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For a Holy Cause, Setting the Desert Aflame


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In the preceding two millenia the Kingdom of Samaria had existed at different times but in short intervals. They ranged in extremes from the record length of a 113 years in the 2nd century under King Omri VI and a record low of 121 days in the early 16th century in the anti-Khajar rebellion. Thus despite these fiery outbursts the Samarian people had never been capable of retaining their homeland's independence. The weight of outside powers had been too great to resist. Their people were too small in number and weak in strength to long keep the strategic Samarian land free of the invaders. So for the past four centuries the Samarian people had taken comfort in their tribes and their culture, tilling the land under the domination of the Khajar Empire. In the early 20th century natural gas and small oil fields had been discovered in the region it enriched the population though a substantial amount went to the central government causing great consternation amongst the populace.


The flash point came in the late 1980's when the patrons of the decrepit Khajar Empire ceased support for the regime. With a balance of payments and budget crisis mushrooming the grip on the various ethnic provinces of the Empire began to weaken. There were increased demands for autonomy from the far flung provinces and regions, these were backed up by stirring disloyalty in the ranks as ethnic leaders wooed their fellow conscripts and undermined the provincial authorities. In the midst of this long dormant Samarian political leaders suddenly sprang forward and began to open up networks abroad to acquire funnel arms to the provinces of Samaria. They found ready donors with the various rivals of the Khajars. As arms were being acquired the situation in the Empire continued to deteriorate. Attempts to curtail the rising dissension with a greater application of police force had failed in several provinces and led to violent clashes, soon troops were deployed from the capitol of Quramshar to put down the riots. This backfired as the riots bloomed into armed clashes and regiments began defecting on the basis of ethnicity. In response to the perceived weakness of the regimes response, the Khajar monarchy was overthrown by a military coup establishing a royalist influenced military junta. They instituted an Imperial wide curfew and ban on protest and authorized brutal measures of state security forces.

In Samaria the nationalist spirit was finally being stirred. Encouraged by the chaos and riots in other countries, a crowd 20,000 strong organized by the Samarian Crown Party (SCP) an underground nationalist-monarchist political party marched in Shomron. The holy city was the economic, cultural, and demographic capitol of Samaria and the heart of the Samarian people. Centered there was the Tomb of the Prophets and the old Temple along with the ancient royal palace which was occupied by the provincial governor. The crowd was demanding the Khajars cede control of all Samarian heritage sites as well as vacate control of the city allowing it to come under Samarian control. The conditions in a normal time would have been outrageous to the Khajars, but in the tense atmosphere in the Empire it was seen like a dagger. Governor Bayzd sent police and paramilitary forces into the streets before the Royal Palace to block the crowd.


An archived account from an international news network of what follows can be reviewed:

A man in uniform and riot gear stepped up before the gate of the Royal Palace with a mega phone attached to an amplifier on a security APC.

"Citizens I am Colonel Dayik of Imperial Crown Security Forces, I urge you and warn you to disperse for your own protection. You will receive this warning once. Only once. We will give you 10 minutes to begin to comply."

For the next few minutes one can hear insults roiling through the crowd and eventually the crowd surged forward as rubbish and stones were hurled through the gate.

At first it seemed unclear what is going on as the first crack is heard. It was followed by another, and another, and finally a general volley. Security troopers with rifles and from emplaced machine gun nests began opening fire. The effect is amplified as the APC's begin to add their own cannon fire to the barrage. The slaughter was instantaneous as the first few ranks simply disappear. Hundreds fell as far as one can see from the palace grounds. The road is stained with blood and torn flesh, and sirens wail in the distance as more security forces are dispatched to pursue and completely rout the crowd.



