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Nusantara & WFF Treaty Upgrade Announcement

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[size="5"][b][center]Krieger Pact
Mutual Defense Optional Aggression Pact
Nusantara Elite Warriors and World Freedom Federation[/center][/b][/size]

Once a protectorate, now a show of brothers in arms. This is the next big step into a safe and secure future between our two alliances, for our two alliances.

[b]Article I. Independence and Sovereignty[/b]
Both signatory alliances will retain their sovereignty.

[b]Article II. Non Aggression[/b]
Neither alliance shall commit to aggression against the other signatory alliance. Aggression is defined as, spying, aiding a known enemy of the other signatory alliance, and a non-rogue declaration of war.

[b]Article III. Mutual Defense[/b]
Through this document both alliances recognize that an attack on one signatory is an attack on the other and will come to the aid of each other. Once one alliance is engaged in a defensive war, the other is obligated by this contract to help in full military force and financial assistance if asked. Peace will only be offered to the enemy through mutual consent of the alliances represented by the undersigned; and only accepted under the same terms.

[b]Article IV: Optional Aggression[/b]
It is highly encouraged that one fights for the other if one were to go on the offensive in a given conflict or war, but it is not required by this treaty. Peace will only be offered to the enemy through mutual consent of the alliances represented by the undersigned, and only accepted under the same terms.

[b]Article V. Intelligence[/b]
If either signatory finds information pertaining to the safety of the other signatory, the finding signatory must inform the other signatory immediately. If the signatory does not disclose this information in a timely matter, this treaty shall be void.

[b]Article VI. Cancellation[/b]
If either signatory is unhappy with the relationship that this document has put them in, then the signatory alliance must inform the other alliance 72 hours prior to the Public Declaration of Cancellation, during those hours each alliance must maintain the terms of this treaty until the announcement has been made or a lower treaty is drafted. If any of the violations listed in the previous articles of this treaty occur it overrides this clause and the cancellation is immediate.


The Government of Nusantara Elite Warriors and World Freedom Federation

WFF and NEW has a very special relationship, At first, WFF was a small tiny alliance and stay unprotected and they are valid raid target according to NEW's Raid Rules and Regulation. So one of our members raid them. Then one day Nord Bleka come into #indo and start searching for government official regarding the raid, and because the one who raid WFF is my student, and my position in NEW, I start to approach him. Then I explain regarding the raiding situation and so on.

To shorten the story, NEW offered them protection and be our first ever protectorate. Relationship grows. They are bunch of brave warriors who are willing to join the great war although we are pushing them not to go first. We love their spirit, and that is why we granted them Independence and a treaty upgrade from Protectorate Pact to this MDoAP and we can now start our new relationship as partner not as protector-protectorate.

Thank you WFF for everything. We in NEW will always support you.

with love,

Government of NEW

p.s: from raid target to a long lasting friendship, it is possible...

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