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Paragon Times!

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[i]Just like any alliance that has ever been created, Paragon is suffering from I.S. (Inactivity Syndrome). It is that time of the year where the kids are getting out of school and many are taking exams to complete the school year. Its a tough time but Paragon keeps its eyes looking forward to the bright days ahead. With strength and willpower, which our gov has we can achieve what we need to do to keep Paragon's heart beating.

Not a lot of times in CN will you see an alliance post up something that gives the effect of their alliance being a 'failure' unless it is posted up by another. Paragon feels that we should post up our stats regardless if they are increased or decreased. We are here to keep it real, show the good the bad and the ugly. It is only fair for you guys.[/i]


[center][b][u]Rosenator Steps Down as HPoP![/u][/b][/center]

After a little deliberation, Rosenator, Myself stepped down from the "high" spot of Head Patriarch of Paragon. Even though this is the highest spot in Paragon, you still share the same powers as other Patriarchs but this spot gives you the prestige to push Paragon, and implement proposals and plans to the rest of Paragon's Grand Council (Patriarchs and Councilmen). The reason for my departure from HPoP seat is because my RL has been effecting me quite drastically. I have found myself going to college, working crazy hours, and overall getting out in the world more. It is quite a relief leaving a spot of leadership because all the eyes are not on you anymore. I personally wanted R3nowned to take the spot from the start of Paragon ;) He's a great guy. As you might know, our HPoP seat is a term of two months. I will not be in the HPoP seat until the term cycles back to me after going through each of our Patriarchs. R3nowned has been cycled in for his two month term. o/ R3nowned

[center][b][u]Asmodeus Leaves Paragon Defense![/u][/b][/center]

First off, Katy Perry is hot. Secondly, due to Asmodeus' extremely busy lifestyle he has honorably stepped down as Paragon's Patriarch of Defense. It is something he didn't want to do, but he understands that it would be completely selfish to hold a spot of authority and not be active with it. Asmodeus remains a member of Paragon, hopefully we will see him back up in a Patriarch position in the near future. In his absence a great active member of ours has eagerly been working to help out Paragon's Defense Hall. Royal Des Reiches. Thank you Royals for your constant work!


[center][b][u]Tigers and R3nowned Boost Paragon Foreign Affairs![/u][/b][/center]

[i]Thanks to the efforts of R3nowned,Paragon's Patriarch of Foreign Affairs and Tigersgo09, Paragon's Patriarch of Education, activity has been through the roof. These guys have been putting their time on the line to communicate with many alliances, most of which are active on our boards. Tigers is known for roping in smaller alliances that I haven't even heard of. Tigers can pick them well too, and they seem to follow him home. We have very active foreign diplomats and we do our best to keep active in foreign embassies we are connected to. A few alliances we want to thank for their activity are:[/i]

[b]World Freedom Federation[/b] - You guys are awesome. Our conversations cease to ever be boring and you always bring good topics to discuss to the table. You guys are active on IRC in #Paragon and in both our embassy on your forums and your embassy on our forums. Keep it up, we love you!

[b]The Blood Brothers[/b] - When I first met these guys I feel in a huge pit of sexiness. These guys are the greatest TOOL protectorates I've laid my eyes on. They have heaps of activity in them and they cease to amaze us with their presence. Activity remains on both alliances embassies. I do believe TBB's embassy is the most active embassy in Paragon right now. You guys....stay sexy!

[b]The Order of Light[/b] - Although its only TheDakotans who graces us with his TOOLish presence ( :lol: ) it is hard to pass this guy by. We enjoy talking shop with Daks, he is always asking how Paragon is doing and keeping us up to date on what TOOL is up to these days. The TOOL Embassy has 6 pages and over 100 replies, pretty fancy if I must say so myself. Thank you Daks, you are a Gentleman and a Scholar.

Other alliances that top our list for being sexy and great are; Saint Patrick's Brigade, Europa, Sanitarium, Imperium Hominis, The New Guy, Cerberus, Age of Reclamation, Blackstone, and The Smurf Village. Thank you all for being so damn awesome.

[center]Paragon is open to any alliance for friendship/diplomacy. [url="http://www.cnparagon.net"]Stop by our forums[/url] and open up an embassy to get to know us, share some laughs, and develop a relationship! Visit us on IRC - #Paragon[/center]


[i]Starting now, Paragon is going to shine the spotlight on a random alliance that we feel has represented themselves greatly towards Paragon. This alliance chosen will be a relatively "low-key" alliance that many people haven't heard of or tends to stay out of the limelight. It is not our mission to present an alliance with great notoriety, that would be dumb. So, here we have it...the first alliance chosen for "Paragon's Spotlight[/i]"

[center][b]Congratulations to The Blood Brothers![/b][/center]

The Blood Brothers are a Protectorate to The Order of Light. They first presented themselves to Paragon on April 9th. Since then five TBB members have been keeping busy in Paragon's Embassy Center including: Machanidas, Echo, Kimpel, bestruler and KOwens06. Inside the embassy we have discussed a rang of topics including both alliances Sexiness, which is clearly evident, what kinds of music we listen to, adopting babies from Russia and sending them back to China, a Nice Racial hello from Bestruler who is known to ruin everything :mellow: , how McFortin looks like Justin Beiber...and much more. Here is a bit of information about TBB..from TBB.

