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You know you're famous when....

Eggman Empire

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Isaac Muskalov Kintober, lowly Staff Sargent a few months ago, now Emperor of the EE, walked down the corridors of the Imperial palace. He looked of a folder just handed to him by an intern. *[b]CLASSIFIED:NEW TANK PLANS[/b]* A sticker on the bottom of the folder read *Requires Emperor's approval.* Isaac read and walked; him and his body guards keeping a brisk pace. The new tank plans certainly seemed impressive. They called for combining the fire power of a Predator MBT with the speed and maneuverability of a Guardian APC. The plans looked like they worked. Several disks tucked inside contained detailed explanations on how it worked, as well as tests of different parts that would go onto the tank. He was interrupted by Avita Karnikov; Head Minister of Medicine and Science. He briefly mused that his father certainly had a strange way of selecting people, before engaging in conversation with her.

"Ah, Minister, what can I do for you today?" He asked.

"What, no 'Karni' for me today?" She replied, referring to his nickname for her. Isaac smirked.

"Well, if you want me to tease you, then that can be arranged." He said, before reaching over and giving her head a noogie. It was quite easy. Despite her name, Avita was of Asian descent. As such, her 5'3 height was dwarfed by Isaac's 6'2 figure.

"Hey! None of that!" She yelped, and got out from under his attack. Both chuckled and then grew somber. "But seriously, I need to talk to you about the next year's budget for my ministry." She asked. Isaac sighed. As much as he was growing to like Avita, the one thing that bugged him was her constant pestering for more funding.

"Well, let's walk and talk. I have a meeting to be at on the other side of Robotropolis in an hour. You're welcome to come along for the ride if we haven't addressed the problem by then." He said. Avita nodded.
"...and that's why another 15 million to the pathogenic research subsection is justified! Just think of how much your popularity will go up when we find that cure!" Avita exclaimed, trying to convince Isaac to approve her 'adjusted' budget for her ministry. Isaac sighed.

"One, the Facility is already covering that particular pathogen, and two, even with me sponsoring the adjustment, I don't think the Senate will approve it." Isaac explained. Avita harrumphed and rolled her eyes, before moving on to the next point of hers.
Some distance away, a figure watched through binoculars as the two officials made their way to the special APC the Emperor always rode in. After the pair got to where he deemed close enough, he pulled out a disposable cell phone and dialed a number. Seconds later, the APC turned in to a blossoming fireball.
The air was filled with shouts and sirens as Isaac's four Gen-8 Smiler body guards dragged/carried himself and Avita to a near-by bunker. The body armor he wore underneath his shirt had stopped a good amount of shrapnel from turning his chest into hamburger, but his arms and legs were ate up. It would be a month or two before they would be fully usable. He looked over to Avita. She was a little luckier. He had been blocking most of her body when the blast happened, and the only serious wound he could see on her was a large gash on her forehead. She turned to face him as the medics began treating their wounds.

"Congratulations." She said.

"Why?" He asked, dazed from the blast and blood loss.

"You know you're famous when they keep trying to kill you." She explained, and flashed a smile before the medics started working on her gash. Isaac groaned in response.
[quote]Due to this latest assassination attempt on Emperor Kintober's life, all ports, borders, and air terminals will be temporarily closed, and all available troops will be withdrawn back to Eggman Empire, as per usual. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Blyzar Dreth; Head Minister of External Affairs

OOC: Work's been busy this month. I've been to tired to think creatively thanks to 12-14 work shifts this month, and I'm one of the lucky ones. Maintenance has been doing 16+ hour shifts since the month began. This schedule is gonna continue all they way into mid-to-late May. What can you do, I suppose. Anyway, so this explains why I haven't been to active on CNRP, and why it's going to be that way for a while. I'll still be on, just non to frequently. Hope the rest of you guys are having a good time, though.

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