor of the Disparuean King); legislative and administrative power will be bestowed in the Governor of Bermuda, which will be appointed by the King of J Andres on the advice of the J Andres Government. The Bermuda Commune will be modeled after the national Commune in Endor Cuidad as well as local and provincial Communes all over J Andres. Elections will be held every two years (unless a special or by-way election). William Ramsey was appointed Governor.

The [b]Bermuda Royal Police Force (BRPF)[/b] was officially established; it’s central headquarters will be based in Pikachurin. It will consist of approximately 700 to 1,000 personnel. In turn, the [b]Bermuda Regiment[/b] will be established [or re-established, depending on how one views it]. The Regiment is to consist of 3,000 soldiers, is directly led by a Colonel, and will be under the control and command of the Governor [and Commander-in-Chief]. Brian Gonzalez was appointed Colonel of the Regiment. It will be headquartered in the capital of Pikachurin, specifically in Warwick Camp.

In addition, two bases will be established in Bermuda: a naval base in Somerset Island (to be called [b]Porto Celeste[/b]) and a air force base near Andres that will also function as a Army base (it is to be called the [b]Darach Military Base[/b]). It is estimated at least two squadrons of fighters and interceptors and one squadron of bombers (a total of 36 aircrafts) and about four Navy ships will be stationed at Porto Celeste in Bermuda.

Lastly, Bermuda will be divided into nine parishes [an administrative organization kept in place] and two municipalities. They are as follows: Hamilton, Devonshire, Paget, Pembroke, St. George’s, Sandys, Smith’s, Southampton, and Warwick as well as the municipalities of Pikachurin and St. George’s.

Not to mention, the Bermuda Act also mandated for approximately $300 million to be sent to the island to “[i]bring it to prosperity and success[/i]”; hundreds of contractors, supervisors, and workers are planned to be sent to the island.

ENDOR CUIDAD - Direktor Roger Ahmadinejad announced in a press statement in the capital today regarding the ongoing expansion of the Kommissazul, currently underway. According to Ahmadinejad, the Kommissazul is currently training “[i]between 20,000 to 30,000 soldiers[/i]”, had received about “[i]25,000 applications[/i] [and accepted about half of them]”, and is set to formally incorporate “[i]8,000 troops into the organization[/i]”; the Kommissazul was poised to become the great force that is was destined to be.

The Direktor also elaborated on the inner workings of the Kommissazul, most particularly about its rank structure. Once enlisted into the Kommissazul, one will progress through the rank of Soldat/Obersoldat/hauptsoldat [regular soldiers] before progressing on to the rank of unterkorporal/korporal/oberkorporal/großkorporal [non-commissioned officers]. Lastly, officers will adhere to the structure of the unterkommandant/kommandant/oberkommandant/großkommandant [commanders].

In the next part of his statement, Ahmadinejad essentially reiterated the [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=67597&view=findpost&p=1820173"]statement that President Richard Mercton himself had made[/url] back in 2017, when he was head of the second Maritime Republic of J Andres; according to Ahmadinejad, the Kommissazul will “[i]serve as the de facto military only until the traditional military finishes its training, at which point, the Kommissazul will be phased into an ‘elite army’ used for special operation missions only.[/i]”

ENDOR CUIDAD - Minister of Domestic Affairs Brian Wilfork released a '[b]Most Wanted List[/b]', a list of most wanted criminals and fugitives inside and outside J Andres. The list goes as follows:

[*][b]Aalee Aragi:[/b] Ringleader of the now-defunct National Liberation Army. Commanded various bombing attacks and/or assassination plots throughout J Andres in the 1980s and 1990s. Responsible for the assassination of Woodrow Kissinger in 1985 and Julio Duclos in 2007. Attempted to launch what was called the “National Uprising” in New England in 2021. Still at large.

[*][b]“Athena”[/b]: Ringleader of the "Athena's Sword" syndicate, a criminal organization that was responsible for drug trafficking within and outside J Andres in the 1990s and 2000s. Linked with a series of brutal murders suspected to be related to competition for illicit market. True identity unknown. Presumably still at large.

[*][b]Alfred Jones:[/b] General of the former Freedomtopia military who was behind the terrorist strike on Fort Farnum in November 1983. Still at large.

[*][b]J Edgar Hoover:[/b] Head of the Federal Bureau of Internal Security (FBIS) in the former Federated States of America. Responsible for arrest, torture, and murder of foreign citizens in the country. Disappeared from Washington, F.D. in 2025, during the War of National Liberation. Still at large.

[*][b]Ronald Garspaldi:[/b] Chief Executive of the J Andres Federation of Industry before it was dismantled in 2011. Wanted on charges of forming a militia and more than a thousand charges of manslaughter for his actions in the invasion of Kangaroo Island. Believed to have fled to the outlying portions of J Andres before the 2007 land cession, and may be residing somewhere in present-day United States of America. Still at large.