[b]How Did Your Founders Meet?[/b]
[quote name='KOwens06']
Ah its been a while since BR and I met but ...
I was on #ued while BR was applying to NPO and we met up there, BR got in everyone pants so it was disturbing. BR joined UED and since then I have been with him since. [/quote]

[b]Why "The Blood Brothers?"[/b]
[quote name='Kowenso6']Well when BR and I got couped and all the drama began we thought the name blood brothers would fit because of how far we had gone together and had each others backs. Also, many of our members in our couped AA joining us creating the new AA.[/quote]

KOwens says the reason behind why they created TBB is because they wanted a very active alliance with a great community where anyone could walk through their doors regardless of what experience they have, or where they have been. "If you can laugh with us, you will have a great time" KOwens says.

[quote name='these guys'] [11:27] <Machanidas> Well, we got a great core of guys who play the game the right way and have fun doing it
[11:28] <Machanidas> we like spanking
[11:28] <&KOwens06[BB]> True
[11:28] <Machanidas> and donkey shows[/quote]

TBB is a very active alliance and each of them hold specific duties to keep their alliance running smoothly. Below you will find a few TBB members activities they take up each day in their Sexy Alliance!

-[b]KOwens[/b] likes recruiting and mentoring recruits through TBB's Academy and handing out whippings when he's in the mood.

-[b]Bestruler[/b] is TBB's "FA Guy" and he also runs TBB's Academy. KOwens describes BR as "Totally Random Over the Top" and even slapped a Caution sticker on his forehead.

-[b]Echo[/b] is TBB's "Defense Guy", he is often seen blowing up rogues.

"Indecline/Che Lenin has no filter and sits in #blood until he can say a quirky comment." Says KOwens.

-[b]Machanidas[/b] is a newer member to TBB and enjoys blowing up rogues and carries a "sick sense of humor" about it.

-[b]Kimpel[/b], who is also a new guy enjoys graphics and KOwens enjoys that Kimpel enjoys graphics because KOwens enjoys how good Kimpel is at his enjoyable graphics.

Since TBB's Declaration of Existence they have had a great growth rate. They started with 10 Members and 120K Alliance Strength, and quickly grew to 29 Members and over 170K Alliance Strength. Pretty Damn Good IMO.

Paragon loves having the "Brothers" around for we see them as one of our own. They are always there for a nice chat be it on IRC or on Paragon's or TBB's Boards. They can almost make you laugh in every conversation you have and all around they are a wondrous bunch to get to know. It is to be noted that TBB is most likely the best place to be a rookie in the game because no matter what you can/cannot do you will be accepted as a Blood Brother and you will be helped to better yourself just like anyone else in TBB.

CN, get to know these guys its worth it. :D

[quote name='KOwens06']Treaties just our protectorate with TOOL. Those guys are great!

Also we love Paragon just as much! [/quote]


Paragon's Recruitment Page![/center]

[center][url=http://www.twitter.com/Paragon_CN] [img]http://i719.photobucket.com/albums/ww196/Rosen_7/twitter.png[/img][/url][url=http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Paragon/369842344316?ref=ts] [img]http://i719.photobucket.com/albums/ww196/Rosen_7/facebook.png[/img] [/url]
[b][size="3"]Join us on your favorite Networking Site![/center][/size][/b]

Hey Guys! I just want to say thanks for reading and supporting Paragon. Like I said above we are experiencing some I.S. and we are sorry for lack of news. If you would like to see something different in here..let us know![/size]

Here is a Little Gift For You!

For You Guys and Ladies ^
For You Ladies and Guys ^[/center]

Edited by Mr Rosenberger
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Hey, I happen to like my TOOLish presence ;)

Really my only complaint is that you all are great to talk to. Why must I want to go to your forums at all times.

Looks great guys, and nice spotlight subjects. They look like great guys. :P

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There is no graph that can contain the extreme awesomeness of Paragon; you guys are the bestiest.

Hopefully, the Patriacal shifts work to the greatest advantage of you all. The Blood Brothers certainly wish nothing but the best for our sexy, sexy friends in Paragon.

o/ Paragon
o/ Rosenator
o/ R3nowned

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[quote name='Machanidas' date='03 May 2010 - 02:45 AM' timestamp='1272865498' post='2284791']
There is no graph that can contain the extreme awesomeness of Paragon; you guys are the bestiest.

Hopefully, the Patriacal shifts work to the greatest advantage of you all. The Blood Brothers certainly wish nothing but the best for our sexy, sexy friends in Paragon.

o/ Paragon
o/ Rosenator
o/ R3nowned

Can I get a "o/ Tigers" ?

Thank You Machanidas! I appreciate your kind words.

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[quote name='Dementual' date='03 May 2010 - 02:48 AM' timestamp='1272865665' post='2284793']
Whoa, best of luck in the future, Paragon!

Good luck with the title, R3nowned.

Thanks Dementual. We're gonna be here a while, and we have plans to boost ourselves. :D BTW..ur sexy.

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[quote name='NotYou' date='03 May 2010 - 09:47 AM' timestamp='1272890860' post='2284942']
You have our flag in the spotlight. Got my hopes up then crushed them :P. Good work on this Rosen and good luck kicking IS

o/ Paragon

Well because I love WFF so much I wanted them to be a part of it. <3

Seriously though, that was a huge mistake. I stayed up pretty late organizing this page...and I don't know how I got the WFF flag in there. Honestly.

o/ WFF
o/ TBB
o/ Sexiness

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