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Water, Wheat, Lumber, and Aluminum

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Three alliances walk into a PUB, with one common goal, to unite the pink team once more, encourage growth and welcome new pink alliances, the three alliances, LSF, ICON and TRaPS have agreed on a new pink bloc, known as the Pink Unity Bloc.



The signatories of PUB (Pink Unity Bloc) understand that the pink sphere needs to remain a unified team with open communication and trades between alliances to support the growth of the pink sphere to become a prosperous team once again.

[b]Article 1 – Trades and Aids[/b]

The signatories will be open to trading, tech deals and other forms of aid, members of PUB will take part in pink trade circles and permanent tech deals. Signatories will make sure that broken trade circles or tech deals will be fixed as soon as possible.

[b]Article 2 - Responsibilities[/b]

Signatories agree to take an active role in setting up tech deals and trade circles among all other signatories of PUB and other pink nations/alliances not a part of this treaty to bring greater unity to the pink team.

[b]Article 3 – Flower Power[/b]

The signatories will not take part in aggressive action against other signatories and will make it a priority to find a diplomatic solution to any aggressive action involving alliances of PUB and other pink nations.

[b]Article 4 – Pink Senate[/b]

The signatories agree to share the senate election votes among alliances in PUB to keep communication between pink alliances and avoiding electing senate members from non-Pink alliances.

[b]Article 5 - Entry[/b]

Section 1: Should a member alliance of PUB want to invite another alliance to PUB, they must inform other signatories before inviting them and that alliance must comply with Section 2 of this article.

Section 2: Any alliance wishing to gain membership must be on the pink team, they can either be invited as mention in Section 1 or they may contact one of the signatories to apply.

Section 3: Once the other signatories are informed of an alliance that wishes to join the agreement a unanimous vote must be passed before the acceptance of the alliance into the bloc.

[b]Article 6 - Cancellation[/b]

If a member alliance wants to leave the treaty, they must inform all other signatories at which point there will be a 48 hour period where they are still bound by the treaty.

[b]Article 7 - Expulsion[/b]

If the signers of the treaty feels that an alliance is not fulfilling the agreement they have the right to call a vote. The vote will consist of 3 members from all the alliances that signed the agreement. The vote is to see if the alliance should be expelled or not from the bloc. The vote must be in a 2/3rds or greater for the alliance to be expelled.


[b]♥For TRaPS♥[/b]
LittleRena - Grand Princess
MarkLevin7 - Minister of Flower Distribution

[b]For ICON[/b]
Alexo14467 - Leader

[b]For LSF[/b]
The Delegates Council[/center][/QUOTE]

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best of luck to the new BLOC...though am surprised at the size of TRaPS in regards to joining a BLOC, hopefully we'll see a nice growth with all involved though

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