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Hey, It's a big deal to us...

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Hi all,

Starting a brand new alliance is perhaps the toughest challenge you can take on in this game. Nowadays new alliances are competing with large alliances with huge economies and teams of recruiters. So grabbing new players as well as experienced players is tough. This is why many new alliances fold with in a month or two.

But not BACoN! We have persisted and made our little niche on black sphere. Now, passing 30 members and 300,000 NS is not that big of a deal for a lot of alliances, but for a new rag tag group, we are proud of it especially when you consider we have spent most of our existence locked in sustained conflict with IRON because of the last global war.


Not many new alliances would emerge from such struggles, and rebuild and recoup losses so quickly. But BACoN, is something special. So, here is to 30 more!

His Supreme Succulence, Emperor Oink: The Divine Swine (Kpcurley)

as per usual our lawyers advise us to include a disclaimer on our announcements.

[size="1"]Fine Print: No Purchase Necessary. All pigs must sign a liability waiver prior to visiting BACoN. Neither BACoN nor its subsidiaries are responsible for any of the following related side effects. Obesity, Massive acute coronary failure, arterial blockage, and grease stains. Emperor Oink: The Divine Swine is not affiliated with Emperor Moo: The Divine Bovine. Any resemblance to the mentioned character is purely coincidental. It is likely that many pigs were eaten during the growth of this alliance. Void where prohibited, copy right 2010.[/size]

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[quote name='Liluant Islands' date='25 April 2010 - 06:49 PM' timestamp='1272235748' post='2274942']
Congrats on your milestones BACoN. It was great fun to work with you in the beginnings of your alliance :)

We owe a lot to Sparta!

[quote name='Sunstar' date='25 April 2010 - 06:58 PM' timestamp='1272236294' post='2274957']
Congrats BACoN on the milestone. kpcurley, your signature makes me laugh out loud every time I see it. Keep it up.

Thanks. I think it's how we all feel

[quote name='ironchef' date='25 April 2010 - 07:01 PM' timestamp='1272236452' post='2274963']
I got you a bouquet for reaching your 30/30 land mark. Keep up the good work guys



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[quote name='We Are Not Alone' date='25 April 2010 - 09:29 PM' timestamp='1272245359' post='2275195']
Mmm BACON is delicous. Now if only i wasn't jewish :(

Anywho o/ to BACON.

Hmmm... Have you tried soy bacon, or turkey bacon? It's not as delicious but its still pretty good and kosher freindly

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