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TFD shot a GUN...

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...that was the story until today, that is.

You see, for many moons, TFD and GUN merely existed as friends in spirit.  Our relationship was near nonexistent, although somehow we felt that slight gravitational pull through our mutual allies in NATO.  While for all this time, we had silently cheered from the sidelines in each others' triumph and sent well wishes in each others' sorrow, nothing more has ever been seen between TFD and GUN.

However, two months ago, amongst the fireworks of the Second Unjust War, a connection was made - through blood, sweat, and tears.  It was two months ago when GUN and TFD found themselves on the same front, depending on each other for survival.  And it was two months ago that a true relationship was born.

Today, I announce with pleasure the first fruit of our relationship.


No, I'm kidding.  We don't make strawberries.   :ph34r:

[center][img]http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/9661/officialgunflag.gif[/img] [img]http://img520.imageshack.us/img520/4475/tfdflagbj0.png[/img]

[size=5][b]Global Foreigners, Unite![/b][/size]

[b]Article I: Preamble[/b]

The Foreign Division (TFD) and Global United Nations (GUN) have met under the fires of War. Indeed, it was in the trenches of the We Are Perth Army front that we fought and bled together. It is in situations like these that relationships develop, and both TFD and GUN created a bond that we are now materializing in this Optional Defence Pact.

[b]Article II: Peace & Respect[/b]

The first and last thing to be safeguarded by both Alliances and their members is the Respect for opinions, thoughts and ideas, whether in public and in private. The Second is Peace. Neither Alliance will initiate hostile or potentially aggressive actions against each other. In the event minor issues arise, and because both Alliances are examples of respectful people, they will be solved rationally and with the purpose of preserving the best relationship possible.

[b]Article III: Intelligence[/b]

Should either Alliance come across vital information for the other Alliance's security, then said Alliance is required to share it with diligence.

[b]Article IV: Aid & Defence[/b]

Should one Alliance be in dire need of Monetary support and the other Alliance capable, both in Money and Aid Slots, of providing such Assistance, then it shall happen. This clause is not valid during Conflicts when either Alliance is participating and the other isn't.

In the event either Alliance comes under attack by a Third Party, the other Alliance is greatly encouraged to come in its defence.

Article V: Cancellation[/b]

Should either Alliance desire to Cancel the Treaty, said Alliance is required to present a notification. The Treaty will be valid in the following 48 hours after which it will be considered Null and Void.

[b]Signed by The Foreign Division[/b]
LetsHunt - Speaker
Cadieness - Senator
Illius Vander - Senator
The Iggy - Senator
Phil - Senator
GearHead - Minister of Foreign Affairs

[b]Signed by Global United Nations[/b]
Zenergy - External Trium
Chocolate Cookies - Internal Trium
Semperfidelist - Executive Trium

o/ GUN
o/ TFD
o/ random strawberries in srs bsns

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