[*][b]Richard “Rick“ Astley:[/b] Responsible for the horrible “rickrolling” phenomenon that contributed to the increase in suicide and homicide rates in J Andres during the 1980s and 1990s. Still at large.

[*][b]Albert Aragi:[/b] Operative in the National Liberation Army. Incited the multinational Liberation Army Riots in the Kingdom of Miami and J Andres in 1992. Presumably still at large.

The list is largely an update of the [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=1100&view=findpost&p=1187457"]one that was originally issued[/url] by Kasper Borwictz, then Minister of Domestic Affairs, in 2009. Several criminals has been added to the list.

ENDOR CUIDAD - Regarding President Richard Mercton’s announcement of the establishment of four new government ministries as of May 18, 2025, the President now made known his nominations for the new Ministers in his cabinet [widely known as the Presidential Cabinet, and more recently the Leader’s Cabinet].

Firstly, Henry Morgenthau - a distant descendant of the former Secretary of the Treasury of the same name who served under Presidents Roosevelt and Truman in the 1930s and 1940s - was appointed Minister of Finance.

[center][img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cd/Henry_Morgenthau%2C_Jr..jpg[/img][/center][center][i]Henry Morgenthau[/i][/center]

Secondly, Arne Duncan became the first Minister of Education in the history of J Andres. President Richard Mercton appointed Duncan to the new post with “[i]utmost faith and trust in[/i] [Duncan][i]’s excellent administrative and management skills in regards to…education.[/i]”

[center][img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/79/DuncanArne.jpg/479px-DuncanArne.jpg[/img][/center][center][i]Arne Duncan[/i][/center]

As for the position of the Minister of Justice, commonly known as the Attorney General, Edwin Stanton - once again, looking identical to the famous Secretary who served as Secretary of War under the presidency of Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War - was appointed as such. As President Mercton aptly put it, “[i]He[/i] [Stanton] [i]knows how to get things done[/i]”, alluding to Stanton’s forceful personality and his penchant of “[i]getting anyone to do whatever he or she was supposed to do.[/i]”

[center][img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/9f/Edwin_McMasters_Stanton_Secretary_of_War.jpg/471px-Edwin_McMasters_Stanton_Secretary_of_War.jpg[/img][/center][center][i]Edwin Stanton[/i][/center]

Fourth and lastly, Tom Vilsack was appointed to the position of Minister of Agriculture. It is believed that Vilsack’s “[i]extensive knowledge and expertise in agriculture and all its related affairs will…serve the nation well.[/i]”

[center][img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/e6/Tom_Vilsack%2C_official_USDA_photo_portrait.jpg/480px-Tom_Vilsack%2C_official_USDA_photo_portrait.jpg[/img][/center][center][i]Tom Vilsack[/i][/center]

Edited by JEDCJT
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OoC: Aww, thanks... :awesome::wub:

"Chancellor Celeste and I would personally like to thank President Mercton for renaming Hamilton and two military bases after several Disparuean figures. We really appreciate it."
- Lance Pikachurin, King

"On a related note, we wish the new Ministers good luck in their duties. We will also be on a lookout for anyone in the Most Wanted List."
- Government of Disparu

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[quote name='Pikachurin' date='24 May 2010 - 04:42 PM' timestamp='1274748160' post='2310687']
OoC: Aww, thanks... :awesome::wub:

"Chancellor Celeste and I would personally like to thank President Mercton for renaming Hamilton and two military bases after several Disparuean figures. We really appreciate it."
- Lance Pikachurin, King

"On a related note, we wish the new Ministers good luck in their duties. We will also be on a lookout for anyone in the Most Wanted List."
- Government of Disparu

OOC: You're welcome, Pika :wub:


“Anytime. It was the least I could do, so to say.”
- Richard Mercton, President

“We thank Disparu for its kind words and support.”
- J Andres Government

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OOC: Well, I guess this thread can be used for classified/private actions in addition to public news. Any public news will be under the headlines of the Anchor Times, while classified/private actions will have the heading, HIGHLY-CLASSIFIED, CLASSIFIED, and/or PRIVATE. That way, I don’t have to make another thread and clutter up the forums with pointless topics, lol.

Oh, and OOC statements are allowed by the way. Don’t be scared, I don’t bite. :P


[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

ENDOR CUIDAD - Domestic Affairs Minister Brian Wilfork announced in a press statement today that the taxation system in J Andres, after weeks and months of implementing in place of the old New Englander model, is now officially in effect. The old New Englander system of taxation will be largely kept in place, but other forms of taxation will be imposed in addition to the FairTax, such as income tax, property tax, and excise tax, among with others.

