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Official Announcement of the Republic of Gallant Nations

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Even though our DoE has been posted, here comes our charter, flag, and protectorate agreement.

[center]Our forums: http://z7.invisionfree.com/cn_rgn/index.php?act=idx
Team: Green
IRC: #rgn[/center]

[b][center]The Republic of Gallant Nations Charter[/center][/b]
[size="1"][center][i]Viaticus quod Amicitia[/i][/center][/size]

We, the undersigned, come together today to announce the existence of the Republic of Gallant Nations, henceforth known as RGN.

[QUOTE][b]Application & Membership:[/b]
Section 1: [u]Application[/u]
  1) Applicants must post appropriate application on forum.
  2) No applicant may be in war or have pending aid offers.  Current offers must be finished before membership is attained.
  3) No applicant may have ill will towards them from another alliance.  We do not want your baggage.
  4) All applicants are required to be active on IRC during their application process to speed along processing.
5) No applicant may be applied or applying to another alliance at simultaneous times.

Section 2: [u]Membership[/u]
1) Members immediately seek out ways to benefit the alliance.
2) Members agree to never join another alliance while part of this alliance.
3) Members agree to never disobey any rule set forth by the government, however they may verbally protest it.
4) Any member may be removed by the Archon at any time once given a warning that they are up for removal.

[b]Government Layout:[/b]
Section 3: [u]Department Heads[/u]
[QUOTE]Head of National Security- [i]Plumbum Imperator[/i] or Head General.  He leads our army into battle and he must protect the health and welfare of every member nation.  He accesses every major and minor conflict the alliance encounters.  He advises the Archon on war and helps to make the decision to declare. After he retires, he is then known as [i]Imperiosus Consuasor[/i]

Head of Interior Affairs-[i] Penitus Consilium[/i] or Interior Consultant.  He has the responsibility of dealing with recruiting, propaganda, application processing, guide writing, and he maintains the Optional Academy.  After he retires, he is then known as [i]Imperiosus Consuasor[/i]

Head of Foreign Affairs- [i]Caput capitis Orator[/i] or Head Ambassador.  He must deal with all foreign material that enters and exits our great alliance.  He determines and examines thoroughly the relationships we have with fellow alliances and decides on foreign policy.  He writes up treaties to be presented to the Archon.  After his retirement, he becomes [i]Imperiosus Consuasor[/i]

Regent- [i]Fornicis Suffragium[/i] or Archon’s Assistant.  He is Second in Command of RGN and primarily deals with the areas of Foreign Affairs and Interior Affairs acting as an overseer.  He is appointed by the Archon and can only be removed by the Archon. 

Section 4: [u]Supreme Ruler[/u]
The Archon- [i]Fornicis Tyrannus[/i] or Absolute Ruler.  He has final say on all Imperial Legion affairs and only he may declare war on an opposing foreign entity. While maintain control of the alliance, the Archon oversees all Military Affairs.  He holds his position for life, unless he steps down or is removed by a vote from the other government members.  This vote must be unanimous for it to have effect.  If he steps down, he is now known as the [i]Quondam Fornicis[/i], or Former Archon.[/QUOTE]

[b]Foreign Affairs:[/b]
Section 5: [u]Policy[/u]
The foreign policy of RGN is based on friendship. RNG will never sign or agree to a treaty based on words and not feeling. We believe it is the general understanding to be friendly and honest with anyone before considering a binding treaty.
RNG will at all times act with the upmost respect for even its most hated foes and will never give reps that RGN themselves could not do. All people deserve respect.

Section 6: [u]Treaties[/u]
As stated before, RGN will never enter a treaty that is not based on friendship. RGN will sign any type of treaty that it deems necessary. No primarily aggressive treaties will be signed without prior a treaty of a lower value.

Activity is one of the most important things an alliance can have. RGN requires activity as a basis for membership. All members not found to be active atleast the minimum of once per week, without prior knowledge of this absence given to the government, will be found in violation of this section of the charter and be up for removal from the alliance by the Archon.

Section 7: [u]Declarations[/u]
War is saved for the rarest and more intricate occasions when diplomacy has failed to show any light. War can only be called by the Archon with advise from the Head of National Security. The use of nuclear weapons is restricted unless given government permission.

Section 8: [u]Raiding:[/u] No nation of RGN is allowed to raid. Period. [/QUOTE]

Protection agreement between [b]The World Federation[/b] and the [b]Republic of Gallant Nations.[/b]

The World Federation and the Republic of Gallant Nations have agreed to the following terms.

Article 1

1.1 The WF and RGN will show respect and good will towards the member nations of each respective alliance.

1.2 Both signatory alliances shall be resolute in their insistence that their respective members remain polite and civil with each other at all times, especially in public forums and other public venues.

1.3 Both signatory alliances recognize that full and frank communication is the foundation for a strong and enduring relationship and that there is mutual benefit for both alliances when open communication between them is maintained. To this end, the undersigned agree to facilitate to the best of their ability mutual, fruitful communication between them.

1.4 Alliance leaders will be expected to alert the other organization party to this agreement should this article ever be infringed upon.

Article 2

2.1 The WF and RGN will not conduct espionage or aid in espionage against the opposite organization party to this agreement.

2.2 Alliance leaders and representatives will be expected to alert the organization opposite to this agreement should espionage on either party be detected.

Article 3

3.1 The WF commits itself to protecting RGN from unwarranted attacks through direct military action as well as, though not limited to, financial and political means.

3.2 All foreign affairs brought to RGN will be first consulted with WF leadership before being enacted upon in RGN.

Article 4

4.1 This pact may be cancelled after 48 hours notice, which must be received and discussed privately and in a diplomatic manner.

4.2 This pact may be cancelled by any breach of Article 2.

4.3 This pact may be cancelled once RGN and the WF agree that RGN no longer requires the protection offered by the WF in Article 3.

Signed for World Federation:
Edward Mass - Emperor
Enrage - Regent

Signed for Republic of Gallant Nations:
TheNecromancer - Archon
tendo - Head of Internal Affairs

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