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European Tour Phase 1 Greece


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Vice Chairman Field Marshall Kou had his plane land at the Athenian Airport. The plane taxied as it headed towards a motorcade to take him and his staff into the main part of the city for his meeting with the first government of several that he would meet on his tour of the European continent.

As he descended the plane he made his way into a limo which would take him to the meeting at the foreign ministry of the Athenian Government. The resident diplomat from the government had reported that this would be one of the more favorable governments who they could build a relationship in Europe with. He would see if it was true. As he finished reviewing the file they pulled up to the Athenian Foreign Ministry Government. He got up to the car and walked up to the delegation in a full dark colored uniform of the Neo Whampao Brotherhoods elite airborne forces.


"I am Field Marshall Kou, the Vice Chairman of the Central Planning Commission and Supreme Commander of Ground Forces for the United States of China. It is a pleasure to meet you." he said to the foreign dignitaries.

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"The pleasure is mine Field Marshall, welcome to the Athenian Federation." The President said as they entered the reinforced building of the Department of Foreign Affairs, a lot of meetings had be held since the building was transformed from a military Command center to a diplomatic one.

As soon as they entered the Conference room the Chinese delegation would be seated at one half of the round table with the Athenians on the other.

"We have heard a lot about your nation and are favorable to positive relations. I hope your people feel the same of us"

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"What my diplomats have told me has been extremely positive. We also noticed that you recently signed an agreement with our good allies in Novak." he said taking a seat in the conference room. "It may interest you to know you are the first nation our government has visited outside of Asia. We chose that for a reason. You seem like someone who we can do business with." he said. "We would like to work together."

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"Your kindness and the fact we are your first visit honors us extremely. You have seen well, recently our Foreign Policy has been aimed towards Asia and we have witnessed the actions of your nation with a very positive feeling. We are open to formal relations between our countries and cooperation is a welcome beginning"

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"Excellent. At the moment our nation's capability towards world wide power projection are severely limited, as our blue water navy is under construction still. We do however believe that we can cooperate with each other through mutual intelligence capability sharing and permission to use one another bases when operating within eachother's regions."

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Article I.

Both signatories commit aggressive acts against the other signatory. This includes providing military, financial, or technological assistance, or information of any kind to any outside party hostile to the other signatory.

Article II.

Diplomatic Friendship
Both signatories will provide diplomatic support to one another.

Article III.

Any information gathered by one of the signatories with potential impact on the security of the other shall be promptly and privately forwarded to them. Both parties shall provide technical and logistical assistance including base sharing and research and development.

In the event of a hostile act upon either signatory, aid may be requested, be it diplomatic, material, or other forms of support. The other signatory is not contractually obligated, however.

Article IV.

Should either signatory feel that this treaty is no longer an accurate demonstration of the good will between the two signatories for any reason they may cancel this agreement by contacting the other signatory through proper diplomatic channels and notifying them four months (one week) prior to the public cancellation, during which time the non-aggression clause must be adhered to.[/quote]

OOC: May we adhere to this slightly moderated treaty better than the Gremlins did when I first wrote it :P

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OOC: I better hope we do :P


"That looks very well" Nikita said as the took a pen and signed the treaty.

[quote]Signed for the Athenian Federation,
Nikita Akhatova, President of the Athenian Federation[/quote]

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