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A new M*A*S*H

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I know, who cares about us, we are inactive and do nothing anyways.

Regardless M*A*S*H has redesigned itself. Before I get to the new charter (actually its a month and a half old) more important stuff.

For one thing, we changed our theme, from a military based alliance to an empire theme (overused some may say). Also, guess what, our government has changed a lot over the past while.
Current government:
Emperor: Supreme 142

Executor: *vacant*

Head of Intelligence:
Imperial Security Bureau

Supreme Commander of Imperial Forces: Lolroflex
High Colonel: Syriana

Head of Imperial Academy
Grand Admiral Xior

Head of Enlistment: Stunning Lion(Greenstuff)

Imperial Finance Minister:
RWZ Forces

Head of Imperial Diplomatic Corps

If you look at this some may say, where are all the ex ONOS members!!! :o . In short all of them went inactive and are somewhere around the alliance in a place known as Imperial Court(a placed for retired officers). I believe only two are still in government..

Now for the past while MASH (mainly myself) kept complaining about inactivity. We pretty much got rid of government inactivity and membership inactivity is increasing!!! Perhaps we can recover from the war we epically failed at... we just had to call the attack off mid way through messaging attacks.

Foreign Affairs, I am trying to be rather forthright in this post whats MASH? Yes we are pretty much isolationist, hopefully MASH will change this.

Before I let you all flame, and call me a failure, our long boring charter. If you see anything mention Imperial Ruling Council, replace that with Emperor. (we had 3 leaders up until yesterday which made up the council). If you have any questions just ask me.

The Mighty Armed States of Honor's Charter
by RWZ Forces and Supreme 142, property of M*A*S*H Government

Charter - a document, issued by a sovereign or state, outlining the conditions under which a corporation, colony, city, or other corporate body is organized, and defining its rights and privileges.

Table of Contents
Section I: Members of the Alliance
- Subsection I : Admittance
- - Article I
- - Article II
- - Article III
- Subsection II: Conduct
- - Article I
- - Article II
- Subsection III: Rules of the Alliance
- - Article I
Section II: The M*A*S*H Government
- Subsection I: Government
- - Article I
- - Article II
- Subsection II: Departments
- - Article I
- - Article II
- - Article III
- - Article IV
- - Article V
- - Article VI
- - Article VII
- - Article VIII
-- Article IX
Section III: War
- Subsection I: Position on Wars
- - Article I
- - Article II
- - Article III
-- Article IV
- Subsection II: Alliance-Level Wars
- - Article I
- - Article II

This section will be discussing the significance of this charter:

The Mighty Armed States of Honor(M*A*S*H)) has created this charter to enforce the laws set in place towards nations inside the alliance. The Charter will create standards of law, justice, and liberty within this alliance. The purpose of this Charter will allow the nations to understand the rules set forth to them, and the responsibilities that they must acknowledge as a nation of this alliance. Additionally, this charter will serve as guidelines for what is expected of every different government position in the alliance.
To always be honorable and amiable Allies,
To always help each other be the best they can be,
To always have a strong military, but to seek diplomatic solutions
To remember that it’s only a game, And to have a good time.
War is Our Business, Peace is Our Profession.

All members of the alliance are to follow this charter, as explained in the next section.

Section I
This section will explain, in detail, the terms for entering the alliance

- Subsection I: Admittance

- - Article I
Alliance Applicants may be awarded asylum in the alliance due to any cause of effect. All Applications for the alliance will be processed through a rigorous system of admission, and all applications that are accepted will allow nations that represent the application granted admittance into the alliance. Also, you will have a government member of the alliance who is in charge of your admittance, who will manage your application and your examination. An examination is not required for admittance however it is necessary to obtain government positions.

