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NTR may have name change.



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NTR may change it's name.

Nos Tre Republik never was nor is a republic, more of a free state than anything. Yiroshi today announced that a name change may be more appropraite. Although the name has been chosen, it is not officialy up and the name has not been released. Many of the citizens of NTR are happy for a potential name change.

88% want a name change,
12% do not.

NTR has recently been hit hard, so Yiroshi decided to make this quick and do it now. And, although the name change has been labeled "un-official", many believe it's happening.

OoC: :smug:

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[b]Random NPR Distinguished Citizen Hearing Of NTR [s]Sex[/s] Name Change.[/b]

[i]"There name sounds way too much like the NPR anyways, and we should be the only Republic with the acronym...they should change there name so I won't confuse future announcements and such when reading the newspaper."

OOC - [/i]I didn't know there was an RP with a name so much like my own...

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[quote name='Zoot Zoot' date='29 April 2010 - 06:55 PM' timestamp='1272585340' post='2280516']
The Imperial Marshal Ripley sent a message to the NTR.
"The Empire suggests you vote to dissolve your Nation"
Ditto back to you, imperialist pigs.

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"Yes, the NTR should change its name.....to the State of South Carolina."

"Hm, is that all, sir?"

"No...South Carolina will need to join the FSA."

"Ah, I see."

"Yes....oh, and get me a cup of tea."

"Yes, sir."

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[quote name='Fizzydog' date='30 April 2010 - 01:21 AM' timestamp='1272586890' post='2280549']
OoC: Oh, Jed. :P


Definitions of imperial-

relating to or associated with an empire

Are you not an Empire?


Yes we are, and our foreign territories were purchased legally, in a god forsaken end of the earth for scientific purposes.
Not expansion and the building of an Empire.
Any more evidence?

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