To assure citizens, Wilfork stated that they will not have to pay taxes (as in a ‘tax holiday’) until April 15, 2026, unless they owe in excess of $100,000 - of which in that case they will need to pay an amount equal to half of the country’s current tax rate (30 percent) until tax day. To put it simply, a citizen owing, for instance, $100,000 will need to pay about 15 percent (.30/2 = .15 * $100,000) of the total amount that he owes, about $15,000 per month until April 2026. Note, this doesn’t affect citizens that had $100,000 or more in their accounts, only if they owed $100,000 or more in debt - whether they had the money on hand or not.

Addressing citizens with low-incomes (defined as a citizen whose annual income exceeds no more than $49,000 per year) that owe $100,000 or more (this can and does happen), they are entitled to receive $20,000 a month (including tax) for the purposes of paying off the debt until Tax Day 2026.

Minister Wilfork’s statement was greeted with “[i]universal jubilation[/i]”, as according to a reporter. “[i]Citizens are jumping around in joy at what they termed as ‘glorious news’…indeed, some of them were heard to say, “‘No taxes until 2026!’[/i]” Some have speculated that it was a part of a plan by the J Andres government to provide incentives to businesses inside the country and around the world, as to bolster the economy. “[i]It is a clever plan. Clever, clever, clever, clever.[/i]” Stephen Colbert claimed in his TV show, the [i]Colbert Show[/i]. “[i]Surely, some wealthy businessmen who owe a lot of money will be disappointed, but who cares about them?![/i]” He drawled, to thunderous applause and raucous laughter from his audience.


As per orders by President Richard Mercton, Defense and War Minister Joel Brunel sent dispatches through secure channels to all appropriate ministries and organizations of the J Andres government. They concerned upcoming plans to build up and fortify J Andres’s national security and defense, especially air defenses. One particular document concerned this; codenamed [i]RESOLUTION 1-NS2025MRJA[/i], it detailed out the projected anti-aircraft and missile defense systems, with emphasis on missiles. It went like this:

[quote][b][font="Courier New"]MINISTRY OF DEFENSE AND WAR - National Defense and Security Resolution 1-NS2025MRJA[/b]
[b]ENCRYPTION CODE:[/b] [color="#FF0000"]RED[/color]
[b]PUBLIC KEY:[/b] None - Restricted
[b]TO:[/b] Army Commands, Kommissazul Commands, Army Forces Command, Air Force Defense Command, Missile Defense Command
[b]FROM:[/b] Ministry of Defense and War
[b]SUBJECT:[/b] Air defense and national security of J Andres

/[i]begin message[/i]

This national defense project that is about to be commenced concerns J Andres’s national security and national defense as a whole. As J Andres is far from establishing a national anti-aircraft defense network, it will nevertheless have the resources and capacity to establish an effective anti-air and missile defense networks that will defend the country, for the most part, from external threats.

Not only will interceptor missiles (in varying forms, which will be detailed shortly after) and fighters and interceptors - as well as relevant aircrafts - of the Air Force play a role in this defense system, but radars will be utilized. A Battle Management Command, Control, and Communications center will be established to enable enhanced coordination and cooperation along the major facets of military commands and ministries.

To begin with, a [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PAVE_PAWS"][b]Phased Army Warning System (PAWS)[/b][/url] will be established. It is to detect and track any sea-launched missiles (SLBM) and ICBMs, and to monitor earth-orbiting satellites. It will be a part of the Air Force Defense Command (AFDC).

Next, in addition to the Integrated Undersea Surveillance System (IUSS) with its monitoring allays, and torpedo and mine launchers that are embedded on the ocean floor, a [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea-based_X-band_Radar"][b]Sea-Based Radar (SBR)[/b][/url] will be employed for the purpose of maximizing national defense. It is a floating, self-propelled mobile radar station that is designed to operate in the ocean, particularly in high winds and stormy seas. It’s very nature allows the SBR to be moved to areas where they are needed, providing for fluid missile defense flexibility.

The SBR’s platform has many small radomes for various communications tasks and a central, large dome that encloses and protects a phased-array X band radar antenna. The small radomes are rigid, where the central dome is not - the flexible cover is supported by positive air pressure amounting to a few inches of water. The amount of air pressure is variable depending on weather conditions.

The radar antenna itself is described as being 384 square meters. It has a large number of solid-state transmit-receive modules mounted on a hexagonal flat base which can move ±270 degrees in azimuth and 0 to 85 degrees elevation (although software currently limits the maximum physical elevation to 80 degrees). The maximum azimuth and elevation velocities are approximately 5-8 degrees per second. In addition to the physical motion of the base, the beam can be electronically steered off bore-sight (much detail is classified). The current modules are concentrated towards the center, so as to minimize grating lobes. This configuration allows it to support the very-long-range target discrimination and tracking that GMD's midcourse segment requires. The array requires over a megawatt of power.