In the aftermath it became clear that the Shomron Massacre had killed nearly 523 civilians and led to the arrest of more than a thousand. The effects were thunderous. The SCP immediately issued a call to arms and was assisted by the timely defection of the 11th and 17th Imperial Crown Rifles two domestic Samarian raised regiments equipped with a compliment of artillery and engineering battalions. They were matched against several local Imperial regiments and police auxiliaries. The head of the SCP was Aaron Shomron, as pretender to the Samarian throne he had managed to coalesce an enormous amount of support around him. He authorized the dispensing of the stockpiled arms and explosives to the underground militia units who by the next morning had emerged in support positions alongside the renamed 1st and 2nd Samarian Crown Rifles. The goal was to take the city of Shomron quickly as a base of operations. In a wider sense their position was weaker as Khajar troops outnumbered them, but locally they had a superiority and by taking the capitol they could rally the people and demoralize the police forces still loyal to the Empire.

The balance of forces in the 1st Battle of Shomron were as follows:

Samarian Crown Army

I SCR Rifles-1,600 troops, 11 155mm guns, Trucks/APC's
II SCR Rifles-1,550 troops, 6 155mm guns, 9 122mm guns, Trucks/APC's
Engineering Company- 350 Engineers

I SC Irregulars- 1,500 fighters
II SC Irregulars- 2,100 fighters
III SC Irregulats- 900 fighters, makeshift armored cars and light cannon.

Imperial Garrison

I ICR Rifles- 1,400 troops

I, II, III, IV Security Regiments-5,000 Police and auxiliaries.

Samarian forced actually had a qualitative edge in the engagement and had the benefit of much higher morale and zeal for their cause. The self styled Prince Aaron had also authorized the opening salvo: A truck bombing of the Central Police Headquarters. A loyal police captain had stayed with the Imperial forces so he could personally deliver the truck laden with explosives. Captain Zachariah parked the truck inside the garage of the CPH. Miraculously he managed to escape the headquarters without being checked or stopped. Perhaps the security forces simply weren't expecting such an attack. When Captain Zachariah was several blocks away he triggered the explosives. The blast was so powerful it could be heard miles away. In an instant the building was sheared in two with the remaining pieces collapsing a few seconds later. Shrapnel was hurled in every direction while the garage became an ocean of rubble. The CPH had been a hub of activity when the blast was triggered and the casualties reflected it. Roughly 142 police officers had been killed outright, another 49 would die of their wounds, including the infamous Colonel Dayik, compounding the loss some 382 officials, police, and security agents were seriously wounded.


The blast also signaled the Samarian offensive. Almost at once the two regiments supported by the irregular militias inside the side begin an artillery barrage and a mechanized blitz from the suburbs. Their goals were the capture of the radio and television stations and the seizure of the tactical positions within the city with an eye for taking the Royal Palace. Government troops still reeling from the blast only a few minutes before were disoriented and demoralized by the sudden 'whump' of 155mm shells crashing into their positions. Colonel Dayen of the 1st Samarian Rifles led the attack towards the central radio station. Blasting light cannon fire into police stations and crushing barricades their attack had gone off without a hitch as they arrived at the radio station. There they met resistance from Imperial troops in fixed positions. They rapidly disgorged troops from their transports and encircled the building, sending other companies off to secure other vital sites.


Meanwhile militia forces had engaged police with automatic rifles and grenades in running street battles near the minority ethnic Khajar neighborhoods to the north. In a portend of things to come the II Irregular column under Colonel Menachem allowed his troops to massacre 70 Khajar citizens and expel nearly 4,000 from a neighborhood they had overrun. They then began using mortars and makeshift bombs to attack and terrorize the surrounding neighborhoods. Khajar police began equipping local militias to fight the Samarians. In brutal block by block fighting nearly 2,000 were killed in a frenzy of fighting. When Khajar troops and irregulars managed to retake or capture a Samarian block the civilians were killed, and vice versa. However Khajar forces were rapidly overwhelmed as troops and police had to be siphoned off to combat the regular thrust that threatened to take the city center. As a result 45,000 Khajar civilians fled as refugee's to escape the advancing Samarian militia. All told in a 100 hour period 545 Samarians and 2,420 Khajar had been killed along with 216 Samarian militia members and 493 Khajar security and militia forces. Hundreds of buildings had been destroyed as rockets, mortars, and IED's had been strewn about the neighborhood.


