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Crazy Curley's 3 Bonus Resource Black Circle of Love!


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[font="Arial Black"][b]Nation Income got you down?
Population looking a little low?
Or are you just plan old tired of not finding a trade circle? [/b][/font]

Hi, I am Crazy Curley, and I would like to offer you the opportunity to join "Crazy Curley's Black Circle of Love"!

Thats right! [b]YOU![/b]

If you have any 2 of the 4 remaining resources we need, then we want to hear from you! So post below and enjoy the most beneficial trade set up you can have!

Wheat- Pavel26
Marble- Pavel26
Aluminum- triviuum
Sugar - trivium
Lumber- kpcurley
Iron- kpcurley
Water- Milla da Killa
Cattle- Milla da Killa
Pigs- Bowhisper
Uranium- Johnson Teaser
Fish- Johnson Teaser


[color="#FF0000"]Beer, Fastfood, Construction[/color]

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