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Agents of Chaos

Sarah Tintagyl

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[i]Sandakan, Borneo, Oceanic Protectorate
Hotel Noumea[/i]

The Hotel Noumea was home to a rough crowd, located just above the harbor of the town of Sandakan, the tavern hosted a wide array of ruffians from across the Indonesian Archipelago, Southeastern Asia, and Australia. There were ex-military soldiers, pirates, prostitutes who swarmed the tavern to make a quick mark, dollar, yuan, or yen from the people gathered there to drink. Four men were always stationed behind the bar, each with a holstered pistol at their side, while men sat with the wenches upon their laps at the tables and on the stools. In the corner of the tavern however, within the shadows sat another figure who had sat alone since the beginning of the night, at one point one of the more rambunctious men had come over to the figure and attempted to bring it out into the light, he had received a sharp dagger near his face and retreated back to his poker table. Now the population of the Hotel kept a wary eye on the figure, but instead kept their minds to their alcohol and their card games, not the piercing gaze of the black veil covering the eyes of the figure.

The figure chuckled as at the top of each hour the tavern would explode in a wave of violence and brutality as pirates attacked each other over petty differences, victory in cards, an insult to one of the whores on their laps, or just the fact that it was easy to take advantage of a drunk. With a glass of wine and a silver plated pistol beside that, the violence never approached the seated shadow and it never moved, only waiting for the fighting to die down for a moment and listen to the music and talking return to its normal volume. However, around five after one in the morning another figure strode into the tavern. She was tall, her blonde hair was messy, and her clothes seemed a bit dirty as well. But from the time that the woman entered in, the veiled figure never took its shielded eyes off of the woman, fingering its glass of wine intently. The figure pointed at the bartender and then at the woman, the bartender would know what it meant.

Sitting down at the bar, the women would be approached by one of the bartenders. "I'm sorry to bother you Miss, but the...uh..." The bartender looked over to his left. "...person in the corner would like to buy you a drink, your choice." And if the woman chose to look back, the figure would nod before turning its attention back to its wine.

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Michelle Donop had lived a rough life. Her family business fell out of her hands at a young age. New developments hadn’t happened in nearly a decade, and the Pacific Trading Company wasn’t anywhere close to its former glory. Just when she was down on her luck, the Jones family had made their way into her heart, and she became the godmother of the young Ava Jones. It was her life’s dream to run a country, and when it came to fall out of her hands, and fall into chaos, she fell into the shadows and beer glasses. She hid herself away, not even addressing herself with any of her former titles. Rather, she made the rest of her days the days which she will drink away the failures of her life. She sat at the same stool, with not a word spoken, looking up at the news channel laughing, knowing about the stories behind each of them.

And so she sat, with tequila shot glass being refilled with a stranger’s generosity, and a beer as a chaser. She turned in her stool to respectfully raise a glass to the stranger. As she did, she noticed the masked stranger that slowly nodded back. Michelle downed the glass, grabbed her beer and headed over to the table.

She stumbled into the chair adjacent to that of the stranger, the first to offer her a drink in a long time. She smiled as she placed her beer down and smiled. She leaned her head on her hand and said, “To what do I owe the pleasure of a free drink to a masked member of society? Have you something to hide, or are oyu simply here to kill me? No wait, let me guess. You are here to end my miserable life. No, why in God's name would you put your gun visably on the table, unless you arent that smart of an assassin. You are here to seduce me, but with a small concealed aroma of a feminine style deodorant, I'm going to have to say I'm not interested in women, and ask you to leave. I’m quite happy with my bar stool, my solitude, and my small hotel room.”

She raised her glass, took a sip, and began to get up, "If neither is the case, then I have nothing else to offer.“Good day to you, and to hell with whatever you want.”"

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The figure pulled over an empty chair and gestured for Michelle to sit down and poured more wine into her glass. "Goodness Michelle time has changed you, you were the advisor of Queen Ava and look at what's become of you. However, instead of telling me to go to Hell, you might be interested in what I have to offer you instead. I'm not here to kill you and I'm definitely not here to seduce you, I'm not a fan of female relationships either, call me old fashioned but I only like men in that way. But please sit down, I'd rather detail this to you in private." After Michelle sat down, the figure put away the pistol back into her dress and turned, the veil facing her. "I know that you are much better than the person that you've become here, the sister of Karl van Donop, one of the figures of the Pacific Trading Company, and part of the Acca Daccan Queendom, no, you are someone I respect greatly Michelle and perhaps you would be interested in remaking the world into a dream that I believe you once held in your heart." The figure pointed at Michelle's heart and took off her black gloves, revealing her deathly white skin.

"You used to have my dream Michelle, you used to believe in humanity and peace and I believe you still do. What if I were to offer you the chance to rebuild your life? Rebuild this world that has been reduced to ruin, to be able to command both chaos and order. Michelle together we can create our dream as a reality and I know that deep down you still desire that." The figure could see that Michelle wasn't really believing something from a specter of the dark, it sighed and started to remove the veil, revealing the face of Sarah Tintagyl. She turned back towards Michelle and smiled. "I can't let you do this to yourself and not when there is a world that is collapsing, you, deep down still have hope Michelle, we just need to bring that hope back."