While the fighting raged in the Northern suburbubs Samarian forces augmented by popular militias being formed in the city hurled themselves at Khajar positions. The previously besieged Radio Station had quickly fallen after light cannon fire and sniper fire had suppressed the defenders who quickly surrendered. As the entire situation turned against the Khajar forces the local military commanders led by General Shavli who was responsible for the entire regions military forces pressed upon Governor Bayzd to initiate a withdrawal while such routes were still open. Finding him stubbornly obstinate General Shavli ordered a withdrawal unilaterally for all loyal Khajar forces to the southern city of Elom. His remaining Imperial troops began to withdraw followed by some state police and local security officials. Governor Bayzd fumed and raged but there was nothing in the immediate he could do. Others such as the local Khajar militias and some auxiliary units refused to withdraw. It was a devastating mistake.


When Samarian troops and militia discovered that the bulk of the Khajar forces had retreated during the night they immediately pressed the attack. Rockets, artillery, and mortar fire picked up all at once as large stocks of ammunition were expended with the hope of shattering the remaining positions. In many instances they succeeded as militia and regular forces led by the 2nd Samarian Crown Rifles reduced and destroyed a dozen key positions taking nearly 1,000 prisoners. This quickly brought them to a siege of the Royal Palace where Governor Bayzd had attempted to flee, but had been prevented by the rapid advance of the northern column under Colonel Menachem who had severed access to the highways. The palace was defended by a few hundred scared police mixed with some die hard Khajar nationalist irregulars. The storming of the palace was violent as the Samarians were not willing to use heavy weapons for fear of damaging their ancestral heritage. In a grueling three hour firefight the building was seized at a loss of 237 troops and militia. However Governor Bayzd and all Khajar personal inside the police had been killed either in battle or via quick execution.


The city thus rapidly fell to the Samarian forces. Their militias also attacked the remaining Khajar neighborhoods killing hundreds and putting another 20,000 to flight. All told the Samarians had suffered 983 killed in action compared to nearly 2,000 for the Khajars, and some 4,000 Khajar civilians and 768 Samarian civilians had been killed. However the city had been secured, and the new government rapidly threw itself into preparing for its defense and the seizure of the rest of the Samarian homeland. The situation as of today is dire, but the Samarian people will endure and overcome.

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[quote name='Karl Martin' date='29 April 2010 - 01:30 AM' timestamp='1272529813' post='2279698']
OOC: I do not wish to be rude, byt where would you be located on the world?
OOC: Doesn't matter. This is clearly not in our continuity. It's an :awesome: RP though.

Don't let the rest of us spoil your fun, Skippy. It's an enjoyable read. :)

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[quote name='Karl Martin' date='29 April 2010 - 02:10 AM' timestamp='1272532182' post='2279711']
OOC: Ah, that Samaria. You could ask the personn holding the territory, Rebel Army, for a bit of the land.

You have very good writing. I also ask for more.
OOC He doesn't have to ask if he doesn't want to. This forum is not just for our little CNRP continuity.

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[b]Imperial Ministry of Information Press Release:
The Imperial Government is outraged at the horror that is beginning to reach the ears of the Emperor and the international community of what has happened at Shomron. The slaughter that the Samarian terrorists have inflicted on the city and its population are unacceptable crimes. We can confirm that nearly 10,000 civilians were killed in the ruthless rampage by Samarian extremists who taking advantage of the current difficulties in the Empire have sought to realize their extreme aims. To prevent further destruction to the city Imperial troops have temporarily withdrawn so as to prepare a more effective response that will crush the insurgents. It is also our sad duty to report the brutal murder of the regional governor.

These crimes will not go unpunished. Troops have been dispatched from local provinces to assist in crushing and punishing these criminals. General Shavli is reported to have consorted with the local insurgents for material gain and allowed the seizure of the Royal Palace, for this he has been summarily executed. In his place General Arshvin has taken command and has promised a swift campaign. The presumptive Prince Aaron will be captured and executed as per the death warrant issued by the Imperial Security Council.

