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Galicia Rising

Razgriz 2K9

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Citizens of Galicia, lend me to your ear.

Today, is a glorious day in the history of our people, for now we have achieved self determination thanks to the curtousy of the Western European Union. While the Galicians were never opressed, their goal, to become a sovereign nation has been realized.

Our culture, our people and our ideals still remain strong. Together we will continue forward into a bright and prosperous future. As a just Kingdom, ready to step forward into the international stage.

And so, we the people have elected their King, I present to you His Royal Highness, The Most Serene Lord, The Duke of Braganza, King Duarte Pio I of Galicia.


Info on the Kingdom of Galicia:
Capital: Santago de Compostela
Government: Constitutional Monarchy/Parliamentary Democracy
Official Languages: Galician/Portuguese, Spanish
Religion: No Official Religion, Predominantly Roman Catholic
Population: ~70,000
Army: 30,000 active, ~15,000 additional fit for service, 60 M60A3 Patton MBT
Navy: None currently
Air Force: 2 McD AH-64A Apache, 1 Breda Ba-65bis, 1 P-38G Lightning

OOC: 3 Months since I'm gone and I still can't do a good speech, also, wish I had a better map...oh well, I'm back...

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The Queendom of Australia extends their recognition of the Kingdom of Galicia, and wishes it a prosperous and peaceful future.

OOC: Good to have ya back, Raz. [img]http://forums.cybernations.net/public/style_emoticons/default/awesome.gif[/img] as for speeches...who needs long-winded stuff all the time? [img]http://forums.cybernations.net/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif[/img]

EDIT: Spelling failz.

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The Western European Union is displeased with the actions of Galicia. We have been discussing your independence intensely, but negotiations had not been completed at the time you have irrationally declared your autonomy. We encourage Galicia to be more patient in the future, but nonetheless we approve of your independence. We encourage you to apply to the Western European Union as well, should you feel inclined to join our organisation.

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"The Maritime Republic of J Andres officially recognize Galicia and welcome it to the world community. On top of that, Galicia is welcome to [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=85492&view=findpost&p=2288421"]apply for an embassy[/url] in Endor Cuidad, our capital.

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