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Wine and Waffles

Karl Martin

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One huddle seemed to have been cleared. With haste, Picqué got on a plane to Bordeaux.


[i]Bordeaux, France[/i]

Picqué was led to the office of Zelle. Facing the [i]Premier ministre[/i] and her various advisors, he started speaking.

"Thank you for allowing me this audience. I shall not disappoint.

To understand the complex history of Brussels, one has to go back to when Brussels was turned from a Flemish-speaking region to a Walloon speaking region. This has made the Flemish nationalists very angry, since they always believed that Brussels should be Flemish.

This brings us to the recent Dietsland movement. De Clercq was a Flemish nationalist, bent on unifying all of the Dutch peoples and regaining Brussels. As you would know from the massacres in French Flanders, for him anyone who were unloyal were to be killed, and similar bloodbaths were also committed within Brussels against the Walloons. For the concept of Dietsland, all non-Dutch people and obstacles were to be eliminated, and it could have succeeded if it weren't for his untimely death. The Germans and we have purged all the Fascists from the city*.

Our plans is to be a peaceful city, neutral if possible. We have had enough problems with wars, and we wish to develop."

* Reference from [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=84658&view=findpost&p=2275496"]Martens[/url]: The French-speakers were then acknowledge as being "None of Germany's business."...they had, after all, repelled the fascists on their own. Martens was in no hurry to invade and then annex the land. He'd leave them to their own devices.

OOC: Closed to Sarah Tintagyl and Karl Martin

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Listening to Picqué Therese nodded and folded her hands over the table smiling at the man across the table. Her advisors nodded in return, their conclusion had been made up quite quickly of what was to be done from France's perspective to Brussels' independence.

"Well Charles, if I may call you such, as we are equals." The Prime Minister began. "Both myself and my country were quite worried at what was to become of your state. In fact I will not lie to you that I had sent a letter to the North German Kanzler berating your nation because of our assumption that you would be the successors of the Flemish nationalists. Your sincerity to me and my nation, as well as the North German resistance to my letter has made me rethink France's foreign policy to our north in the old RSSN regions. As France and the Dutch had no real connections with one another, it doesn't matter to me whether you seek favorable relations with France, neutral relations, or if you want to build a giant wall over the territories." She chuckled, making her sarcasm apparent and trying to lighten the mood. "But no, I give you my word that Brussels has nothing to worry about from France and while the sins of the previous regime in your regions still has a great many of French people wishing that more had been done. There will be no advance. So if France can do anything for your people, please, let us know. Getting off to a rough start happens, but we can always improve from there."

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"We can put your name forward, though it would be best for you to prove yourself as not the successors to Clercq. I may believe you, but practice is the true evidence. The world will be looking at you so it would be best to be on good behavior. Other then that, France will at the very least not cause any problems for you in your nations future." She smiled and took the chocolate. "I appreciate the gift as well Charles. Thank you."

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