Predatory nations should not use the excuse of the disruptions in Samaria or anywhere else in the Empire to presume our weakness and pounce. Our military remains strong and our deterrent power ready to react. The unity of the Empire will be maintained and our borders defended.

For God and Crown.

[b]Kingdom of Samaria Press Release:

It is a telling sign that this press release comes from the seat of power of Shomron the Royal Palace. Indeed the Kingdom of Samaria has risen again and we shall not fall again. The days of the Khajars has ended, their Empire creaks and breaks as revolt engulfs province after province. We were merely the first to strike our blow for freedom. In the past few weeks in Diryaback, Essene, Van, Trabzon, and elsewhere great risings have occurred and dealt severe blows to Imperial forces. We hearken the international community to listen closely and listen well: We will defend our land and cleanse it of the Imperial Khajar filth that has so long polluted our holy sites and our ancestral heritage. We will resist no matter the cost.

The words from Quramshyr are weak words. They know their own weakness, they know our own growing military arsenal, and they know how unable they are to prevent what is occurring. They claim General Shavli consorted with us, and we can tell you it is not so. The citizens of the Empire should thank General Shavli as he is the only reason some Imperial troops survived the battle. But typically the junta in Quramshyr has no ability to judge these things confusing harshness with decisiveness. The Khajar colonists in Samaria have been armed on their orders and are now considered to be enemies of our state and will be expelled by force of arms.

We have already seized some outlying towns and villages to create a defense in depth around Shomron. We will not only defend, we will attack. The borders of Samaria will be our borders. Victory will be ours, and we call on all nations to assist us in our holy task.

[b]International News Network (INN) Report:[/b]

The streets of Shomron are looking more and more like a fortress everyday. Samarian militia drill constantly on its streets, while arms of all types seem to arrive in the city everyday. This reporter can swear to having witnessed some rockets being trucked in by a semi. Checkpoints have been set up all over the city and outside it, with Samarian media outlets claiming to have captured several Khajar 'terrorists' and security officials in this manner. The Samarian military establishment has so far rebuffed all attempts at seeking an interview, but field observation can still tell a great deal.

First it seems clear that the Samarian military capabilities have mushroomed in the past few weeks. Along with large quantities of arms there has been a flood of recruits into the city. They come from all over the region with some coming from the Samarian diaspora. The vigorous training of some of these militia units has allowed them to be transferred seemingly to regular military control alongside the initial defecting units. Whether this change of status reflects actual capability remains to be seen.

The second observation comes from the formerly populous suburbs in the North and East. These used to be the centers of the Khajar ethnic presence in the city. INN arrived on the scene the moment the militia finally let the media through, we had been prevented based on the claim that Imperial guerrillas were still fighting in the area. Instead we found a hasty cleanup attempt of what was obviously several massacres. Bodies were still in the streets and homes bombed to rubble. Who knows how many were actually killed here, but the Imperial governments claim of at least several thousand killed seems possible. What can be confirmed is that tens of thousands of Khajar refugees have streamed southward to Elom. Our reporters there can also confirm that the extremely depleted Imperial forces have begun to arm Khajar militias with some clashes reported in the villages in the countryside.

A final observation is that this conflict is far from over. The UN several hours ago declined to hear the situation in Samaria or any of the other conflict zones of the Empire. Though closed by a single veto several countries seemed relieved. The prospect of confronting another violent ethnic war of which the only option would be to ignore it or intervene hung darkly over many Western countries. That not withstanding there is clearly a foreign source of arms for the Samarians and their military gear up looks like it may be far more difficult to contain than Quramshyr may believe. In recent days Samarian engineers have begun operating some of the natural gas fields in the area and halted the flow of crude oil to the Empire. Using the refinary in Shomron the ability to have an endless supply of distilled fuel adds another strategic advantage for the Samarians. However the obvious preponderance of military force lies with the Empire and a few bombing runs on the city had amplified that.

