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Sino-Japanese Summit


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A meeting room was setup in the Grand Hotel Taibei's Reception Room to welcome the Japanese delegation to the United States of China. At the meeting was Prime Minister Wei, the head of the newly elected government. Along with him were liaisons from the Central Planning Commission to represent the Chairman. They would wait for the Japanese too arrive.

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Empress Haruhi Suzumiya would not attend the meeting, instead sending Katou Emiri to serve as a representative. Alongside her would arrive the Chancellor, Jun Fukuyama. As they walked forwards to the building to which they were invited, after already having left their flight, they viewed the newly-revived Taipei with awe. The new Chinese nation that had planted its roots here had indeed done well so far.

As they walked in, they took their seats and waited for the meeting to begin.

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OOC: I am assuming you are going with Asian protocol of family name first, if I am correct please let me know.

"Welcome to Taibei, Ms. Katou and Chancellor Jun. I hope your journey here was a pleasant one. The Japanese and Chinese history towards one another has been heavily mixed. I do hope that we are able to replicate the good aspects without the bad." Prime Minister Wei said to them.

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OOC: Technically I westernized them, so it'd be Katou-chan and Fukuyama-kun.

IC: "The good aspects are repeatable, as history itself tends to repeat. It is also our own hopes that the negative aspects of our respective cultural relationships never resurface. Our journey in itself was also rather pleasant, although only as pleasant as a plane flight can be."

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OOC: I believe the proper honorific is san. Kun is kid.


"Indeed. We would like to propose a mutual defense treaty for East Asia. We also believe we should agree to a four member commission two Chinese two Japanese officials for dealing with fishing rights around the Diaoyu Island Chain. We also propose that we have our energy ministries get together and organize funding for a jointly owned new energy company which can drill for oil and natural gas reserves so that we can both benefit from this resource rather than allow it to continue to serve as a historical wedge issue for our two countries."

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As Katou Emiri read the request over in her mind, along with the possibilities of such. She began to discuss over the possibilities with Jun, who would know the Empress's perspective on these rather well, as he did speak to her the most out of everyone in the Palace. Of course, his position also warranted this.

"The possibility of a mutual defense treaty is an acceptable proposition, but would require us to see the actual treaty proposed. If you have one on hand, or have prepared beforehand for this, that would greatly help us. The proposition for a council dealing with fishing rights around the Senkaku (Daioyu) Island Chain is also possible. However, we hope you understand that the Senkaku Islands are part of our sovereign nation, and anything beyond fishing rights (other civilian vessels) will still be subject to Japanese docking procedures, and Japanese law. A new energy company would also be possible as it would serve both nations in a positive way, and encourage further cooperation in the future. In essence, consider this an agreement."

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A document was presented to sign as Wei raised his glass.

"To the Chinese Japanese alliance, ganbei." he said before drinking the clear liquid in a single gulp. The document was subsequently presented.

[quote]Empire of Japan - United States of China Brotherhood Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact

As sovereign nations bound by common purpose and friendship, China and Japan have in the past shared good relations. In order to solidify those relations, both nations do hereby proclaim that they shall co-operate in times of war to ensure their mutual territorial integrity and sovereignty.

ARTICLE I - Mutual Friendship
Both the Japanese and Chinese agree to be refrain from open disagreement be it in a public or private venue - but rather act in a respectful manner, even if the other party may have offended them in whatever way.

ARTICLE II - Intelligence
Both signatories agree to share any intelligence they have obtained and that could prove useful or vital to the other. Helping one another in counter-espionage is vital to ensure the safety of both signatories, therefore the Chinese and Japanese will do everything possible to protect their partner from espionage. If either signatory nation collects intelligence regarding a security breach or a credible threat concerning the other signatory nation, the acquiring signatory nation will convey all pertinent information in their possession to the other signatory nation. However, information provided by third parties, which are bound to one of the signatories by other agreements and have declared said information as "confidential", cannot be shared without explicit permission of these third parties.

ARTICLE III - Non-Aggression
Both signatories agree to not, under any circumstances, attack attack the other party. Should through the fog of war an incident occur where military action is accidentally carried out, the offending party shall pay immediate reparations for damage.

ARTICLE IV - Mutual Defense

Should any of the signatories come under the attack of any third party, they may request assistance by the other signatory to repel said attack. Both signatories must obey said request for assistance with financial aid and/or military action.

ARTICLE V - Optional Mutual Aggression
Both signatories may request the other to jointly enter a war with any third party or request funding for said war. Following the request is, however, voluntarily.

Article VI - Cancellation

If either party wishes to cancel they need to give 3 months notice (7 days IRL)[/quote]

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