"Now." Sarah leaned back and took another sip of her wine. "Would you rather remain here with the ingrates, or make something of yourself again? With someone who you once regarded as a mentor. Would you help me make our dreams a reality?"

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Michelle put her beer down, and looked into the bottle, looking for the answers to the questions placed on her table. A politician, a CEO, an economic strategist, and a caring person. It simply seemed that she failed at all of these throughout her life, and she was a better drunk in the first place.

"You have to understand, that I am not who you are looking for. To be frank, I'm done trying to help the world. I dried out my families earnings, my country revolted after bad decisions that I let go through, and my heart is out of politics. Please, you talk about change. What can I offer to the world anymore? I'm better off out of the game."

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[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WCdeltSsyM"]The Pirate's Tavern[/url]

"Michelle..." Sarah looked at her and grabbed her hand, holding it tightly. "You can't say things like that, its those things that make it impossible to ever recover from a life like this. For God sakes, look at yourself in a mirror, what would Ava say to see her advisor frequenting dirty taverns in Borneo. You can't do this to yourself. Now, c'mon lets at least get out of here and talk in a bit quieter of an environment..." As Sarah finished her sentence a group of shadows overcame both of the women sitting in the corner. The Countess blinked and turned her head to see that they had been suddenly surrounded by five very large shirtless men, each had a tattoo of a snake running from their belly button to their neck. They had bulging muscles, dark black hair, and a combination of skin identifying them from various parts of Oceania, Asia, and one man on the side had the complexion of even being from the deepest parts of Africa. "Excuse me..." Sarah looked up, her softening mood disappearing as her voice shot acid. "I have already asked before to be left alone, I have no business with any of you."

"Yeah, but that's when we figured you were some dirty loner from one of the trade ships coming in. However you two treats ought to be treated with some respect." Said the center man, he was bald with pale white skin and a Hanseatic-Finnish accent. "Plus how many times does one get to entertain two very pretty blondes. My friends and I would like to go to sea tomorrow with smiles on our faces and aren't you two lucky that you get to oblige us. Now, lets cut with the chit-chat and go upstairs." He came closer.

"Like Hell. I said that I was not to be bothered and I already nearly jammed a dagger into one of your friend's face over there. So unless you want the same done to you, I suggest you leave me alone with my guest."

"You think you're tough stuff, don't you you !@#$%*. Dressing all in black and trying to look intimidating, I'll show you intimidating." He reached forward and yanked on Sarah's shoulder to pull her forward and in a flash motion, a silver dagger found itself embedded in the pirate's arm as he jumped back screaming in pain. Sarah jumped off of the chair and grabbing one its legs swung it in front of the contingent of pirates, the wood splintering over them. The pirates fell back for a moment as Sarah grabbed Michelle's arm and pulled her off of her own chair, running towards the staircase on the far side of the bar.

"No! You ain't getting away like that !@#$%*!" The pirate reached into his holster and pulled out his own pistol as he fired it into the bar's crowd at the fleeing girls. People in the tavern screamed and chaos immediately erupted as Sarah took out her own pistol and fired back at the pirates, missing horribly, but putting enough space in between their advance and the girl's retreat to reach the staircase. With the tavern in a full fight with each other, Sarah fired another shot at the pirates as she pushed Michelle up the staircase towards one of the private rooms. Knocking in the door, the would find a whore and her customer in the middle of their business and subsiquently thrown out by the Countess as she barricaded the door shut with the dresser and sighed.

"Sorry about that, but if you don't mind working with me now, we have to get out of here in one piece."

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The tipsy Michelle nodded towards Sarah while all the while trying to wrap her head around her current predicament. As the fumbled around the room looking for blunt objects, Michelle looked out the window to see the cable wire hanging three feet off to the side. A small ledge ran a skirt around the buildings outside. She called over Sarah as they both looked at the few wires toed together that seemed to descend to an electrical box about half a city block down.

Sarah climbed out the window, and looked back at Michelle with an open hand. Michelle considered the small pathway that lead to the only chance at escape not enough to coax her out of this.

“You had to go and stab someone, didn’t ya?”

Michelle took off her belt and handed it to Sarah to loop over the wire and pull the belt through. Then to come back to side of the window for her. As Sarah prepared the belt, Michelle began to speak to herself aloud to attempt to remove all fear of the eventual drunken airtime she would be receiving at any moment. The door cracked abit as it came off the hinges. The men were trying to move the door to the side to climb in. One anxious, blood thirsty, drunken idiot finally got a gun through the opening. And as a bullet whizzed past Michelle and shattered the glass window behind her, she thought a fall was better than being shot. Just like that, she dove out the window, grabbed, Sarah’s hand, and wiped Sarah off her feet. The two flew off the edge, and barely held onto one another as traffic sounded underneath them.

The makeshift landing strip, however, was fenced off. The two were headed straight towards a chain linked fence at enough speed to cause some hefty damage. However, the drunken Michelle’s need to close her eyes during the flight, and need to grapple onto Sarah for dear life, all the while trying to climb up her arm, brough the belt tighter along the wires, causing it to break… Six feet from the ground.