What happens next remains to be seen, but this reporter is willing to predict a bloodbath unless the international community steps in. Every day reports come into the city of Samarian and Khajar death squads attacking isolated villages and farms and killing the inhabitants while forces in Shomron appear to be mobilizing for something. The international community needs to wake up before another disaster occurs.


As always reporting for INN 24/7 Robert Kessel.


[b]AP Press Release Massacre at Talah Farms[/b]

The Associated Press can confirm that 63 farmers at the Talah Farming Collective were massacred last night. Information is still evolving but it appears as though a Samarian insurgent group calling itself the "Lions of Samaria" attacked in a midnight raid. They rounded up the males of the collective and executed them by firing squad. The women and children were expelled from the village and told to walk for 5km to the nearest Imperial settlement and never to return. The insurgents termed a death squad by authorities in Quramshyr then proceeded to burn most of the houses to the ground as if to preclude a possible return by Khajar settlers. The Lions of Samaria issued a press release on their website stating their goal of the total removal of the Khajar presence in Samaria and the goal of "claiming Greater Samaria at long last". Their leader also revealed himself as Daniel Alash.

The group is also now believed to be responsible for the kidnapping and brutal execution of INN reporter Robert Kessel last week. Robert Kessel was found the trunk of a car in the central plaza by the Royal Palace in Shomron. He had been reported missing the day before. It is believed the group was angered by his calls for foreign intervention and had him killed to deter the will of an already uncertain international community.

Whether a connection exists between this group and the provisional government in Shomron has not been proven.


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[quote name='Jordosaur94' date='29 April 2010 - 12:15 PM' timestamp='1272568528' post='2280136']
OOC: Gee, that's a really descriptive post, you should PM someone like Lavo and ask for a piece of their protectorate, you're RP skills are amazing.
OOC: Aye, he is an excellent writer. He would make a good addition to our community if he wished to join.

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[quote name='Superskippy123' date='29 April 2010 - 08:54 PM' timestamp='1272588870' post='2280599']
OOC: So I would have to try and get my location on the map to join the CNRP community?

OoC: If the map is correct, the place where you want to RP is currently owned by Lavo_2. Send a PM to him about your claims, then once he gives you the go-ahead, post in this thread: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=76516

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[quote name='Superskippy123' date='29 April 2010 - 05:54 PM' timestamp='1272588870' post='2280599']
OOC: So I would have to try and get my location on the map to join the CNRP community?
[quote name='Pikachurin' date='29 April 2010 - 06:39 PM' timestamp='1272591547' post='2280695']
OoC: If the map is correct, the place where you want to RP is currently owned by Lavo_2. Send a PM to him about your claims, then once he gives you the go-ahead, post in this thread: [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=76516"]http://forums.cybern...showtopic=76516[/url]
OOC: Yup, that's pretty much it.

And yes, you have to be on the map to RP as a nation, at least, which is what you are doing here. Character RP's don't require that, though.

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[quote name='Subtleknifewielder' date='30 April 2010 - 05:32 AM' timestamp='1272598328' post='2280883']
OOC: Yup, that's pretty much it.

And yes, you have to be on the map to RP as a nation, at least, which is what you are doing here. Character RP's don't require that, though.
OOC: ONLY if he wants to RP in CNRP.
He's completely free to RP all this without ever joining CNRP. Then it's non-canon to CNRP, but that doesn't entirely matter, unless he wants in-character feedback and reactions.
Which we could provide, anyways.

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[b]Operation Golden Dawn[/b]

In the early hours of the day Samarian militia and troops moved into position. For the past few weeks they had been subtly but strategically seizing and cleansing villages within a strategic distance to the city of Elom. Elom had for centuries been a great Samarian city and was at one point considered a sister city of Shomron. But after the Khajar conquest the city had been colonized on a mass scale slowly forcing out the Samarian population. Now it was mostly a Khajar stronghold. So the Samarian military authorities had no qualms about the upcoming operation.