In addition to the power consumed by the radar, the thrusters that propel the platform will be all electric and thus require substantial power (maximum platform speed is approximately 8 knots). To support this and all other electrical equipment, the platform will have six 3.6 megawatt generators (12 cylinder Caterpillar diesels). The generator in turn will be subdivided into two compartments, one port and one starboard. The maximum power currently drawn is roughly 12 megawatts, and there are plans to expand the number of generators to eight, so that if one entire compartment are lost, the platform would still continue to operate at full capability, nevertheless.

Included are the pictures of the Sea-Based Radar:

There will be four type of missile defense systems: strategic, anti-ballistic, theater, and tactical, of which all four will be calibrated to work together to defend J Andres from outside attack in times of war. This also includes the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), which will protect J Andres from nuclear attack.

[b]Strategic missile defense[/b], under the aegis of the [b]Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD)[/b] - administered by the Missile Defense Command (MDC), part of the Ministry of Defense and War - calls for the interception of long-range ICBM missiles. Precisely what type of missiles will be used for this purpose is unknown, even though there are rumors that a Kinetic Energy Interceptor (KEI). Given the high technological profile of the KEI, it is doubtful of whether it will be successfully developed and employed. But given the highly-hypothetical stage of strategic missile defense, the mainstay of missile and anti-aircraft missiles will be anti-ballistic, theater, and tactical defense systems.

The purpose of [b]anti-ballistic defense[/b] systems is to counter and neutralize ballistic missiles (designed for missile defense). It also can be employed as an anti-satellite missile (effectively an anti-satellite weapon), to be utilized against satellites in Low-Earth Orbit. Specific instances is the [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RIM-161_Standard_Missile_3"]RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 (SM-3)[/url] and the [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolling_Airframe_Missile"]RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM)[/url]. The SM-3 is a ship-based anti-ballistic missile. It is to be mounted on battleships, destroyers, and cruisers; it also can be mounted on missile defense sites. The RAM is a small, lightweight, infrared homing surface-to-air missile (SAM). It weighs ~5,777 kilograms (~12,740 lbs) and will contain up to 21 missiles. It will be mounted on battleships, aircraft carriers, destroyers, and cruisers; they will be linked to the [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SSDS"]Ship Self Defense System[/url] currently in use by the J Andres Navy. The [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phalanx_CIWS"]Phalanx close-in weapon system (CIWS)[/url], an anti-missile defense system, is currently in use on Navy ships; it utilizes a radar-guided 20mm M61A1 Gatling gun to provide overwhelming firepower. A land-based variant of the Phalanx CIWS will be utilized for tactical (short-range) missile defense role (to be explained later).

In turn, the [b]theater missile defense[/b] system targets medium-range ballistic missiles (these with a range between 300 kilometers and 3,500 kilometers). Such systems of this caliber includes the THAAD and Starstreak missile systems, both used by the former New England and the Federated States of America. However, a [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S-400_Triumf#Missile"]new missile defense system[/url] is to be developed under the tenable codename of [b]SA-21 Thunderbolt[/b]. According to sources, one SA-21 will be capable of detecting and intercepting six missiles, at the same time, up to the range of 400 km (250 miles). This, in addition to ballistic missiles, includes aircrafts and cruise missiles.

In addition, the [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIM-104_Patriot"]MIM-104F Patriot missile system[/url] will be employed for this purpose of theater missile defense. Through the overall [b]Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIS)[/b], currently being implemented in the J Andres Armed Forces, crews of the MIM-104F will have increased awareness of the battlefield situations. The Patriot will be designed in a way that a single canister will be able to hold four missiles; it will be easily maneuverable due to “dozens of tiny rocket motors” (known as Altitude Control Motors, ACM); and it will be equipped with a K-band active radar seeker, which will improve the performance and accuracy of the Patriot missile against its targets. For one instance, it allows the missile to drop its uplink to the system and acquire its target itself in the terminal phase of its intercept, which improves the reaction time of the missile against a fast-moving ballistic missile target. The PAC-3 missile will be accurate enough to select, target, and home in on the warhead portion of an inbound ballistic missile. The active radar also gives the warhead a "hit-to-kill" capability that completely eliminates the need for a traditional proximity-fused warhead, thus greatly increasing the effectiveness of the Patriot against oncoming ballistic missiles.

Lastly, [b]tactical defense systems[/b] target short-range tactical ballistic missiles (with a range less than 300 kilometers). One instance is the MIM-104F, which has a function as a theater and tactical missile defense system. It is ideal for local battles, where defense against incoming tactical ballistic missiles would be needed and thus be effective than theater and strategic missile defense systems.