Michelle dropped down, and Sarah soon followed as the two scrambled for a car. Michelle immediately hinted at her own, but slowly remember she left her keys with the bartender. Being the slow thinker, she turned to Sarah for answers, as the drunken idiots looked out the window screaming at the cops on the other side of the street to stop them. As if he wasn’t already headed over to them for riding a belt on cable wires in broad daylight over a busy street wasn’t enough probable cause.

Michelle sighed, looked at Sarah and said, "Pirates now Cops...you should visit more often."

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Sarah chuckled and looked around as the drunks at the top of the bar looked screaming down at them, while the cops from across the street began to approach. "Yeah, Michelle, I have a reputation for trouble wherever I go. So you had better get used to breaking the local laws cause there's no more fun then living on the edge like this. Also, we're about to break another one right now, so if you want to escape with your life and or not going to jail, I suggest you keep following along. But for now we have to move!" Grabbing Michelle's hand again, Sarah took her and began to dart off down the busiest of roads in Sandakan heading right towards the harbor below the Hotel. The cops on foot immediately began to pursue them as they made their way down through the sidewalks, weaving in between the crowd of people and it didn't take long before the pirates in the tavern had joined the cops on the chase of the two girls as well. Sarah had to think quickly or they would lose the wide distance she and Michelle had in between the authorities.

Keeping the pistol in her hands, Sarah looked back and fired into the crowd as the people began to swarm across the roads and now it wouldn't be long before a lot more cops came on patrol to stop the riot beginning to form and to arrest the two women running down the main boulevard towards the harbor. Reaching the entrance of the metal docks, there was already a great deal of commotion, as a few of the dock workers looked curiously at the two women as they bounded down the metal dock slip towards the end, the police already beginning to close in behind them. At the end of the dock, two teenagers were already preparing a speed boat to go out touring around the beaches for the day before the two women, both making the teenagers stop and stare, even if one seemed to be stumbling, and the other had a deep cut across her pale white face.

"Get out of the boat." Sarah said looking down at them, her eyes narrowed as she approached menacingly, Michelle's wrist still gripped tightly in her hand.

"What are you talking about lady?"

"I said get off the boat." The Countess pulled the gun out and pointed it at the two boys, who immediately put up their hands.

"The $%&@ lady? What are you doing?"

"Keys. Now. And both of you into the water."

"The keys are alread-" The boy didn't get a chance to speak before she threw him into the water off the boat and tossed Michelle on the ground, it didn't take long before the other boy was in the water, hollering for the approaching cops.

"Hold on Michelle!" Sarah took the wheel of the boat and threw the throttle forward as the boat sped away from the docks to the sound of bullets whizzing past them. The woman in black turned, fired until her gun began to click and holstered it again. "Stay down, I'll get us out of here." The boat sped away down the shores of the beaches. They had to move fast to get away from the coast guard, but one of the beautiful things about protectorate governments, they were grossly incompetent and corrupt, which meant that Sarah and Michelle would have more than enough time before the had to make their next move to avoid the cops. After about three hours of traveling on the outer edge of the shore, far enough away to avoid attention, Sarah drifted the boat into a small tropical lagoon and turned the boat of. By this time she was drenched in sweat from wearing black and threw her dress and other heavy clothes onto the floor of the boat, opting for a tank top and shorts and still glistened from the sweat.

"Well." She turned and stretched looking around the lagoon. "I think this is a good as place as any to stop for the day and I know I got us in a bit of a bind back there. But I really do need your help Michelle, if anything, you just proved to me, you're not a drunken fool. Now how about I reiterate, lets remake the world. Also..." Sarah reached into her pocket pulling out a blue vial in a syringe. "If we get into trouble again, use that. Its a vial of Type A, Raging Nostrum, might come in handy for you if we need some extra muscle eventually."

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"I don't know what to say, this entire situation is overwelming."

The confused Michelle sat on the ground, pondering about what she always wanted to make of the world. A peaceful one where nations didnt fall because of one leader's inaction, but rather a community of nations working together to provide help wether or not they have ever interacted with the nation at hand. A select group of those who have proven themselves to be the better members of the community. She played with the vial as she smiled to herself,

"Welp, its not like you are ruining any of my future plans."

She stood up, moved to the boat, and looked through the people's bags that they had left behind in the water not so long ago. She found something that struck her interest, and put on a large hat. She sat down, put her feet up and said,

"No more economics, from now on, straight politics. I'll gladly help lead any nation if I never have to mention currency again. As for whatever you are up to in making a better world, I hope it is alot more peaceful then your attention-grabbing visit."

She smiled, and for the first time didnt have a drink when there was something to finally drink to...friends on a beach with a fulfilling future ahead.

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"Politics?" Sarah laughed as she leaned back looking up at the sun. "What we're doing isn't politics at all Michelle. I mean sure there might be politicians in our ranks, you, the Prime Minister of France. But there are also scientists and what I hope to be many others. See, my idea isn't to go out to rule the world, it is to remake the world. Where there is stability add chaos and when the world is over taken by chaos, provide stability, teach humanity that if they do not get along and if they do not stop planning their little stupid conflicts then their leaders will suffer and in turn their people will suffer. Think of me Michelle, as a new kind of educator whose mission of doom will help the world countless times in the future."

