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Formaton of the United Imperium

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Since the end of the occupation of the southern portion of the Holy Roman Empire by the Confederacy of Garrett, a state in northern Italy/eastern France, the formerly-called city of Augsburg has been split into two portions; Patronium, a primarily Catholic Latin-speaking portion of the city, and Chrissionople, a primarily Protestant Austrian-speaking portion. The two separate states operated for nearly four centuries independent of each other. Several unification measures had been tried, such as Napoleon's puppet state, aptly named the "United Kingdom of Augsburg", but all of them have failed due to many reasons, primarily because each unification movement had favored one side of the city or the other. Both sides have maintained mostly friendly relations with each other, with a few border skirmishes being the exception.

Both cities have survived unscathed the events of the 20th century, primarily due to isolationism and partly due to their nearly-militant neutrality. At the dawn of the 21st century, however, movements have popped up at a greater rate than ever before, all calling for the union of the two portions of the city. Relations between the two sides have warmed since the early days; unlimited trade between the two sides, a mutual-defense deal, common citizenship, and other such deals. With the aging monarchs of both states approaching the ends of their lifetime, the two states began consider merging. In the now-famous Conference of Augsburg, both nations agreed to put their differences aside and to merge their militaries and economies, but still operating as two distinctly different sovereign states. This has been the terms of the nation since 2002. Things recently changed, however.

A relative of both royal houses, with much fanfare, was found. It was agreed to by both monarchs that they would make him their heir. The agreements were drawn up in December of 2008; the new "United Imperium", as it would be called, would be a constitutional monarchy. The single-body legislature, called simply "The Imperial Senate", would be composed of one hundred representatives; fifty from Patronium, and fifty from Chrissionople. The new monarch would have strong powers and would be the military leader of the nation, but the Senate would have some authority of its own. The waiting game, and a rather morbid one at that, began. Citizens from both sides waited for a monarch of either side to die, as when one died the other would abdicate. The mixed-blood heir, 23 year old Patrick Mullen, was being groomed for the task.

It did happen. On March 24th, 2010, Emperor Michael IV of Patronium died from natural causes at 87 years old. Emperor John XI announced his abdication on March 25th. Patrick Mullen, now Patrick VI, was crowned Emperor of the United Imperium of Patronium-Chrissionople on April 1st, 2010. The Imperial Senate assembled for the first time on that same day. The Emperor, with the Senate's approval, formally announced the creation of the United Imperium on April 4th, 2010.

[i]Long live the Emperor! Long live the Empire![/i][/center]

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