Regarding anti-aircraft defense systems, it will be of mobile nature. In addition to fighters and interceptors, [b]man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS)[/b] will be used. They are shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) that are typically used for air-defense purposes, especially against aircrafts such as helicopters. One notable instance is the Starstreak missile currently in use by the J Andres Army. Being laser-guided, the Starstreak enables operators to engage their targets from all angles and sides; this is achieved in a process of beam-riding, where the system’s operators directs a missile to its target by through laser guidance [as in keeping the laser on the target as to enable the missile to find it]. Not only the Starstreak missile in use, but so will the Javelin SAM. Being portable, the Javelin has higher mobility and maneuverability; it can be mounted either on the ground or on vehicles. The Javelin utilizes a solid state television camera to provide its operator a clearer and wider view of the battlefield. Lastly, the Javelin is “[i]virtually impervious to countermeasures.[/i]”

The Phalanx CIWS can be used as a land-based, anti-aircraft system and will be established all over J Andres, most particularly in and around its cities, towns, and villages as well as the coast and strategic areas (namely military bases, installations, depots, and storages). As stated before, the CIWS employs a Gatling gun system for high firepower. This land variant of the naval-based CIWS, also known as the Centurion C-RAM (Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar), is essentially a modified Phalanx CIWS powered by an attached generator, and mounted on a trailer for mobility. Its 20mm gun will be capable of firing between 1,500 and 2,000 rounds per minute (~28 to 30 rounds per second) - even though it is theoretically capable to firing well over 6,000 rounds per minute. Given its range and scope, a Centurion gun would be capable of defending a 1.2 km square area.

The difference between the naval-based Phalanx CIWS and the land-based Centurion is that the former uses tungsten armor-piercing rounds, whereas the latter fires either the M246 or M940 [b]High-Explosive Incendiary Tracer, Self-Destruct (HEIT-SD)[/b] ammunition. The HEIT-SD ammunition explode upon contact with their target, thus reducing the risk of collateral damage (especially if the rounds fail to hit their targets).

In light of the information given, all the missile and anti-aircraft systems described in detail in this communiqué will be established all over J Andres. All major cities, towns, and villages, are to be ringed with these defenses. Not only that, but they are to also employed alongside J Andres’s shores and border areas, as well as interior areas. They are mandatory in and around military bases, installations, depots, and other places of strategic importance (to be defined).

Construction is to begin immediately. It is expected to take at least five years, probably more. The codename of this project will be codenamed [b]PROJECT ATHENA[/b].

/[i]end message[/font][/i][/quote]

Edited by JEDCJT
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[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

PIKACHURIN - Department of Domestic Affairs Minister Brian Wilfork announced that reconstruction and rebuilding of Bermuda has now begun, as hundreds of workers, contractors, and supervisors are now arriving at the island. Not only were assets from several major companies and corporations within J Andres (such as Raytheon and Jtech, along with others) to be put to use, but the J Andres Government has begun contracting foreign companies and corporations to invest in Bermuda. The stated intent is to “[i]transform Bermuda into another Guantanamo Bay[/i]” - in other word, the plan was to convert the island into a tourist destination as well as an extensive military base.

On top of that, the construction managers and contractors - which by then had established the [b]Bermuda Construction Commission (BCC)[/b] - had already decided that the “[i]buildings and houses[/i]” all over Bermuda, including but not limited to its capital of Pikachurin, were to be designed and built in the Disparuean style. For such purpose, the J Andres Government and the BCC had contracted the Disparuean Government for assistance regarding this.

Not only were plans being discussed and on the verge of being implemented regarding Bermuda and its infrastructure and architecture, but the military were hard at work too; the Ministry of the Navy had announced that the new bases of Porto Celeste and Darach Military Base are currently in the progress of being established. Hundreds of military personnel, as well as thousands of troops, are arriving at the island. No decision has been made as of yet regarding the three squadrons of fighters and interceptors, and bombers (two and one, respectively); and the four Navy ships - even though it has been confirmed that efforts are currently underway to attaining the transfer of such assets to their new base in Bermuda.

On a related note, President Mercton increased the funding from $500 million to $1 billion; he did the same for the ongoing reconstruction effort in [the city of] Mercton.

ENDOR CUIDAD - Arne Duncan, the newly-appointed Minister of Education, unveiled his proposition regarding the educational system in the Maritime Republic of J Andres. Noting that it was more of an “[i]affirmation and confirmation of the form that the current educational system is to take place[/i] [in the country] [i]than actually charting a new way that will revitalize education[/i]”, Duncan nevertheless put in place what he termed “[i]setting the base of which to…expand education and foster in[/i] [students] [i]a strong…commitment to the values of education and to pave[/i] [the] [i]way toward a bright future.[/i]”

And so Minister Duncan, with the support of President Mercton, passed a series of resolution that sought to codify the Andrean educational system as the country knew it. The first of them, the [b]National School Year Resolution[/b], officially set the school year in J Andres. Under the new resolution, the school year in elementary through high schools begins in the third week in August and lasts until the second week in June. In colleges, universities, and vocational schools, the term begins in the second week of September and lasts until the first week of May. The period of summer school for elementary to high schools lasts from the second week of June to the first week of August. For colleges, universities, and vocational schools, the period of summer school is the first week of June to the second week of July. In middle and high schools, summer school is mandatory for students with a grade of C and below; it is also mandatory for college and university students that maintain a GPA (Gross Point Average) of 3 or less. As for private schools, they have the right to set their own enrollment dates for they are not to be administered by local, provincial, and federal governments - though they do have to conform to certain federal standards. The same goes for Catholic and other religious schools.