She sighed. "It was the dream of Mykep the Younger to create a world dedicated to pacifism, where aggressors would be put down. But his dream was skewed and he was able to open my eyes, when he tried to kill me. He showed me that this world, all leader promises for peace are empty and until a true global community can be created, this world will always be divided. But if you take out the division and inject chaos and just the right amount of stability, you can achieve that. That is what I am doing. However, Michelle, another reason I was looking for you, besides the fact that you and I totally kicked $@! and I believe this to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I need to find Lucas Perry and Ava Jones, Therese Zelle, Fjodor Leclerc's assistant Laura, and Anthony Harlem are all part of our little organization. But I need soldiers as well, Lucas, Ava, and yourself are demonstrations of that. I was told that they were on Borneo, but from there, I have no clue and I was hoping that you and I could find them together."

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"Its a shame that Mykep couldn't complete his work. When I met him, all he wanted to do was spend time with his daughter, but he couldnt leave the Global Peace Initiative to fall through the cracks. He felt that he was so close, with the Nordic threat gone once more, the world would finally be united under one cause. That cause apparently didnt die with him. I respect what you are doing, and I'll be helping you where I can. as for Lucas and Ava, well, Ava would gladly work with you, but Lucas is a different story. Whenever you are ready, I can take you to them. Gulisan Island in the Turtle Island chain off the North Eastern shores of Borneo."

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"Well." Sarah said sitting back down on the chair by the well and pushing the throttle gently forward. "I say we start now. Trust me, we don't have a lot of time, so the faster we can do all this, the better. So hold on again." Punching the throttle, Sarah lunged the boat forward as they took off out of the lagoon and back onto the open ocean. The South Pacific was beautiful as the sun began to set over the horizon turning the ocean to a color of red and orange. Sarah stood up on the craft, still gripping the wheel with one hand as the wind blew through her hair and the smell of the jungle tide washed over both of them. Finally as the sun set below the horizon and the stars began to twinkle in the sky, the outline of Gulisan Island came out of the darkness. Stopping the boat outside of the island, Sarah took her sword and handed her dagger to Michelle as they jumped off of the boat and waded off to the shore. Stepping onto the sand, they waded into the beach and looked into the deepness of the jungle.

"So you can take it from here Michelle?" Sarah looked at her and smiled.

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"Actually, I think that is where we are going."

Michelle pointed to the enormous tree house hanging over the tree line. The two of them shrugged and began to walk into the jungle. It wasnt big, but it was thick and dark. The frequent sounds created by the creatures of the island and their shuffling around had Michelle's heart going. She sobered up, but the hangover was still getting to her. They hiked a good mile into the island, and came to the base of the tree house. The tree house was two floors up, and was balanced between two thick trees and stretched to six surrounding others. From the outside, the house was well built, but had rough edges. The floor was hung on banches, and had windows, piping, and a rain filter system on the rooftop. Carved into the two main trees was a man made ladder. It went up fifty feet to the tree house's first floor. There, a trap door was placed to allow for people to come in, or to keep people out. Michelle looked at Sarah, and nodded to the ladder.

"Ladies first."

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Sarah looked up the tree and shook her head, a chuckle escaping her mouth. "Who do they think the are? Tarzan and Jane of the jungle?" Then watching Michelle gesture to her to begin climbing Sarah rolled her eyes. "Ladies first? I thought you weren't into females Michelle." She stuck out her tongue and latched onto the ladder as she started to climb up the tree, her white skin reflected in the moonlight seeping through the jungle canopy. Climbing up her ponytail swung from side to side as her arms strained, a bit tired from the day's events, but still with the strength that Sarah undertook all her operations with, after all, this was nothing compared to New Zealand. Finally, she reached the area right under the trap door and could hear the voices above her. With a long sigh, she knocked on the trap door and the voices went silent. "Don't worry!" She called up. "Lucas! Ava! We're friends, its Michelle and Sarah! We need to talk to you both, its really important! Please let us in!"

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The trap door opened, and the two women moved into the house. Sarah gave Michelle a helping hand. As they stood there surveying the room, something felt out of place. There was no greeting, there was no noise, and the place seemed to be darker then the jungle below them. Light sprawled to any surface it could through the small windows and cracks that covered the walls. The furniture inside looked more of a clubhouse type then a living space. The two women took steps in opposite directions, looking for any sign of human life. Michelle finally whispered.


Almost as if an alarm, Michelle's feet were snatched from under her by a net that lined the floor. She yelped as her body slammed against the ground, and screamed for Sarah as she was dragged into the shadows of a closet that was underneathe the staircase that lead to the second floor. Sarah attempted to follow, but her path was abrupted by the sound of darts flying past her face and slapping into the wall to her right. Three figures barrel rolled out of the kitchen behind Sarah. From the staircase, another figure jumped down, and closed the closet door which led to where Michelle was dragged. another figure grabbed Sarah's leg from underneathe the couch. Armed with spears, bow and arrow, they formed a circle around Sarah. Seven in total.

The figures laughed, and licked their lips. They were young men in the upper teens, who seemed to be bloodthirsty savages who havent seen the outside world in a couple of years considering that they wore animal skin, roughed up jeans, and were barefoot. Barbarians. They spoke their own dialect, but by the way they were looking at Sarah, they werent just hungry. The screams from Michelle in the closet confirmed what they wanted. Women.

