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An Athens - Terran Empire Announcement

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Well, there was a bit of a delay due to wars and gov shuffling, but the backing was always there...

Now, without further ado, it is time to make it official...


[b][size="5"]The Athens - Terran Empire Protection Pact[/size][/b][/center]


Coming together, in both friendship and brotherhood, Athens and Terran Empire (hereafter, TTE) do hereby make official this bond of trust, mutually placed.

[b]Section 1.[/b]

Both Athens and TTE recognize, that while the spirit of brotherhood is strong, each are separate and sovereign entities in any and all matters not outlined below.

[b]Section 2.[/b]

The alliance of Athens, does hereby extend protection to our friends and brothers in TTE. Athens pledges to offer both diplomatic and military aid in defense of any threats to the safety and security of our TTE brothers. As such, any unwarranted foreign attack on any nation or nations flying the alliance affiliation of , "Terran Empire," will be considered wholly to be an attack on Athens itself, and will be dealt with accordingly.

[b]Section 3.[/b]

Should Athens come under attack during the mutual recognition of this treaty, Athens does not hold TTE to any decree of mandatory defense. In such a situation, TTE will be permitted to make their own determination as to their course of action.

[b]Section 4.[/b]

TTE agrees not to enter into any binding defensive or aggressive treaty with any foreign power without the approval of Athens. TTE further agrees to notify Athens of intent to seek any friendship pacts or economic pacts with a foreign entity. Further, TTE pledges to give Athens a minimum of 24 hours notice before affixing their signatures to any foreign document.

[b]Section 5.[/b]

This agreement shall continue until such time as TTE feels that they are able to exist safely from foreign aggression without the backing of Athens. Both signatories do hereby agree that our intent is that the brotherhood forged through this document, continue far beyond that time.

[b]Section 6.[/b]

Should either signatory come to feel that the spirit of this treaty no longer exists, or become aware that the specifics of the treaty have been violated, this agreement may be canceled by notifying the other party, 72 Hours from said notification, this treaty will cease to exist.

[b]Signed for Athens[/b]

Archon eponymos (Sovereign) - Londo Mollari

Archon basileus (Regent) - Rsoxbronco1
Archon basileus (Regent) - Reign of HavoK

Strategos (MoD) - Jgoods45
Theorodokos (MoFA) - RushSykes
Agoranomos (MoF) - Kazeki
Dikast (MoIA) - an4rk
Didact (MoRecEdu) - Medtech
Choregos (MoComms) - Ruggsymuggs

[b]Signed for Terran Empire[/b]

Yuurei - Chancellor of Foreign Affairs, Finance
Tim Burke - Chancellor of Defense
Lord B - Chancellor of Internal Affairs
Michaelboy88 - Chancellor of Administration

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=LOST= offers TTE a grounded, moral, and faithful protectorate. The world has seen the plague wrought by Athenian meddling in alliance affairs. Shall we let this pestilence continue and infect such fine new alliances as TTE? Join the right cause! Down with Athenian Scum!

Best of luck TTE!

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Good job TTE for finding a great protector and an alliance that is willing to help build up another.

The Kings have been a protectorate of Athens since March and we have enjoyed every minute of it.

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[quote name='SirWilliam' date='01 May 2010 - 03:25 PM' timestamp='1272752696' post='2283085']
Wait, you're protecting - not raiding - them? What gives? :P

Gotta wait till they are unprepards :P

Good luck to both parties

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[quote name='EricLabRat' date='03 May 2010 - 09:18 PM' timestamp='1272935894' post='2285665']
Don't be ridiculous. ...we sign MDAPs before mergers happen.


but really athens has been good lately. havent had a merge in what now? months?

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Anything involving Tim Burke has my vote. Congrats on getting this one hammered out and announced.

Here's to a bright future for TTE.

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I would like to thank everyone for their support, and congratulations.

And most of all, I would like to thank everyone in Athens.

To us and our continued friendship!

Edited by Lord B
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