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Denmark gets a new leader!

Franz Ferdinand

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"Denmark has lost the greatest politician of all time, Vega who has mysteriously disappeared. As a result, Vega's father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate has taken over the running of the nation. He has been flown in from the glorious nation of Novak where he was teaching the natives how to rule their nation correctly, who their true friends are and how to destroy the enemies of the state. As a result, he is perfect for the most desired role in the world and will surely be a most excellent world leader, maybe even surpassing the great figures of Franz Ferdinand and Vega. Of course, the name of this politician is shrouded with mystery yet in a few hours or so, we shall know the identity of this great person who shall lead us into a era of peace and tranquillity while peacefully crushing all of those who oppress our great people!"

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"So you are allowing a distant non-relative of the previous ruler, who has spent years advising and living with the people of a foreign power take over? Despite the deep questions this raises, I will simply say I hope it turns out well for you..." -HRH Michael Atrevier, Crown Prince of Greater Pacifica

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"The man now in charge of Denmark allegedly was arrested two years before the Carthaginian child-molestation in the Republic of Drakoria for possession and use of heroin, aggravated assault, sexual assault, attempted murder, and possession of a Furby."

-HRH King James II

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