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DoW of the Warriors


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Hello Catharsis.
We were going to hit you anyways, just for the heck of it.
Runners run. Swimmers swim. Warriors war. That's what we do.

Then we heard through the ol' grapevine that you were possibly planning on attacking us, alongside a bunch of other people. Someone was trying to get up some big bloc war thing, and we were getting thrown in there with it. Well, we thought someone was hitting us tonight anyways, there had certainly been someone *cough* in recent days trying to round up someone else to attack us. We knew that for sure. Some of those fellows did hit us tonight, and that's nice of them. Seems you were hitting someone else tonight though, that was bad luck on your part.

BTW: It seems that we are getting lumped in with other alliances this round.
Well, for the record, people: We have NO treaties - with ANYONE.
It's staying that way.

At any rate, we decided to just hit you Catharsis, and you alone. Cause we like you. You guys are about the same size as us, slightly bigger in average NS, and you're on that pretty red team, one of my fav colors. That's some of the reasons why we'd picked you out in the first place. We figured that we can't control who hits us - just who we hit. So why not just concentrate on that then, eh?

So let's have fun!
This war probably won't last too long anyways, it's just wayyy to early in the session for that kind of thing.

Standard disclaimer: No one else intercede, please?
We're fairly evenly matched and that was what we wanted.

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Hmm, it seems like army of darkness want a piece of us too ...



*sigh* I'm torn between mocking AoD for apparently declaring on us and mocking AoD for attacking their allies

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Hey Vukland!

Let it be known that the Catharsis guys are turning out to be top-notch fellows and good all-around peeps. This has been great fun for all of us and we're optimistic for good future relations with between our alliances.

o/ Catharsis!
o/ Warriors!

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[quote name='KOwens06' date='06 May 2010 - 02:27 PM' timestamp='1273170460' post='2289192']
Yeah Cath is awesome to talk to. Although can you stop lobbing CM's at me it doesn't raise my casualty count :(

Sure surrender!! :P

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