Secondly, Duncan issued the [b]School Workweek Resolution[/b] that mandated that schools on all levels be held five days a week (except in cases where Saturday school is required for students under varying circumstances). This applies to summer school as well.

Thirdly, the [b]College and University Standards Resolution[/b] set forth educational standards for colleges and universities to follow to qualify for federal support. However, students do not need to pay any tuition, for the government will cover them. As for room and board, one-fourths will be paid for by the federal government, another one-fourths by the provincial and local government. The remainder will be paid by the students and/or their families as well as scholarships. On a somehow-related note, the federal and provincial governments (and now the local governments) will provide funding to public schools. (Private schools will derive most of their funding from private sources. However, the use of tuition fees is prohibited and any private schools caught using this will be closed down and all its students transferred to the nearest public school. Private schools must admit its students on the same basis as public schools, including colleges and universities, and are required to give all the social entitlements that are afforded to students in public schools.)

Next, the [b]Nationwide Educational System Resolution[/b] established the official educational system in the Maritime Republic. Under the resolution, education is mandatory for those aged five [when they enter kindergarten] up to the age of eighteen or nineteen [when they graduate from high school]. In elementary to high schools, students are not given grades on their assignments; rather, they will be given verbal assessments. They will receive report cards twice a year, one in December and one in May. As stated before, students with low grades (C and below) are required to take summer school, where they need to take an examination at the end of the summer term to qualify if they improved or not. If not, then the student will have to repeat the grade. The same goes for college and university students with a GPA of 3 or less, but in this case, they are required to take two comprehensive exams to pass the summer term. They will take two credits in addition to the preset credits for their courses in summer school (for instance, if they take Biotechnology class that has two credits, then they will receive four credits total. It will count toward their degree).

In all levels of education, from elementary to universities, students will not take any nationwide exams or even final examinations. Rather, they will utilize what Minister Duncan termed a “[i]continuous assessment system[/i]” - a system where they will use a combination of monthly (and even bi-monthly, depending on classes/courses) exams and teacher evaluations. In addition, students will receive free meals in all educational institutions [except private schools, which will have to pay to receive meals]; the federal government will subsidize student travel (“[Travel] [i]is a major part of the educational process[/i]”, Duncan stated in a meeting with educational representatives. “[i]Who are we to impede their progress by levying unnecessary financial burdens[/i] [and responsibilities] on them [i]if we make them do so?[/i]”). And most interesting part of Duncan’s overall educational plan is the degree of academic punishment. The Minister has stated that the overall educational system will utilize a 'zero-tolerance policy', of which even a first offense under certain circumstances could result in expulsion (and if a student has been expelled from two schools, then schools has the legal right to refuse that student entry, even if there is space available).

The list of offenses liable for expulsion is as follows:

[quote][list][*]Actual or threatened violence against another student and/or faculty
[*]Making terror threats against school officials and/or property
[*]Sexual abuse or assault
[*]Possession, sale, or distribution of illegal drugs
[*]Possession, sale, or distribution of weapons (defined as firearm, explosive, and other dangerous objects)
[*]Computer hacking
[*]Persistent bullying (defined as three instances in a row)
[*]Hate crime
[*]Persistent truancy (defined as an unexcused absence from classes more than three times in a row, five times total)
[*]Persistent defiance (defined as breaking school rules three or more times in a row, five times total)
Lastly, all educational institutions are required to conform to environmental standards, as determined by the Department of Domestic Affairs. Incentives and benefits will be given to schools doing so. This is a part of an nationwide effort to make J Andres an environment-friendly nation.

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[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

ENDOR CUIDAD - President Richard Mercton signed an Executive Order that essentially confirmed what was already in place in J Andres for some time: it prohibited federal employees [those working for the federal government] from texting while driving on government-owned or operated vehicles. Not only that, but it also prohibited texting and driving by truckers and bus drivers, especially if they’re transporting hazardous materials [the former] or a child under the age of 18 [the latter]. The President also announced that the states, beginning with the Maritime Colony and Massachusetts, has begun implementing the new ban; provincial governments are passing or debating the passage of bills that would execute the same law that President Mercton had issued, in regards to their [state] employees.

On a related note, President Mercton announced the formation of a new government ministry, assumedly to help enforce the new ban on texting while driving (increasingly being referred to as ‘drixting’), along with many others: the [b]Ministry of Transportation[/b].

