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Colonial Independence Association


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[center]Welcome to the Colonial Independence Association! An alliance that has been nearly war-free since its creation in 2008.[/center]

Welcome to the Colonial Independence Association (acronym:CIA), an alliance that has been nearly war-free since its creation in late October of 2008. We invite you to join our peaceful alliance, enjoy the prosperity, and develop like no nation could. The CIA works tirelessly to put its members in great trade circles and above all, work to bring you the best and most trusted tech deals. If you're buying or selling, we can and will get you the tech deal you want! Here is some information on the CIA:

Full Name: Colonial Independence Association
Acronym: CIA
Colors: Purple (In-Transition from Multi-Color)
IRC: #CIA (On Coldfront)
Website: [url="http://cn-cia.net/"]CIA Website[/url]

[center]Current CIA Government[/center]

President: Amos Malachi
Vice President: GoddessofLinn
SoS: Ali5541
SoI: Great Jenstonia
SoD: Vacant!
SoT: Vacant!

Every new member receives a free stimulus package of 3 million to use to there pleasing the moment they join our great alliance. So consider joining the alliance that never sleeps! The CIA awaits you!

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