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A POT Announcement Of Epic Proportions

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Hello I'm Bluebirdmatt President Of The Peoples Order of Truth affectionately known as POT. Those of you that know us will be well aware of the tough times we have faced the past month. However I am pleased to say that like all great alliances before us we had the strength determination and flair to keep going when all those around us doubted us. On behalf of POT I would like to thank those who stood by us and our friends you know who you are.
On a personal note I would like to thank every single one of the 50 POTHeads on a wonderful job and for making POT a truly special place to be.
Now I can waffle on all day but that's not what you are here for so here are some graphs and what not.
Please feel free to visit us in #pot or http://forums.orderoftruth.net



President: Bluebirdmatt
Director of Foreign Affairs: Ray Matveyev
Director of Internal Affairs: Wadling
Director Of Defence: Lewis Young

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Let's see how this 'announcement of epic proportions' is doing shortly after a month after being posted.
Wow BBM, that sure was an epic announcement you made, bleeding members like a virgin on prom night, should have waited so as not to look the fool, I mean damn, 18 members gone i na little over a month, seems a leadership issue to me, like POT has none.
[quote]The coup was worth it...Good show POT and those POTheads :P[/quote]
Really? Care to change this, it doesn't seem worth it at all, it just accomplished putting someone in charge who's running an alliance that was once enjoyable into the ground, then again that's what happens when BBM is in charge ego and paranoia take over.

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