If you are unable to join due to a reason from the Department Head who had processed your application, you are unable to join the alliance unless the Head allows admission after a set period of time after your failed application. If the Head who processed your application does not accept your application, you may or may not receive an intention as to why your application was not fully processed as a successful application. If you do receive a reason, it is strongly recommended that you review the reason, and try applying once more, following the instructions of the application failure reason. The Head of Imperial Academy is the only member allotted the task of accepting applications, if he/she denies your application the Imperial Ruling Council may overturn that decision. The Imperial Ruling Council can instantly approve applications and deny/accept anyone. Other department heads have no input in application acceptance except for Head of Imperial Academy. Expulsion is decided in Imperial court and may be brought there for spying, treason, and other things deemed harmful to the alliance by the Imperial Ruling Council.

- - Article II
Once your application has been fully processed, and you have successfully entered the alliance legally, you have the option be put through a series of Academic Courses, which you also have the luxury to skip if you feel as if the courses are obsolete to you. To skip a course, you must first obtain permission from the Imperial Ruling Council or the Head of Imperial Academy(HoIA) who is in charge of your academic sessions. If you choose to skip these courses no penalty shall be given however it is for your benefit.

Start up Aid will be given out once nations understand how to spend their money and how to develop their nation.

Start up aid will always be sent to nations as long as they adhere to these terms:
1) You may not leave the alliance for a period of 90 days after receiving start up aid unless you pay it back.
2) You may not spend start up aid for military purposes.
3) You may not spend start up aid for technological purposes.

- - Article III
When you have been registered into our records as a member, you must follow the codes of conduct for all members. If you fail to comply, consequences that match your cause will be selected and inflicted onto your status in the alliance.

The Basic Codes of Conduct
While in this alliance, you must always follow this code of conduct inside the alliance. We are not responsible for your actions outside the alliance. If you do not follow this code of conduct inside the alliance, your records will display your failure to comply to terms of Conduct.
- While in this alliance, you will never flame, embarrass, or do anything that makes members uncomfortable towards you as a member of the alliance.
- While inside the alliance, you will always refer to members of the alliance by their names, and their names only. You may not refer to members of the alliance in any other way. Pronouns are accepted.
- While in the alliance, you will display proper conduct towards the Government and all members of the alliance who have not allowed you to display uncivil conduct towards them.
- While in the alliance, you will display proper conduct towards Diplomats and all members who we have ordered you to display proper conduct to.
The Definition of Proper Conduct - No "lolcats" language, no flaming, no using of swearing remarks, and absolutely no crude humor that may appear offensive to anyone within the vicinity of the member whom you are speaking to when maintaining proper conduct.

- Subsection II: Conduct

- - Article I
While in the alliance, you must retain good conduct. You must always follow these rules of conduct, in order to have stable and civil conversations in M*A*S*H.

The Advanced Codes of Conduct
While in this alliance, you must always follow this code of conduct inside the alliance. We are responsible for your actions outside the alliance in game. If you do not follow this code of conduct inside the alliance, your records will display your failure to comply to terms of Conduct.
- While in this alliance, you will never flame, embarrass, or do anything that makes members uncomfortable towards you as a member of the alliance.
- While inside the alliance, you will always refer to members of the alliance by their names, and their names only. You may not refer to members of the alliance in any other way. Pronouns are accepted.
-Diplomats are to be respectful or will lose their mask and be reported to their alliance.
-Ambassadors shall update their embassy weekly and be respectful.

-Violation of conduct will be taken to the Imperial Court
-Imperial Senate will decide all punishments for the infractions listed in this section.
- The jury will be the Imperial SCourt, Judge a member of the Imperial Ruling Council, Prosecutor will be an ISB Officer or Executor, and the defendant may choose another ISB Officer to represent them or a Head may choose the defend the defendant.
- The final decision will be made by the jury and administered

Remember, it is recommended that you all be polite to one another, while still maintaining friendly and sarcastic remarks. However, we wish that you will not forget to maintain proper conduct towards Diplomats who we have not settled events with.

- - Article II
This Article refers only to officers of the alliance, and their conduct. If you are an officer of the alliance who has not reviewed this article, it is strongly recommended that you do.