They had been spending the interlude in combat wisely. Agents and sympathizers in the diaspora and the international community had been assisting mightily in their quest to acquire arms. It had paid off. The Samarian high command now had a close to 70 155mm guns and 114 122mm guns to deploy across the battlefront. But just as valuable was the acquisition of nearly 200 Katuysha platforms of varying quality and 45 BM-21's systems which had been shipped in and assembled quietly. Along with of course a plethora of ammunition, small arms, grenades, and other militarily necessary supplies. But they had focused on artillery and a long supply of ammunition. The Khajar forces had suffered a total intelligence and interdiction failure in not noticing this buildup or at least its character.

After pushing the artillery and rockets into the two dozen or so villages that would serve as fortified firing positions protected by several thousand dug in Samarian troops they would begin to prepare for action. At approximately 0730 Operation Golden Dawn entered the execution phase. It was begun by an opening barrage of 30 155mm cannons, 62 122m guns, 130 Katuysha platforms, and 30 BM-21 GRAD systems. Thousands of shells and rockets pounded the city smashing into preset targets all over the city. After a while however most of the batteries were shifted to area bombardment. The shelling continued all day. Rockets whistled through the air and smashed by the dozens into roads and apartment buildings while the terrifying and grimly familiar 'whumf' of the 155mm shells slamming into buildings and emplacements could be heard well into the evening. Finally at 2330 a ceasefire was ordered. This was done not to allow relief to the city but so that they could get an accurate assessment of the damage from the international media in the city.


[b]AP Breaking News

[i]Shelling has ceased for the moment in the Khajar city of Elom. For the past few hours the Red Cross, Imperial medics, and others have been searching the city for survivors while Imperial troops survey the damage and try to make what appear to be tactical repairs. The early estimates are grim with perhaps 1,500-3,500 civilians and another 900-1,100 security personal killed in the bombardment. It was particularly devastating military analysts report for two reasons, one being the total lack of readiness for the attack as thousands of people had just begun waking up for their daily commute, the other being the incredibly surprising strength of the bombardment. This has been a stunning acquisition of arms and already the government in Quramshyr says it plans to bring it up before the United Nations. Other than a vow of vengeance no plan or statement has been issued by th Khajar government or Khajar forces in the city.

The Red Cross has attempted to open triage centers and emergency field hospitals in areas across the city as the wounded are in the thousands and unexploded ordnance is littered across the city with detonations coming in every hour. Reports are also coming in that the Samarian militants have given the city till 1200 today to surrender or the bombardment will continue to be followed eventually by an assault. They have vowed vengeance for Khajar crimes if they are forced to attack. [/i]



The Samarian high command given General Dayan and Colonel Menachem 16,800 and 12,500 troops respectively with around allied militia in the vicinity who remained as of yet outside the official chain of command. At their discretion they were to begin the process of creeping forward and taking control of the suburbs and parts of the city. But as for now the bombardment was to continue, the supply of ammunition extensive. Imperial attempts to strike at the batteries had been met with failure as the aircraft failed to silence the guns and counter battery fire was overwhelmed. A few pieces of anti-aircraft equipment had been deployed to the area making it difficult for the relatively low tech Imperial aircraft to attempt accurate low altitude bombing. They continued the barrage at exactly 1200 with semi-targeted strikes on heavily populated neighborhoods, traffic heavy road intersections, and government installations. Meek counter battery fire with mortars and a few guns was felt but due to the massive supremacy in artillery these were quickly silenced.


A few Khajar attempts to attack and/or probe the outlying villages and towns where the artillery was emplaced were quickly repulsed with heavy casualties. The distance was a about a 8-19 kilometers depending on which battery was being targeted. However the distance was enough to all of them that attacks could be smashed up with artillery and quickly scattered by attacks from a few rifle companies who reacted on site according to the reports of forward observers. Some 426 Khajar soldiers and 73 Samarian troops were killed in the forays, while it is possible that thousands more have been killed in the city of Elom.

The Siege of Elom continues with Prince Aaron issuing this announcement to the international media:

Our campaign of liberation has reached it's next step. We shall not stop, and we shall be victorious. We demand recognition from the international community, and ask for assistance for any who are beneficent enough to provide it. Samaria Lives.

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