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[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_C74ejc7aA"]Dueling with Destiny[/url]

Without another step Sarah unsheathed her sword holding the rapier firmly in her hand as she traced a circle around herself to keep the barbarians away from taking her down too, with Michelle already screaming for her life Sarah didn't have much time before her friend was going to be at the total mercy of these ruffians. "All right boys. You want to play rough,we can play rough. But first you're going to have to catch me." With that Sarah dove back, her rapier forward as she slammed through two of the teenagers who parted the way and let her through almost tackling them to the ground. But as soon as she did that, those who had been in front of her charged forward with their spears, thrusting them towards her stomach. With a downward swing, she cut the spear off from impaling her and then jumped back further, her back nearing against the wall. They walked towards her slowly, not really much room for her to move, plus it was dark, the only light shining into the room coming through the window from the moonlight. But remembering how the tree house was structured, with the trees branches still running off towards the sky, she could make this much more advantageous to her. Smiling Sarah kept her sword pointed at them, a twinkle in her eye from the moonlight. "You all need to learn to treat ladies with some respect."

Jumping up on one of the shelves of the tree house, it immediately began to give out from Sarah's weight, as the wood cracked she jumped forward over the heads of the boys and lunged her rapier down catching one of the boys in the chest and sending him to the ground with her. He seizured for a moment as the life left him $@! she jumped back to her feet and made her way to the window and jumped up onto the ledge as the boys continued to charge forward. One of their spears shot forward, grazing her left arm, the blood immediately began to pour out from the cut. Grimacing for a moment, Sarah barred her teeth as she looked behind her for the jump that she would have to make onto the thick branch outside. But before she could get her mind straight another one of the boys charged her, nearly knocking her from the windowsill, however he overstepped his thrust and thinking quickly, she pulled him by the hair and threw him out of the window himself. He screamed as he plummeted towards the jungle floor, yet Sarah could not even enjoy the victory before she felt another boy grab onto her and they both fell from the window, crashing onto the thick branch outside of the tree house.

He raised his hand and brought it hard down onto her face, she spat blood and then spat it back into his face, punching him off of her. Getting to her knees, with her hand still on the hilt of the rapier punched hard into the boy's crotch sending him to the ground and then one more push sent him flying down to the ground as well. Bruised and bloody and illuminating in the moonlight, the blonde amazon pushed her hair out of her face and repositioned her rapier and watched as the boys filtered onto the tree, spears still drawn, their comrades below them.

"All right." She took a deep breath, smarting from her wounds. "Who's up next?"

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The window shattered as two boots smacked into its thin glass. The boots were followed by the figure of a young teen woman covered in head to toe in climber gear, with a hot pink helmet and darkened visor. She put a knee to the ground, had her head down, and in a split second lifted herself to her feet, spun 360 degrees wielding a pair of suppressed Beretta 92FS pistols that she took from two holsters on her belt. She put a bullet into each of the savage barbarians while she screamed bloody murder. She finished the rest of them off, leaving only the sound of the trigger clicking and Sarah standing their with bodies surrounding her. The young woman screamed into the air something the puzzled Sarah for a moment,

"Are we late!?"

The crashing of falling wood and then the sound of two shots fired by a Colt Python with 2.5 inch barrel - .357 magnum were heard from the closet. The house went silent for a moment followed by a faint "No.". The closet door was smashed inwards, and a shirtless Lucas Perry appeared in the room, gun drawn towards Sarah.

"The hell are you doing here?"

The young woman pulled off her helmet, exposing herself as Ava. She had dyed her hair red, but still kept her father's blue eyes. Those eyes fixed themselves on Lucas, who now had the gun pointed at Sarah.


Lucas didnt look away from Sarah, but addressed Ava.

"Its Uncle Lucas to you, Ava. Now come on, go help Michelle. I have to talk to Sarah, alone."

Ava put her guns back in their holsters and walked towards the closet, but stopped at Lucas, looked at him and shook her head. He nodded back to where Michelle was, still not lifting his gaze from Ava. She walked into the darkened closet and turned on a flashlight. Lucas breathed heavily, and put his finger on the hammer.

"Why are you here?"

He pulled back on the hammer till it clicked.

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Sarah was amazed at the work that Lucas and Ava had done right in front of her, but now with that work done there was another problem standing directly in front of her with his finger on the hammer of his pistol, aimed at her chest. She stared down at Lucas, her rapier's point still held towards him threateningly, before the Countess began to lower it to the ground with a smirk on her face. "You know Lucas, if you really wanted to kill me, you could have done so right with the ruffians there, so I appreciate you want to give me the time to talk." She straightened her body and looked at him in the eye. "Why did I come to find you? Because I came to finish the work Mykep began before he went insane. His dream Lucas, it was just what the world needed, but he wasn't aggressive enough and neither was I. But when he attacked me, when he tried to kill me, he opened my eyes to what this world needs. It needs to be remade, men and women both need to be purged, governments much fall and chaos must reign supreme for a time before order can properly be restored. So I came to find you and Ava because I know that out of all the people in this world, you two have the most drive out of any people I've met. Though I'm guessing while Ava would like to change the world, you still can't see beyond the point of a rapier."