If you are an officer (Department Head(DH)) serving another member of the alliance, especially if you are DH supporting a new member of the alliance, you must maintain proper conduct. We have to try our best to make our members feel safe, secured, and in a friendly community. If caught not maintaining proper conduct towards members as an employee, especially towards new members, you will be stripped of your employee status or worse.

If you are an officer serving a Head of the alliance, you will maintain proper conduct towards them when required. It is optional to fool around once in a while, but it is recommended to retain proper conduct when asked to. Remember, respect members with higher positions, available through displaying of proper conduct.

- Subsection III: Rules of the Alliance
By gaining admittance into M*A*S*H, you must follow these general rules set forth by the M*A*S*H government:

1. You may not start a war against another player without our permission.
2. You may not attempt to handle a war alone. If you are in a war, report it to the M*A*S*H alliance immediately.

1. You may not launch Nuclear Weaponry without verification from Imperial High Command(war department)
2. You may not serve other nations. Do not put the success of another nation before yourself.
3. You may not poach from other alliances
4. You may not hold false identity concerning your nation's status.

1. You may not hold false information against or supporting other members.
2. You may not beg for government positions
3. If you do not respond to messages, especially personal, that is directed to you, you must answer it in less than one week, or you will be marked as inactive, and therefore, removed from our alliance, unless you declare inactivity. You may appeal to an ISB Officer.
4. You may not be a part of another alliance without permission.

1. You may not send foreign aid to other nations at random, especially if they are at war with undeclared peace
2. You may not send foreign aid to other nations whether it is for general aid or Pay Back if they are at war, unless told to/given permission. Technology deals in alliance or with treaty partners is fine, for other alliances etc ask government.
3. You may not send aid to any alliance without our permission unless it is for tech deals.
4. You may not send military to other nations without approval from the Procurator of Justice or the Imperial Ruling Council/Executor.

-No poaching from other alliances. Which means you cannot recruit from them. Even if you have a friend in real life, ask them in person to join.
-You may not declare war on another alliance without approved permission from the Imperial Ruling Council, Executor, or Procurator of Justice.
-You may NOT use the administration control panel without the permission of the SITE ADMIN or Grand Moff for system settings forum and user group CREATION is fine.
-You may not delete/alter anyone's post/topics/polls without permission.
-You will listen to all members of M*A*S*H government and be considerate towards them and any allies.
-Violation of conduct will be taken to the Imperial Court for trial.

The main goal of M*A*S*H is to ensure the safety and security for all members of M*A*S*H

[b][u]Section II[/u][/b]

- [b]Subsection I: Government[/b]

- - [u]Article I[/u]
The M*A*S*H government is set up with several branches of Departments, and those who work under their command. All Department Head's work for the survival and prosperity of M*A*S*H, as do employees who work under them. All Heads, officers, and the Emperor serve M*A*S*H.

All government heads and employees work on different areas of the alliance. No two government head's or employees can work on the same exact topic (unless it involves part of another department.) This way, all government members are ensured a unique and responsible position in the government.

- - [u]Article II[/u]
The Emperor
Controls all alliance affairs. He/she can overrule any member of government at any time. The emperor can be removed by a government majority vote.

- [b]Subsection II: Departments[/b]

- - [u]Article I[/u]
The Head's are one step lower than the Intel(ISB) Officers and two steps lower than the Executor and three steps lower than the Emperor They are the third highest members of the alliance in command. They are in charge of different government fields, and they are committed to work for the M*A*S*H government.

Head's are each in charge of a different department, but all work for a similar intention: Ensure the survival and prosperity of M*A*S*H. Every head works in a different department, so that every head is able to work in a unique field. This way, only one person is in charge of an entire field of work, ensuring organization and strong ideas from all Heads.

