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A public apology

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[/center][center][b]AN OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT[/b][/center][center][b]THE REPUBLIC OF SPACE CUBA[/b][/center][center][b]
[/b][/center][center]Alright, I really have been wanting to use that flag for a while now. Anyways, on with this show, eh? [/center][center]
[/center][center]I wanted to apologize The United Commonwealth of Nations, to her allies, and to the whole of CN for my conduct on April 22nd-25th regarding the collapse of UCN and her reformation. I've explained the reason behind my departure several times, but the point is that doesn't matter. I was a leader, and I should have acted as such. I did nothing of the sort, and for that, I am sorry. In addition to this, I went backwards and actually acted rude to the new UCN, which was uncool on my part to say the least. I understand fully if I am not forgiven by you all, and in fact sort of expect it. If I had been able to foresee the events that would take place following my personal departure from UCN, I assure you I would have stuck around long enough to secure stability in my absence. I personally look forward to attempting better ties with UCN in the near future, should they want it from us. I, of course, speak only for myself, hence this not being a Europa announcement. [/center][center]
[/center][center]Again, as a founder, former leader and former member of UCN, I apologize for all that happened to her, and ask for your forgiveness. Feel free to flame me now. [/center]

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You weren't part of the decision under criticism. The decision under question was the decision to disband the alliance without consultation of the member body. You left UCN before this, and you had the right to do so on your own accord. Although I will agree that maybe you defended UCN's former leaders [i]too much[/i] in the OWF topics that followed the disbandment.

Nonetheless, hopefully this apology heals some wounds.

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