With that Sarah took her sword and threw it into the ground below, it landed on its point, waving back and forth as it stuck into the dirt. "So if you're going to act like a hardass and you want to kill me." Sarah pulled up her fists in front of her face. "Lets at least settle this the way its supposed to be settled, like men." She winked. "You'll be surprised, I've put on a little weight since Mykep and I dueled." And she was right, though it most definitely wasn't in her stomach, the added muscle in her arms and legs toned her beautifully. "I've come to honor his word, not to fight you or Ava and I know deep down you know that too, but if you can't see past that Lucas, then we'll handle it like this. But I'm telling you now, we don't have much time, the sunlight is already on the horizon and I'm yearning to create storm clouds."

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"You ended his dream and his life. I still dont see how a man like him goes insane. He's been in tight spots before, and his blood is on your hands."

Lucas walked closer. The scars and scratches of his fight with Hank, the surgery that had followed afterward, and the fights ever since had left their marks. The torture, the punishments, and the near death experiences would stay with him forever. Yet, the one scar that would never go away, was the loss of his brother. For this, he could never forgive Sarah. He finally could put an end to this nightmare that she had left him in, because the fact that he left his brother fall into a mental illness without him being aware...he blamed himself. He could find redemption in ending Sarah, and so there he stood. With four bullets left, four feet away, and a finger pull away.

Ava had appeared from the shadows behind Lucas, holding Michelle over her shoulders. She was bruised and battered, but still conscience. Her clothes were torned and her lip busted. Her left eye was swollen shut. The three females had their eyes dead set on Lucas. Lucas had only wanted Sarah's blood, no epic fight, no duel. A bullet would do fine. But for a moment, he closed his eyes, and looked back to what he promised his brother at the funeral. He would take care of Ava, and he would promote the peace he sought. Mykep knew Lucas would be aggressive, violent, and continue his assassinations, but to at least spare those who promoted stability. Maybe this is what he was talking about. Maybe this is how he could keep his promise.

The trigger was a click away.

"You want to continue on my brother's path, fine. "

Lucas' hand began to shake slowly from the tension he was putting on his index finger.

"Just like him, you are going to fall, and I'll be there to end your misery. Till then..."

He let the butt of the gun loose, and had it roll on his index finger. He held it out for a moment before throwing it away.

"I'll take you on !@#$%*."

Lucas cracked his neck, and moved to the center of the house. He readied himself in a stance, and closed his eyes for a moment to clear his head. He remembered what he was taught by the Tibetan Monks in martial arts, Kung Fu from the Shaolin Monastery, Obnu Bilate during his tour in Africa, as well as the rebuilding of his body from head to toe after his encounter with Hank. He had the same surgery as Hannah, except concentration on agility rather than strength. He opened his eyes, breathed in and charged with a palm strike with the right hand.

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[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCm8osILz-8"]Only one way to fight...[/url]

Sarah followed Lucas into the tree house and watched as he placed himself into a fighting position not too different from what she had seen Kung-Fu fighters and the mystic monks in Asia. Retying her ponytail, Sarah took off her scabbard and threw it off in the corner as she crouched down in her own position, while not Kung-Fu or one of the Asian martial arts she did have training in hand to hand fighting, especially coming out of her service in the Imperial Army in South America. In addition to having been trained by the Imperial Special Forces, Sarah years ago had also been injected by the Old Martens with the Ubersoldaten Serum and while Sarah hated the term that Martens had once used to describe what creature she most resembled, it had given her abilities that she never would have dreamed of. While Lucas' surgery had been geared towards agility and not strength, Sarah's abilities focused larger on strength and power, she was already agile and was ready for this fight.

"Maybe after this you'll actually believe me that I wasn't always some bloodthristy !@#$%*. Actually I have to thank Mykep for it, look at what he changed me into. Never would have imagined the Matron of Peace to look like this eh?" She smiled a madness in her eyes, though different from that of men as Mykep, Visari, and others. This was a whole new feeling and Sarah loved it, hell, she embraced it.

Charging forward was always hard and Sarah hated playing offense, but otherwise her and Lucas would only stare at each other all night. As she figured, she was met with the resistance that came from an extremely fast and well trained warrior as her legs were swept out from underneath her. Sarah felt to the ground as Lucas charged over her, to press his boot to her face, the Countess rolled out of the way and swept her own feet across the floor. Lucas jumped up in the air grabbing onto one of the overhanging beams as Sarah sighed, he was too damn fast. He came back down towards the floor and the girl jumped up from the boards, back to her feet falling back towards the window before she gained her balance. Lucas of course didn't waste any time before he jumped forward to bring a knee to the girl's face. But Sarah hit the ground and met Lucas' attack a foot to the stomach. He fell back for a moment and she took this quick lull to bury her full fist into Lucas' cheek and when she made contact he would know the full ability of Old Nordic technology that ran through her veins. The Monk fell back for a moment at the strength of the Valkyrie standing over him, but Lucas wasn't about to be taken down so easily, especially to a spunky !@#$%* like the one looking down at him.

Sarah went back to her starting position, clenching her fists tightly, sweat beads rolling off of her body. "I'm raring to keep going hot stuff. I can't get enough of this kind of thing." Her adrenaline was going, heart pumping harder than it had in a long time and the serum was loving it. "This feels amazing Lucas, don't stop now."

