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Vode An

Markus Wilding

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(OOC: Yes, Star Wars Mando'a shenanigans. So sue me.)

"It's time. Send the men out, establish order. Somebody contact the FSA and Disparu."
"Yes sir."

[i]What you gaze upon is the background of what will soon be a great nation. What will soon be the gem of our crown achievements. What you gaze upon is Coruscanta. My allies and I, we have seen what terrorists can do to a nation. We have seen firsthand what it is like to lose friends, family. No longer. The FSA and Disparu, the grant to us the land I stand on, where we shall begin.

Vode An! Brothers All![/i]


OOC: Lol, misunderstanding. I no haz Michigan.

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"We will withhold official recognition until Disparu does so. On that note, this regime does not control the Upper Peninsula of Michigan."


Fifty FBIS agents were immediately dispatched to the region to identify anyone suspected of making such ludicrous claims on the sovereign lands of Michigan.

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[b]PRIVATE - Executive Council of Disparu[/b]

"Erm, when the hell did we approve the creation of this 'Coruscanta'!?" angrily shouted Todd Snap, the Minister of Defence, during an emergency meeting by the Executive Council. "We just sent a crapload of resources and soldiers in there, and now they're trying to secede from our part of the protectorate!?" he continued.

"Relax, Mr. Snap. We will be able to solve this enigma faster with calm minds." said Rowan Atkin, the Executive Triumvir. "But yes, I am quite curious as to who approved this nation to exist in our protectorate, assuming that these Coruscantans aren't lying about our authorization." He looked around the debate chamber. "Well, no one in the Triumvirate approved it, Cynthia and Lilian most likely didn't approve it, so that leaves us with..." Rowan turned towards Lance, the King, who was just silently sitting in his leather chair and had not said anything during the meeting.

"Um...Your Majesty, did you authorize the creation of Coruscanta?" warily asked Rowan.

Lance looked up wearily. He looked tired, his hair was messy,, and his suit, which was usually clean and neat-looking, looked slightly messy.

"Yes, I did, Rowan. The will of the people cannot be extinguished, and if these former GLS citizens want to form their country, then so be it." said Lance, before getting up and leaving the debate chamber. Everyone in the chamber followed his path until he finally left. Almost everyone knew where he was going - he was going back to the hospital, where the Queen was confined for some odd reason.

"What's wrong with him?" wondered Rowan out loud.


[i]Official Statement from the Royal Triumvirate[/i][/center]

"Disparu confirms that we have approved Coruscanta's establishment, and we hereby recognize their sovereignty. If, for any reason, the nation falls into anarchy, it will revert back as a part of the Ontario section of the Joint Disparuean-American Protectorate of Ontario and Michigan (more commonly known as the Disparu-FSA Protectorate). As usual, we wish the nation luck, peace, and prosperity in its future. We would also like to let the Government of Coruscanta know that we will be withdrawing all Disparuean troops, tanks and aircraft within Coruscanta."


Shortly after the message was broadcast, an order would be sent to all Disparuean forces within Coruscanta to transfer to the Disparuean-controlled Ontario protectorate. However, three spies from the Disparuean Intelligence Agency would be remain in the nation and were asked to secretly gather intelligence from the Government and the Coruscantan society and to secretly send that information back to Disparu.

[s](OoC: Markus, can I leave a spy in your nation? Please? :3)[/s]

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