Joining the ranks of government ministries currently in place, the Ministry of Transportation will have the responsibility of developing federal government transportation policy, overseeing transportation safety, organizing public transport, and maintaining and constructing infrastructural projects pertaining to transportation (such as roads and railways). Quoting the original mission statement of the Department of Transportation in the first United States of America, Mercton stated that the purpose of the Ministry of Transportation is to “[i]serve the Maritime Republic of J Andres by ensuring a fast, safe, efficient, accessible, and convenient transportation system that meets our vital national interests and enhances the quality of life of the Andrean people, today and so onto the future.[/i]”

The President has already made a new appointment for the position of the Minister of Transportation, which will be announced soon.

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[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

ENDOR CUIDAD - President Richard Mercton established in place a new government agency, similar to the Kommissazul through the fact that it will not be a part of any government ministries.

The [b]Directorate of State Security[/b] (DSS, even though it has been derisively called the ‘Stasi’ by some journalists) will be responsible for the maintenance of public security and national safety as according to federal government standards. To assure anxious citizens no doubt remembering the excesses of the New Englander Stasi and more recently, the FBIS, Mercton announced that the DSS “[i]will be responsible to me, for I am the government as a whole. Under my leadership, the DSS will not utilize any powers it has in its disposal to harm or otherwise compromise…the[/i] [values and rights] [i]of J Andrean citizens and the Maritime Republic as a whole.[/i]” The President’s surprising choice of words ("I am the government as a whole”) would be intensely scrutinized by various experts and analysts as well used by authors in their works, especially biographies on Richard Mercton.

In other words, the Stasi was to be responsible only to the President, but given Mercton’s sensible view of the concept of power, it is expected that the Stasi will operate under a restrained (to put it) form, with considerable less or more power as the President deems appropriate.

The DSS, but now being widely known as the Stasi [Directorate of [b]Sta[/b]te [b]S[/b]ecur[b]i[/b]ty], will take over any and all duties and responsibilities regarding national security and public safety from the Ministry of Domestic Affairs. All sub-agencies and organizations pertaining to said duties that were once a part of the Ministry of Domestic Affairs will be transferred to the DSS (which will be referred to as the Stasi from now on), under its jurisdiction. The stated mission of the Stasi is to “[i]prepare for, prevent, neutralize, and respond to domestic emergencies, particular terrorism…as well as any external emergencies that threaten the safety, stability, and integrity of the nation[/i] [J Andres].” However, despite so, several components of national security and public safety, such as the Border Guard and customs and their responsibilities (such as citizenship and immigration) will remain under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Domestic Affairs.

Erich Mielke, who served as the head of the [first] Stasi under New England and the FBI/FBIS [at first] under the Federated States of America, was appointed Director of the Stasi. It is projected that the Stasi will employ at least 30,000 to 35,000 personnel.


At around the same time he was establishing [or reestablishing, depending on one’s perspective] the Stasi, President Mercton commissioned the formation of a top-secret intelligence agency, to be a part of the Stasi. The purpose [and mission] of this organization, named [b]Third Echelon (3E)[/b], is not only to serve a role in gathering - and analyzing - information through every ways imaginable, but also to spearhead J Andres’s initiative with information warfare (also known as cyber warfare) as well as serve as one of J Andres’s special forces. According to Mercton, Third Echelon “[i]will be established on the principles of covert information gathering through physical infiltration.[/i]” Regarding the last sentence, Third Echelon will utilize one component of physical infiltration through what is called the ‘[b]Splinter Cell Program[/b]’, where operatives will be infiltrated into selected areas around the world to do field work on what Third Echelon requires them to do.

As he put it to a small group of selected officials, the President asserted that Third Echelon and its business “[i]will be and must be kept an extremely-classified secret[/i]”; to put it, the organization will be so secret that it doesn’t even officially exist. The J Andrean Government does not acknowledge their existence and will disavow them should they [the operatives] be caught and/or their field world exposed. On top of that, Third Echelon, its agents, and activities will be kept a closely-guarded secret such to an extent that even the President’s cabinet - his closest advisers - will not be informed of it. The penalties of revealing the existence of Third Echelon, Mercton warned, will entail the “[i]highest and severest levels of consequences…Even higher than high Treason.[/i]”

As a Splinter Cell is “[i]small, sharp, and nearly invisible[/i]”, Third Echelon is to consist of “[i]an elite team of strategists, hackers, and field operatives that[/i] [will] [i]work together as a team to respond to crises of information warfare with the highest degree of secrecy…possible.[/i]”

When asked by an official of the name, Mercton smiled. “[i]There were two Central Intelligence Agencies in the history of J Andres and its predecessor, wasn’t there? The first one under the first United States of America and second one under New England/Federated States of America - even though I admit J Andres didn’t have a formal intelligence agency during its history, though that was taken care by the military. Third Echelon will serve as the nation’s third intelligence agency, and I trust it will do well in its responsibilities.[/i]"

Irving Lambert, one of the few officials selected by President Mercton, was appointed as Third Echelon’s first Director. His advisor, in turn, will be Anna “Grim” Grimsdottir.