Head's can also have their own subordinates that work under them, but with the same intention. Deputy Officers work under their command, and act as an adviser, secretary, or a loyal worker. They will follow their head's command all the time, and will respect their higher member. Deputy Officers of the head may quit at any given time, and heads may fire them for any reason as well. Head's, however, cannot remove the Emperor, Executor, or ISB Officers from office unless a majority vote is made member wide. The Imperial Ruling Council may remove ISB and Heads at any time with reason that is presented to Imperial Court in which a hearing will be held. The M*A*S*H government is set up with 4 unique minister departments: The Imperial Vault, Imperial Command, The Imperial Academy, and The Imperial Diplomatic Corps. Then there are the Imperial Security Bureau and the Executor.

One Head is assigned to each department and that head works on all articles, topics, and subjects of matter pertaining to or related to that department concerning M*A*S*H.

- - [u]Article II[/u]
The Executor
The Executor is one official who serves as 2nd in command of the alliance. They will do task delegated by the Imperial Ruling Council. They are in charge of all forces below them and deal with all minor problems. They recieve reports from the rest of the government and deliver all the important information to the Imperial Ruling Council. During crisis situations they make decisions if a member of the Imperial Ruling Council is not present. They carry out the law of the Imperial Ruling Council. The Executor also has the same powers as the IRC members. The Executor monitors the alliance's safety and can conduct intelligence operations without IRC notifications.

- - [u]Article III[/u]
Imperial Intelligence Department
The Imperial Security Bureau is the law department of M*A*S*H and has 2 Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) Officers. They are third in command and report directly to the Executor who then reports to the Imperial Ruling Council. They ensure all laws are followed and that there is no government corruption. They vote with department heads. They conduct investigations on crimes and prosecute/defend in court. They suggest new laws and are essentially the police force of M*A*S*H. ISB Officers may make new laws and regulations to for pending approval by a Department Head Vote Imperial Ruling Council. It is the responsibility of keeping all members in line both leadership and Department Heads that ISB Officers hold. AMENDMENT: This now follows standard department protocols and is now a department with the same powers just do not outrank DHs. This is now Imperial intelligence with ISB as deputies and Head of Imperial intelligence as the head

- - Article IV
Imperial Command
The Imperial Command handles the war and battles affairs for M*A*S*H. The Supreme Commander of Imperial Forces manages Imperial Command, and he, and the Imperial Ruling Council, and his subordinates plan out war and battles.

Imperial Command(IC) holds records for all the members of M*A*S*H eligible for war, and records it through different companies of military units, based on Nation Strength. Additionally, Imperial Command uses this organized system to conduct wars with people they mark as eligible for the war. This way, M*A*S*H will not have a nation in shambles due to a battle assigned against a nation with more military power than the nation selected to attack.

Imperial Command gathers information always before a war is started, never allowing one detail to be missed. This ensures our advantages over our enemies, and allows us to properly estimate each and every move of our targets. In many cases Head of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps(HoIDC) works with the Supreme Commander of Imperial Forces (SC) to make decisions.

SC may appoint officers to assist them, the officers have no vote. They are High Colonels and are war department deputies

IC also has Imperial Field Commanders which are responsible for the management of their assigned battalion and organize the members of MASH military wise and dispatch orders from IC and above.
1) Each Field Command (FC) must read, comment, or post reports in the appropriate area.
2) Each FC must report all disobedience and dereliction of orders to the PoJ.
3) Each FC must keep an updated list of members and their warchest amounts every 2 weeks.
4) FC's are to mass message orders, newsletters, and updates to their members as delegated by a government member or higher.
5) Each FC must remain active on both forums and IRC.
6) Each FC must assist The Imperial Vault during peace and war during war time.

- - Article V
The Imperial Vault (IV)

The Head of the Imperial Vault(HoIV) or Finance Minister manages the finance and general welfare of every nation in the alliance. The Head of the Imperial Vault, and members who have pledged loyalty under the government inside the Vault control vast amounts of money that belongs to the members of the alliance.

Bankers may send aid and approve start up aid (SUA) transactions.

The Head of the Imperial Vault manages finance within the alliance, and supplies Aid, as well as organizing Aid transmissions. This way, if the Head finds alliance bankruptcy, other Heads and nations will be able to pay in the Head's place.

