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Roman Empire Announcement


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Rome returns for Round 11.

Our new charter will come soon, but for now let me present our government for round 11.

:ph34r::ph34r: /s/ :ph34r::ph34r:

[b]Hoosierbud, Emperor[/b]

Tired Tyrant, Lord Regent
Folger, Drunk Regent
Rand alThor, Dread Regent
Tiberius12, Old Regent :P

ADude, Praetor of Recruiting
Ron Mock, Praetor of War
Carpatus, Praetor of Affairs

[i]Imperial Senate
[/i]Commish, Governor
Aragorn, Quill Master, procedures, and policy
blahsay, Lord of Lords
Aaron J, Forum Director

[b]Good Luck to all in the upcoming Round[/b] :nuke::nuke::nuke::nuke:

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[quote name='Folger Soldier' date='23 April 2010 - 11:56 PM' timestamp='1272084947' post='2272791']
All hail the Roman Empire!

Hey... look who's back...


Wow, welcome back Folger.

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