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A Delayed Announcement

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So it seems that there has indeed been to much sharing of the rum between the alliances of the Pirates of the Parrot Order(PPO) and The Shadow Confederacy Empire. This treaty was meant to have been announced almost 5 months ago but in our drunken state, neither of us could stand up and deliver it properly.

So without further adieu, I hereby announce a ToA between TSCE and PPO

[quote]Within these times, what it means to us, the development of friendship... The Pirates of the Parrot Order(PPO) and The Shadow Confederacy Empire(TSCE) hereby agree to a prosperous growth through respect, honor, and tranquility. After achieving a knowledge and appreciation for one another, the acknowledged alliance agree to the following terms.

I. Respect
Both PPO and TSCE recognize the foundations of friendship and respect between the two parties, united by ideology, and by amity for the other, and recognize their obligation to improve relations and furthermore get to know each other better, for the betterment of the both alliances.

II. Honor
All forms of in-game aggression between the members of PPO and TSCE are deemed illegal. This includes, but is not limited to, sanctions, war declarations, aiding nations at war with either alliance, or all forms of espionage, whether in-game or out. Both parties also agree to not publicly flame members of the opposite parties on the Open World Forum, but to settle any disagreements or queries in private. Should PPO or TSCE feel a member of either alliance has broken these terms, a cessation in hostilities is to be sought and, if judged necessary, reparations are to be made.

III. Tranquility
Both PPO and TSCE pledge to keep their lines of communication open to the other. Diplomats are encouraged to sign up and contribute on the other alliance’s forums, where it is expected they will be treated with courtesy and respect by the host alliance.

IV. Treasures
Shall either need help, in means of aid, they are encouraged to ask for it. If either are asked for aid, the alliance asked, is encouraged to give. Both alliances are encouraged to trade, deal in technology, and grant knowledge to on another.

V. A Means to an End
If either party feel it necessary, they may cancel this treaty whenever, so long as they give a 24-hour notice of the ending of this friendship, to the other alliance's government.

VI. Vivant (Long Live the...!)
May the Pirates of the Parrot Order and The Shadow Confederacy both prosper through this amelioration.

Signed for the Pirates of the Parrot Order...
Silent Blood Line, Captain
Lurunin, Cmdr. of FA
MattMammoth, Cmdr of Rec.
NoLaurelTree000, Cmdr. of IA

Signed for The Shadow Confederacy Empire...

The Emperor: E.Grievous
The Consul Vizier: Shadow Lurker
The Consul Commander: Sir Digbycc
PoT - Stoopid Ace

o/ PPO

To strengthened friendships and prosperity

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