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Zenith Gets a Face Lift

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An Announcement from Zenith


[i]New Forum Address/Platform[/i]

After nearly two years on PHP, Zenith has joined the happy hordes and converted our forums to SMF. PHP was very good to us, but its inconsistencies and sheer complexity made it a less than ideal platform for us to use.

I would like to invite all of you to visit us at our new boards. If you have an account, it's still active and your password and details should be the same. You will have to reenter your avatar and signature because the images were mauled as a part of the transition. The conversion was generated on April 27 so all posts before that are still there. Anything generated between April 27 and now will have to be reposted (fortunately it was a slow week).

So come in, sit down, check out our shoutbox and play in our arcade.

Our new digs are located at http://www.cn-zenith.net

Also, we're 669 days old, three days beyond being pure evil.

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I think my only problem with SMF was that its sheer simplicity in masking and permissions also made it really annoying at times when trying to do special masks for certain individuals...

Hmm... I remember the old Zenith PHP forum and I liked the way they looked. The current forums looks a bit plain. I'm going to assume that it's because the forums are still under construction but functional to the public...

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It took me a bit to figure out what you were referring to when saying PHP. (OOC: you know SMF is written in php too.)

I'm a little disheartened to see you downgrade like this, but I wish you the best of luck with SMF. In the end, its about choosing what is right for you, and not everybody is cut out for phpBB.

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I saw "We went to the Doctor..." and my first thought was that you had put Doctor Rodders in as Overseer, but all is well (<3 you Doc)

Good luck with these forums my old friends

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I approve of this message and the use of my cousin in your OP DK... :)

Best of luck with your change of venue.. may it treat you better..

I'll be by to see if my "Recipes" thread is still alive or if I need to come and repost it....

oo/ Zenith
oo/ Cat Pics
oo/ DK

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