The Imperial Vault manages Start-Up Aid, General Aid, and all other aid transmissions concerning the alliance. The Imperial Vault, however, cannot allow any employees or subordinates to carry government money unless notified otherwise. It is illegal to hold government money unless an aid transmission is in issue. There are terms of aid that the head sets forth located in their forums as well as in this charter (some of them). This department coordinates with FA to make out of alliance tech deals.

- - Article VI
Imperial Academy
Imperial Academy (IA) manages the Academic Status and Level of the Alliance. HoIA administers Imperial Academy. The Head of Imperial Academy and the Imperial Ruling Council or the Executor will manage exams and courses set to alliance members.

IA hires officers and subordinates (mentors) only to use them as personal guides for new nations. The Department of Development does not allow its mentors to create Academies and tests.

The Department manages and accepts or rejects applicants to The Mighty Armed State of Honor. The Head and their Deputy shall decide the fate of all potential applicants after a thorough examination. The Academy must make a quota of at least 2 applicants per month or a suitable replacement shall be found. Members recruited my other members are part of this quota.

The M*A*S*H Recruitment department is a sub department of this and recruit/accepts applications. The Head has the same powers as a Head unless HoIA overrules. The Head of Enlistment will be in charge of this.
- - Article VII
This section explains the command chain and the Diplomatic Corps (DC)

The Imperial Diplomatic Corps
The Imperial Diplomatic Corps manages affairs outside of the alliance. The Department is managed by the Head of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps(HoIDC), who recruits diplomats who represent the alliance, and consults with diplomats from other alliances.

This is most likely to create protectorates, or alliances. Trade circles, Technology Deals, and even Aid transmissions may also be enhanced through foreign affairs.

The HoIDC and the Heads/ISB Officers/Executor and the Imperial Ruling Council s or other appointed officials are the only one allowed to communicate with authorization outside of the alliance that involves talk concerning the alliance. That means that only the HoIDC and the other Heads and above may speak about topics concerning Foreign Affairs with other alliances. No other members may be allowed to have such ability unless appointed or made an ambassador.

Imperial Ambassadors: Go to other alliances to increase relations with them, provide weekly updates and communication.

HoIDC cannot declare wars against other alliances without the approval of the Executor, Imperial Ruling Council and the Head of War, even if it involves situations concerning the alliance and foreign affairs with other alliances.

Chain of Command
Below them is the Executor
Then ISB Officers and Head of Intel
Then the Department Heads.
Deputy Officers which report to the DHs.
Field Commands which report to the HoSC or a Strategic Commander.
Ambassadors which report to the HoFA
Imperial Court which advises and decides the fate of those charged with crimes.

--Article VIII
Imperial Court is comprised of former officers and select officials (usually members with seniority) that advise the government and decide the fate of felons in court.
They make up the jury in Imperial Court while the Imperial Ruling Council are the judge.
They advise and help the government with task delegated onto them.

--Article IX
Decision making. The Department Heads and ISB Officers generally vote on all legislation, decisions, and treaties, however the Imperial Ruling Council at any time may approve any document or law. This may be vetoed by an alliance wide vote. In the event of a Department Head, ISB vote, the Executor will vote to break the tie.

Section III: War

- Subsection I: Position on Wars

- - Article I
We will attempt to help all alliance affiliated nations at war at any cost. We cannot allow either our weaker nations nor our stronger nations to suffer from war. Weaker nations especially, we will try to prevent all battles involving our nations, and attempt to rid wars and battles from our priorities.

We will not let our weaker nations to be involved in war. Unless notified otherwise, weaker nations are not to be participating in wars. Also, weaker nations should not start wars without permission. Read more about this in Subsection II of Section III.

We will not allow any nations to participate in alliance wars without permission from the government. We do not allow nations to fight for their alliance without authorization from the government. Read more about this in Subsection II of Section III.

We will not back down from any wars that need to be declared in response to treaties.

- - Article II
Our Position on Wars is this: We prefer not to be involved in wars unless our allies are in trouble or the safety of M*A*S*H is at danger.

