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GATO Election Results

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Greetings. It is my honor to present to you GATO's May-June Government and May Congress. Former Deputy AC, then appointed Minister of Finance, Manis_B returns to head our rebuilding effort. We also have 2 brand new Ministers in our ranks this term. Long time MoDA Deputy Gibsonator21 takes over Omniscient1's spot as Omni has moved to head our Foreign Affairs. Long time battalion commander and behind the scenes work horse, Mightyspoon, has taken over the reigns from MTTezla to lead our Military. Lastly, yes, I return for my fifth term as Assembly Chairman. Our Congress has new faces and some old ones as well.

[*]Assembly Chairman - Laserwolf
[*]Minister of Foreign Affairs - Omniscient1
[*]Minister of Finance - Manis_B
[*]Minister of Defense - Mightyspoon
[*]Minister of Domestic Affairs - Gibsonator21
32nd Congress
[*]Kubla Khan - Temporary Speaker
[*]James Wilson

Congrats to all!

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Congratulations, GATO.

[quote name='KainIIIC' date='01 May 2010 - 03:54 PM' timestamp='1272691431' post='2282374']
what the christ is that abomination

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