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Vï fahrun zi Nifelheim!

Kaiser Martens

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[i]Amsterdam, Saksenland, Norddeutschland
Weeks ago[/i]

A huge ship is being prepared and the last material containers are being loaded. It was a massive cargo ship and an icebreaker as well. It had a simple name on its side: Öbernordvind, and it had been obtained by the government and then modified to better suit its mission: Returning Germany to the far south. What for? Many reasons, it seemed, but in reality, only the eye of Berlin knew them all. For the rest of the People it was one of the many ways in which the Land had recovered.

It took some time to do all of the final checkups. Everything was in working order. After a brief ceremony, the civilian ship is saluted and then departs for its destination: The South Pole. On the ship were large amounts of material designed to build somewhat of a colony in the far south, a laboratory as well. It would take the ship a very, very long time to get at last to "Nifelheim" as they had historically called the whole southern continent. It is a long trip, and it takes a long time...but at last, they arrive.

[i]"Land föran."[/i]

Breaking through ice, it eventually arrives to the continent proper and stops there. Unloading everything would be tough work, it would take a long time too, since safety procedures *had* to be followed. Much later, finally, the first living quarters for the crew there are installed. Then, symbolically, the German Flag is planted on the territory. The zone was immediately declared a DMZ and a map showing the claims was shown.


"We have returned to the far south. We will use that sector for research, and it will be demilitarized. The place will also be permanently populated, although by a small number. We hope that the international community will do the sime. Likewise, we extend an international invitation for other nations which may wish to have access to the facilities or even establish joint research projects, also even if they just want to verify the demilitarized nature of this all. Additionally, although the land we claim as our own, all other nations will remain free to move through that land or airspace as they may wish, the only point is for them not to make any new structures or experiments without consulting us, for the sake of order."

The news would be well-received in Germany. A sort of German "colony" they would say, although in this case it was populating a place otherwise completely empty, so it did not have the negative connotations of colonialism.

Construction of the different projects goes on, meeting the deadlines successfully.

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[url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=83148"]"It seems we might have a problem."[/url]

OOC: The map doesn't seem to be working for me, and I am a little confused. If you already had these lands then that IC statement is invalid, otherwise :awesome:

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The Kingdom of Cochin welcomes North Germany as its neighbors in Antarctica. The Cochin Antarctic Province, called Station Gangothri offers a standing welcome to visit our civilian facilities. Years of research and life in Antarctica has proved one thing, this is a terrain that does not permit partisanship. We can offer you expertise in construction, power generation, and supplies of food, medicine and basic survival equipment.

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[b]President Moshum[/b]

[i]"Congratulations on establishing this research area, it'll no doubt help you in researching things in a stable quiet area. The NPR may seek to conduct joint-research projects on your facilities in the future as well if allowed."[/i]

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"We thank you all, and if any country may happen to have an issue with this, we will gladly speak to them anytime and anywhere in order to arrive to a solution."

Construction continues, and the first power generator is put into place. It is scheduled that in less than a month, the first permanent population settlers will arrive from Germany. Specialists are working hard in order to adapt our technology to this unusual environment.

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