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[center] [size="7"]The Treaty of Greifswald[/size] [/center]

The goal is to gain and maintain good relations between The Hanseatic League and the Global Democratic Alliance. We have agreed on the following terms:

I.The Agreement Of Civil Member Relations/Respect
Both alliances and their respective members shall remain civil to each other at all times,
especially in public forums.

II.The Agreement Of Peace/Spying
Both THL and GDA must not attack the other. If a nation is found in violation of this they will
be ordered to offer peace and reparations equivalent to 1.0 times the total damages inflicted.
Defending nations are required to limit retaliation to the level of attacks received. Should an
offending nation refuse to offer peace and agree on terms of reparations they will be
declared a rogue and will no longer be offered the protection of either alliance.
Neither alliance will engage in or endorse espionage against the other.
Neither signatory will engage in the use of sanctions against member nations of the other
signatory without permission from that signatory's government.

III.The Agreement Of Notification
If either alliance receives information concerning a direct threat to the other, the receiving
alliance will notify the other signatory and provide the relevant information. The source of
said information may be left undisclosed.

IV.The Agreement Of Termination
Either signatory may terminate this pact at any time; however, the withdrawing alliance must
notify the other signatory through diplomatic channels 72 hours prior to this, except when
the countersigned has violated The Agreement Of Civil Member Relations/Respect or The
Agreement Of Peace/Spying...

Signatories for THL

Highlanderr - Grand Master
Highlanderr> Heinrich - Master of Recruitment and Education
Highlanderr> Provost Zakharov - Master of Finance
Highlanderr> Prince Oberyn - Master of Propaganda
Highlanderr> Stageidea - Master of Communication & Research
Highlanderr> Der Rote Baron - Master of War

Signatories for GDA

Masterfod-Minister of Foreign Affairs
Sippyjuice-Minister of Internal Affairs
GrannyInAction-Minister of Recruitment
Shadowkiller-Minister of Defense


The Syl
Asian Leader[/quote]

We are very glad to be meeting other people and we hope this leads to a long term friendship. I appreciate Highlander's assistance on this and here's to the future :blush:

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