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Ava attempted to go after the two, but Michelle pulled back. Through the pain, she said,

"Let them get it out now."

Ava looked onward as her two role models pounded on one another.

Lucas got back to his feet. He measured the distance between the himself and Sarah. He decided to take a more tactical route. He threw his weight foward on his right foot, then spun his body and shifted his weight nearly three shoulder lengths to his left foot. Where He brought his right leg up, and almost to appear like a side kick, he brought it down on her knee. His weight fell on her leg, pushing her down to the floor. From there, He attacked her side with a hammer fist where she countered with an inside block. His body weight swung with him as he brough his left foot from her knee to her chest. He grabbed ahold of her arm and attempted to put her in an arm bar. She spun out, and delivered a kick to Lucas' chin. He rolled backwards, just in time to counter two punches, followed by a kick. With his arms up, he deliverd a palm to her forearm, pushed it away, and then smashed an elbow to her chin. With her body open he went in for a charge. He pushed his weight from his legs upwards, and caught her hips. He lifted her up from her pelvis. She immediately began kneeing him in the upper torso. He carried her till he caught a floorboard sticking out, to where he fell. However, he reached his destination.

Lucas used Sarah and smashed through the double doors that led to a make shift deck that overlooked the island. Sarah upon impact of the floor, put both heels on Lucas and lifted him up. He was pushed back, but caught a foot. He pulled himself foward by her limb and delivered two kicks to the side of her rib cage. She blocked the second one and attempted ot put him in an ankle lock. Lucas fell on top of her as she twisted his ankle, he spun out of it but not before receiving an elbow to the back of the neck. Dazed, he mule kicked her hitting her in places he could not even see. He stood up, barely. The two looked at one another with a few feet inbetween. They moved towards one another, and attempted to hit each other. The fight turned more into a boxing match. On the deck, the two circled one another and finally moved close enough to deliver punches. Sarah smashed Lucas' jaw dislocating it. but Lucas was able to grab the fist twist it and come in with two punches to her ribs. She countered with a hammer fist to his ear. He blindly swung and smashed a palm into her temple. The two stumbled away from one another and caught their breath.

Lucas looked at Sarah, who had the sun setting on the horizon just behind her. He lost himself in the moment, then realized he still had a woman to knock out. He looked down at his left hand, and grabbed ahold of his index finger, and snapped it back in place. He let out a sigh of relief and looked on at Sarah.

"I'm not my brother. I'm not going to lose to a piss ant hanseatic !@#$%* like you."

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Sarah took a deep breath and wiped away the blood that was running down her mouth, covered in sweat and blood they both looked miserable and yet neither one seemed to be ready to give up easily, this was a battle that had been waged in the darkened ballroom in Solidor Manor and was going to be finished in the jungles of Northern Borneo. Shaking her body from the lull, blood splattering from her skin onto the walls Sarah smiled and shook her head. "Hanseatic piss ant? That's a new one, really, you people give me the best nicknames, I wouldn't know what to do without you !@#$%^&*. Let me tell you something Lucas..." Though she spoke loud enough for Ava and Michelle to hear as well. "Why would Mykep want me dead? What threat did I give to him? He came into my house killed one of my servants for no good goddamn reason and then tried to kill me. Sorry, something up there wasn't clicking, but let me tell you, if you're just going to kill me at every chance you got then I made a mistake coming here at all. You know I trust you and Ava, I trust Michelle, but all I get is a big $%&@ you, just like the rest of the world." As she was talking, her anger was rising and by the time, her face was red with anger. "!@#$%^&!"

She lunged forward again, the serum pumping through her muscles throwing her fists towards Lucas' face. He ducked out of the way, but it was something that Sarah anticipated and threw a kick towards his center as he tried to get away from her. She landed it into his stomach as he fell back for a moment, but in doing so he threw his hand out and grabbed her by her ponytail throwing her across the outside porch and into the tree house's wall, she was lucky that he hadn't pulled her hair clean out of her head. Sarah hit the wall with a thud and the world went blurry as Lucas stood back up from the ground. She tried to bring the world back into focus as fast as she could, there were two of Lucas in front of her now, but she couldn't lose now, he wasn't going to beat this piss ant. Rolling over onto her stomach, Sarah reached the edge of the wooden planks, held her breath and collapsed over the edge of the house. Lucas ran over to the edge to see if the woman was going to fall to her death. But Sarah had seemed to vanish into thin air or at least that was what she wanted Lucas to think. But she was barely able to hold her weight up, but as soon as he came towards the edge, she boosted herself up on one of the wooden planks and swung back up onto the outlook and delivered a roundhouse kick to Lucas' face.

He fell back for a moment as blood poured from his face, but he wasn't about to be taken down by a surprise. Rolling towards the ground, he kicked out Sarah's legs and watched her fall into him as he placed her head into a choke hold. The girl choked as he pulled tighter, the next move could snap her neck in half, but rotating her body over, she took her elbows and pushed them hard into his ribs. He let her go for a moment as Sarah jumped forward take a long breath, but not allowing Lucas to get another chance to take her down, she dove back into him, and his agility would be nulled, this was where her strength would come to prove more useful at this moment as she pushed his shoulders to the ground and he was pinned, if he tried to escape by jumping up with his feet, she made it clear that she would pound his face through the boards so face he wouldn't be able to think clearly again.

