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The Templar Fortress

Zoot Zoot

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Wesker's black boots crunched as the sand beneath compacted under his foot as it crashed into the floor, advancing further towards the cliff paths. His trademark all black uniform comprised of black combat fatigues, black military sweater, his leather trenchcoat and his shades, all worked in tandemn to create an aura of fear where ever he went. Inside his jacket he was armed with two Desert Eagles and several throwing knives.
High above him on the cliffs he saw the ruined walls of an ancient fortress, a fortress that lies over the entrance to Barneys old bunker network, which then leads down into the mines.

The mines. Decades ago this island was home to a nickle mine, and before it was closed down, its tunnels and chambers stretched over a mile down, and twelve miles out to sea. The perfect place to rebuild his laboratory, to train his men and rebuild his dreams.

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