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UCN Announcement

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I'm not one for huge, long announcements, so I'll keep it short and bitter...

Two years ago, UCN was founded by a merger of The Commonwealth and the Commonwealth of Nations. For two great years, UCN was ruled exceptionally well. We had a few bumps here and there, but we always pulled through. Although, like everything, it has all come to and end. About two days ago, several members of UCN, myself included, many important to UCN, resigned. Due to these resignations, we lost about 3/4ths of our government. The ones who remained decided there was only one option left for the UCN....

The United Commonwealth of Nations is hereby disbanded. All under the UCN AA is under the protection of the CDT alliances.

o/ UCN[/center]

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This came from someone not associated with UCN. Do not believe what you here unless it is from the few people still willing to stand for this alliance.

Stay tuned for further updates. Anyone who wishes to know what is happening contact myself or Erik on IRC.

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