Wars are serious topics for all alliances, as wars test the safety and security of an alliance, as well as putting several nations in great danger. M*A*S*H does not start wars unless the war declaration has been passed through by a majority of the government. This way, wars cannot be started easily, and wars must have an intuition to be started.

- - Article III
M*A*S*H does not allow nations to start wars without permission or authorization. The alliance will not allow wars to occur due to a nation in the alliance.
If you have begun a war without authorization, report it to the alliance as soon as possible. Your consequences may be lowered, but you will still receive adequate punishment for risking the safety and security of the alliance without permission.

Additionally, if you do not report starting wars to M*A*S*H, we will not be able to aid you in time of your war.

If you bear false witness to M*A*S*H and declare that the attacked nation of your started war has began the war, we will punish you even more severely. The more offensive moves you make concerning starting wars, we will increase the punishment.

If you start a war without permission, accidentally, we will not vouch for you. You will still feel the consequences of starting a war. Please, try your best to stay away from starting wars, as they will always end up hurting both your nation and the alliance.

If you begin a war, we will try our best to solve the problem through diplomatic options with the nation or alliance that was attacked. We will begin trials and embassies concerning your started war, and will try everything to ensure that the alliance will not be affected. We will stop at nothing to prove that we should be spared from war, and if we are defeated in the embassy, they will attack us. If they do attack us, please remember that you were responsible for the nations affected by the war.

Tech Raiding is not allowed.

- - Article IV
Do not attempt to solve wars on your own. If you are attacked by another nation or alliance, please report it to the alliance immediately. We will try and solve the problem with diplomatic solutions. We will also be unable to help you if you do not report it.

If you are attacked by another alliance or nation for absolutely any reason, post it in the M*A*S*H forums as soon as possible. We will do everything we can to help you in time of war. Do not attempt to resolve this problem on your own.

If you are attacked, and you are about to report it, please do not attack the nation or alliance back. We will be obliged to help you, but doing this sort of action is the same as taking matters into your own hands. Also, please do not attempt to solve with diplomatic ties alone. We will be happy to solve issues through diplomatic ties, but we cannot tolerate it if you start one on your own.

If you are reporting an attack from another nation, please fill out the entire template on who you were attacked by, why you may have been attacked, etc. If you do not, we will waste your time by asking these questions personally. Additionally, if we waste your time, we will waste your nation's survival.

- Subsection II: Alliance-Level Wars

- - Article I
Alliance-level Wars are wars where two or more alliances, both with different diplomatic and governmental opinions, attack each other in a full-fledged war involving all or most of its alliance members.

During an Alliance-Level War, we will try our best to offer protection to those who have not been able to join the war, and aid our fellow nations in combating the foe.

- - Article II
Keeping in mind that safety is M*A*S*H’s main focus, we will select only the best nations of the alliance to participate in Alliance-Level Wars. That being said, if you weren't selected to participate in the war, you can participate in it later on.

Additionally, if you were selected to join the war, you have all rights to refuse to participate, but if doing so, an explanation is required and you will have to do another task. Please, during war, we appreciate all the significant help we can get.

Peace talks must be made by a Imperial Ruling Council or the Executor with good reason or a majority government vote.

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[quote name='President S O' date='04 May 2010 - 09:46 PM' timestamp='1273023988' post='2287101']
Best of luck MASH.

Will a change of name follow the change of theme?

A name change I doubt it but it was in discussion....

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[quote name='Lord Fingolfin' date='04 May 2010 - 10:14 PM' timestamp='1273025668' post='2287150']
Good luck to my friends in MASH. Sorry to see Flonker, Col. Fitz, and Bedford, all officially step down though. Well I guess Flonker hasn't been in gov for a while. Anyways, hope this all works out

Sad indeed. They will still be around though hopefully.

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I request a name change to MASH not M*A*S*H D: This is a very selfish request done out of hating to have to type the *****'s when I type your name.

That is all, and congrats to the new government, may it serve you better then the last.

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