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Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order

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[b][size=5][color="#FF0000"]Retirement of Imperial Officers for Military Affairs Loucifer and Appointment of Imperial Officer for News & Propaganda Brennan[/color][/size][/b][/center]

It is the unfortunate duty of an Emperor to accept the retirement of an Imperial Officer. Loucifer, the Imperial Officer for Military Affairs, has been claimed by RL. Loucifer proudly served Pacifica, coming up the ranks through the Council to become an Imperial Officer for Internal Affairs, then Economic Affairs, and retiring as an Imperial Officer for Military Affairs. He has been one of the longest continually serving Imperial Officers in the New Pacific Order, and as his time permits, I hope he can continue to offer his wise counsel in nearly all matters of Pacifica as a Retired Imperial Officer.

For many months, the position of Imperial Officer for Media Affairs has been vacant. Due to the most unfortunate turn of events, much of the high level leadership of the Media Corps left or was removed from the Order within a short period of time. Pacificans, however, do not shirk from challenges, and in an era where the public media climate for the New Pacific Order is perhaps the most challenging we have ever seen, Brennan, as Coordinator and subsequently Director, rebuilt the Media Corps into the premier Pacifica and world news organization it is today. I do hereby appoint Brennan as Imperial Officer for Media Affairs.

Hail Loucifer!

Hail Brennan!

Hail the New Pacific Order!

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Thank you for your service, Loucifer. You've been a damn good officer and an even better friend. o/

Congratulations and good luck to you, Brennan. I know you'll do a great job. :)

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