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ODN Election Results

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Well, our members have voted, the ballots are all in, and everything is counted up. And thus, I have the honor of presenting the ODN Government for term XXXV

Secretary General: OsRavan
Assistant Secretary General: Sunstar

Secretary of the Interior: Meyer
Secretary of Economics: Zsandmann
Secretary of Defense: itseze
Secretary of State: Joracy

Senate XXXV:

Cataduanes, Banksy, Peth, Max Cristof, Proximus

This was an eventful election, but some things never change and so I am happy to report that Joracy will be continuing in his role in the State department. Also, Zsandman will return for another term in economics while Sunstar returns as ASG. However, we also have some significant new faces in our government this term. Eze, my former senior deputy, will take over the defense department. Meanwhile, Meyer returns to government service running the interior department.

Likewise, we have a stellar senate this term: a mix of new faces and old hands.

Our most notable change though, is that Arsenal has decided not to run for Secretary General and to retire from government service. He served as our Secretary General for ten months, and has been a leading figure in ODN government for the last year and and a half. Thanks to his tireless work on behalf of the alliance, the ODN has prospered in both peace and war. I know he has left me with some very large shoes to fill, but I feel confident that, with the support of the GA and our elected government, I will do him proud.

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Good to see Cata back in office. :D

OsRavan, I know you will serve ODN well. I look forward to continue our friendship.

Arsenal, you are not only a colleague but a friend. You have served well.

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[quote name='Rush Sykes' date='02 May 2010 - 05:01 PM' timestamp='1272772858' post='2283434']
Great, another term of Joracy. The Athens-ODN divide widens.
We don't want hopacy either.

EDIT: That banner is incredibly underwhelming. Surely we have a better one lying about somewhere.

Edited by Banksy
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[quote name='Mathias' date='02 May 2010 - 10:07 AM' timestamp='1272809251' post='2283738']
Are there term limits for the Secretary General?

No, but Arsenal currently holds the record with 5 terms.

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