"!@#$@#$ piss ant right?" Her bloodied face glared down at him. "If you hate me that much, how about this, I saved your !@#$@#$ advisor and now I'm getting the $%&@ out of her cause apparently you can't see the difference between reality and dreamland. Let me tell you something Lucas, reality sucks. Deal with it." She punched him across the face and stood up wiping the blood from her mouth and spiting a blooded string of phlegm to the ground. "$%&@ this !@#$, I'm out of here." Said Sarah as she made her way over to the ladder back to the ground.

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Lucas stumbled upwards, and leaned to his wall as he pulled out a cigar. He looked over at Sarah who was about to descend the ladder, and he laughed to himself before saying,

"You fight like a !@#$%*."

He hoped to see Sarah stop as he fumbled his lighter in his hand considering it shook too much from all of the pain to actually light the cigar.

"I dont like you Sarah, but if you are going to finish what my brother started, I'll help."

Finally, he was able to puff out smoke. It brought a smile to his face, although his body was completely broken.

"So, partners?"

He limped over to Sarah and put his hand out in the first friendly gesture he had ever shown to Sarah.

"I promise I wont kill you till we fix the world."

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Sarah stopped as Lucas called her out as he fiddled around with the lighter to his cigar. "Yeah, I'm a !@#$%*, but at least I could still light a cigar." She jumped up from the ladder and took the cigar out of Lucas' mouth with a smile and puffed a long drag herself. "Sure. We can be partners, just so long as you don't get in my way too much." She winked and took his hand in her own nodding happily. "Listen, I didn't want to kill Mykep and to be honest, someone like you Lucas, you have way too much to live for. If we fix the world like I want, I promise, I'll disappear forever and you'll never have to worry about someone like me again. So what's say we get out of here and continue to fill our ranks, a world that I have in my head, doesn't happen over night and it doesn't occur between just a few people. I was personally thinking of heading to Australia, unless you have a better idea. Partner."

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"If you dont mind, lets stop by my shack first."

The walk was awhile, but it gave time for the four of them to talk. Sarah gave them the overall picture of what they were attempting to accomplish. Lucas and Ava were in, and Michelle was glad to see that they were. She finally had a reason to be with Ava again. Michelle held Ava close as Ava looked up to see Michelle smile, she smiled back. Upon seeing their reaction to each other, Lucas looked at Sarah who was also looking on and nodded. Finally, the shack was in sight. Ava ran foward and prepared tea for Michelle, and crack open two beers for Sarah and Lucas. They slowed down just a bit to take in the area. A firing range was prepared and judging by the targets is was used frequently. The shack itself was on the water front, elevated, quaint, and had two docks running off of it. There was something on on end of the dock that wasnt visable as it was covered. From the shack there were several wires and satellites, and several long ropes that stretched into the jungle.


Lucas said, as they were about to walk in.

"Everyday, Ava would take a tour of the island, and she had to build outposts. Those wires lead to it, and allow for her to fly back here in case of trouble. I had her hunt, practice her shooting, and even sword handling everyday. Now, she is her father's daughter."

They walked in, and Ava had already had the place ready with steak. On the table were also the medical supplies. Michelle began to dress her wounds, as Lucas and Sarah talked over their beers.

"So what is this team going to consist of. I suppose a familiar face here and their, but I guess the only one who is going to know the entire guest list is you. Well, if we're going to be going by boat, then I suggest my own. Ava, release the Kraken!"

Ava smiled as she skipped down the dock to throw off the cloak that was placed over the ship. What was underneathe was a dual-pocket cruiser catamaran with a 26' long sail. On the back of the catamaran was a motor on each cruiser.

"How about it ladies? Wanna set sail?"

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Sarah smiled as she tasted the beer, she hadn't had a good beer in a long time and this seemed that their adventure would finally take a relaxing turn and the steak was something to die for as well, fighting Lucas, the pirates, and the barbarians in the tree house wasn't that bad anymore if this was how she was going to be rewarded at the finish. Lucas told her about their time on Borneo and it was something Sarah could respect. "I'm glad to hear that about Ava, her father would be proud I'm sure of that. He was always a fighter, its something that she should always be able to replicate and maybe she'll even be a better fighter than he was. One can only hope." She rose her glass at the girl and smiled.

"As to the guest list, yes, given that it my organization and all and I would like to keep the list selective. Familiar faces that I know and that I can trust, but also believe that the world needs to be changed. We are artists trying to construct a new blank easel, or perhaps a better way of saying it would be to erase the !@#$ in front of what could be a beautiful painting. However, I'm always up for meeting people that I would have never thought of before. So if you happen to know another fallen idealist." Sarah chuckled at the words, it described her oh so well.

Finally as they finished up their dinner and the beers and Michelle's wounds had been dressed, Lucas and Ava uncovered the boat that would be taking them from Borneo to the next part of their adventure. Sarah smiled as she walked down towards the boat. "So long as there is somewhere for me to take a long nap, I don't care when we set sail."

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