Edited by JEDCJT
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[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

RICHARDS - The city’s mayor, Erik Watson, announced today that the local Commune of Richards had recently voted to pass a bill that would appropriate $35 million to build a large monument of Ben Richards in his namesake city’s center. Similar initiatives have been announced for President Richard Mercton in the city of Mercton and Adrik Annan in the city of Annan. The city Commune of Bethesda is currently debating on a bill that would provide for funding and establishment of a commission that would oversee the construction of a monument honoring Foreign Minister Mickey Bethesda.

LOS ANGELES - Shortly after the takeover of the former Tahoan city of Los Angeles following Tahoe’s collapse, a provisional Commune was established under the leadership of Anthony Villa. The new government began assuming control of the city as the [b]Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)[/b] was reestablished, with its branches being set up all over the city and its namesake County. In other cities within the County, such as Pasadena, West Covina, Lancaster, Santa Ana, and Palmdale, local Communes and police headquarters were being established. On a related note, the Stasi expanded its operations to LA, where it established two field offices.

As one of its first official acts, the LA Commune passed a resolution - with Endor Cuidad’s approval - that established [b]Neighborhood Councils (NC)[/b] for the dual purpose of maintaining law and order independent of the Army and the Kommissazul, and providing for public participation in the city’s affairs. A hundred of NCs will be established within Los Angeles and outside it, all over the County. J Andrean citizens in LA can cast ballot votes for the NCs.

In turn, the LA Commune, through the [b]National Taxation System Rearrangement Act[/b], overturned the old Tahoan taxation system and outlined a plan for the establishment of a new taxation system modeled after that of J Andres (this is currently a work in progress). Any Tahoan taxes that were not utilized by J Andres were to be removed and the FairTax implemented.


While a system of government was in the works, the Army and Kommissazul - concerned about the potential anarchy and lawlessness in the city as well as a rise of crime - launched a campaign against gangs. As the old files that were extracted from the Tahoan offices indicated, there were at least 26,000 gang members organized into 250 gangs, both large and small. Approximately 35,000 Army soldiers and 5,000 Kommissazul troopers, heavily armed with high-powered assault rifles and other weapons and equipment, clamped down on the gangs, beginning with the Crips and the Bloods gangs and soon targeting many others.

In fierce gunfights lasting several hours, the Army and Kommissazul managed to all but pulverize the Crips and Bloods as well as others, inflicting heavy casualties against them and sustaining few of their own. Arrests were made as some gang members opted to surrender to the Andreans; however, the overwhelming number of them decided to fight it out with the Andreans - and they were eliminated as the result. The newly formed LAPD joined in, equipped with Tahoan and Andrean weapons, where they made some progress.

The campaign against the gangs had begun, and it was to be waged as a part of the effort to further secure Los Angeles’ place in J Andres. It was to be successful.

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[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

ENDOR CUIDAD - President Richard Mercton announced his choice of an appointment to the newly-established Ministry of Transportation. Anthony Harlan thus became the first Minister of Transportation in the history of the Maritime Republic of J Andres. Harlan, a graduate of Harvard University, has “[i]considerable experience in the field of transportation…of which [can] be counted to great effect for J Andres and its people as a whole[/i]”, so as President Mercton put it.

[center][img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/0c/Orlando_Bloom_at_Venice_Festival.jpg/447px-Orlando_Bloom_at_Venice_Festival.jpg[/img][/center][center][i]Anthony Harlan[/i][/center]

Edited by JEDCJT
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[b][center][size="4"]The National Newspaper of J Andres[/size][/center][/b]

ENDOR CUIDAD - Now that it is April 15, 2026, Domestic Affairs Minister Brian Wilfork declared the ‘tax holiday’ over. All taxes that had been suspended after May 26, 2025, will be levied once again, including but not limited to sale taxes, sin taxes, FairTax, along with few others.

Wilfork also stated that citizens owing $100,000 or more will have to pay a total of $165,000 in the intervening months between May 2025 and April 2026, and they will have to clear it with the Internal Revenue Bureau (IRB) of the Ministry of Domestic Affairs to be relieved of their legal obligations. On a related note, the IRB will launch an investigation on citizens that failed to fulfill their obligations. These that had legitimate reasons (such as financial difficulties) will be given more time to pay off their debt. As for low-income citizens that owe $100,000 or more, if they had paid $165,000 by then, their stipends of $20,000 per month will be cut off. If not, then their stipends will be reduced to $15,000 per month.

On a concluding note, Wilfork explained that citizens will not have to file their income taxes for the year 2025; they will file so for the year 2026 on April 15, 2027.

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