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Death Squad is recruiting!
1.Well first of all we are very new but we are a war alliance and we will help with all of your wars if u ask for it.
2.Second we are a democracy we will hold votes on wether or not we will go to war with other alliances or other important things like alliance treaties.
3.Next we will talk about laws and other such things.
4.You cannot attack other members or any member of an alliance we have a treaty with.Also do not attack a member of the top ten alliances we do not want to bring to big of a warhammer down on our selves.
5.If you ever would like to be a part of our government and i will consider it.
Passing laws
6. to pass a law we will need many people remember democracy=majority rule.
7.we will have 7 top people in the government who will decide on newer laws and will represent the people. (But dont worry i wont rule with an iron fist like goerge bush)
8.You must be on the purplee team for trade reasons and you must change your alliance to this exactly Death Squad
9.If you start a large alliance war and we did not athorize you to you will be kicked out and if we cannot resolve the issue we will destroy your nation for trechtory
10. This is the undevoleped version of our laws and once we get a view on what should be changed from people who join this alliance we shall change it. but for now just consider joining :ehm:

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