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Announcement from the Roman Empire


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Denizens of Planet Steve

I come before you bursting with pride. When I first created my nation this round, playing for the first time in months, I expected to see a Tournament Edition radically different then the one I left. I expected to see brand new faces, brand new alliances, brand new ideas. I was not disappointed. The map has changed since I left. The familiar landmarks are gone, and almost all that was once certain is gone. One thing remains though, a constant throughout the turmoil. The Roman Empire still stands proudly, regally, in all it's glory, dominant and enduring. For nine rounds now, the Empire has been a overwhelming force in Tournament Edition, shaping and molding events and history to our benefit. We have worked and labored, establishing an enduring force, an alliance bathed in blood and bonded by war, purges, strife and chaos. In the madness of Steve, Rome has always been a stable island, ancient now by the standards of Steve, where alliances die as quickly as they are created.
The last few months have been trying for Rome. Deprived of it's most experienced leaders, exhausted by repeated wars, and battered by political attacks, it rebuilt itself, all the while maintaining a powerful position. It's members never lost their sense of pride in their alliances history, it's glory, always knowing that a victorious future was on the horizon. We have not just endured, we have prospered. No other alliance in Tournament history can claim to be so enduring in its power.
Now, we plan a rise, not just to former glory, but past it, surpassing anything seen in the history of Steve, a journey to unparalleled heights. We have seen the rise of new faces in our government, loyal and long-term members such as Aragorn, Commish, blahsay, and others. We have seen the return to activity of old leaders, loyal advisers such as Adude, Carpatus, Kulomascovia, and Spencer. And we are honored and overjoyed by the return to activity of Folger, Emperor Emeritus of the Roman Empire. His return is accompanied by returns to activity of the other Roman Emperors Emeritus, Rand alThor, Ed (TiredTyrant), and Tiberius. With such a depth of experience to call upon, Emperor Hoosier's reign will surely be long, prosperous, and glorious.

Rome stands strong, as we always will, a fortress in the darkness


Emperor Hoosier, Sovereign Lord of the Roman Empire

Founder and Emperor Emeritus Tiberius12, The Puppetmaster
Emperor Emeritus Folger, The Beloved
Emperor Emeritus Rand alThor, The Wise
Emperor Emeritus TiredTyrant, The Builder

Edited by Tiberius12
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