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Pink Industrial Enigma


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[b][u]Government Structure[/b][/u]


The leader shall remain the same unless removed by a 2/3 vote of the other members of the government. The leader is responsible for key decisions in the alliance such as declarations of war.

[u]Minister of Foreign Affairs[/u]

The minister of foreign affairs is responsible for diplomatic relations between the pink industrial enigma and other alliances. They also manage the department of foreign affairs on the forum.

[u]Minister of Internal Affairs[/u]

The minister of internal affairs is responsible for moderating the forums as well as keeping the members of the alliance in line. They are also responsible for recruiting. If the leader is unable to fulfil their duties, the minister of internal affairs handles the role.

[u]Minister of Defence[/u]

The minister of defence is responsible for war and peace within the alliance. They are responsible for arranging battle squads within the alliance and also moderate the Ministry of Defence on the forum.

All elections will take place on the day of the new round. Any member of the alliance can run for any position except for leader.
All government positions will be contested in elections except for leader.[/quote]

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[quote name='sir pwnage' date='04 May 2010 - 11:05 PM' timestamp='1273010686' post='2286815']
I personally preferred the Matt Damon Alliance.

Still, best of luck.

Me too. But this has more significance and more people probably remember it.

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