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The Rise of Douglas


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Chris stood on the balcony of the Starbucks in Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland Oregon. A large crowd of Oregonians had come to watch.


[left]"Tahoans, Oregonians, Cascadians, today I greet you as your liberator. Months ago, I declared war on the Tahoe empire to free you from the evils that the Irish president has put on the world, and I have done just that.

Seeing that Tahoe has been dissolved into anarchy, and

Seeing that We Cascadians need to unite,

I declare the territories of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, a bit of northwestern Montana, and half of British Columbia, as the Republic of Cascadia, with the capital being here in Portland, Oregon.

Also, the terms by the Tahoe Republic placed on nations such as the Dragon Empire, the Rebel Army, Promised Land, and later the Queendom of Australia, are null and void."

Two soldiers dressed in green raised the war flag of Cascadia.


[left]"Welcome to Cascadia."

"I will also be allowing Crimea to be absorbed into the Slavic Federation once more."
[/left][/center][/left] [/center]

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Pacifica welcomes this new nation, and congratulates them on a successful campaign and their critical role in ending tahoan tyranny.

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A task force of 400 Cascadian Rangers have been deployed to Cruachan to go behind enemy lines while the enemy armies attack. The mission will be to capture the former Tahoan president and shut down all former goverment buildings.

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A few miles west of Tacoma, Washington...

"It's been four days since we've seen resistance in this sector, sir, can't we just declare it secure?" Private Ratison asked his Squad leader.

"Bogart gave us a strict order to patrol for a week, and then we can declare it se-what was that?"

The troop was a few yards out of a town called Enumclaw. They heard gunshots coming from a nearby building.

"Everybody take cover!"

The squad took cover in a building as gunshots rang out from every direction. The Squad leader radioed the platoon leader, "Sir, we're under heavy fire in Enumclaw, Washington. How should we proceed?"

The leader responed, "I'm getting some intel from the air force. We're scanning the area for enemy radio signals."

After a few minutes, the platoon leader responded, "Alright, this has just been bumped up to an air force operation. The city is rife with enemy radio signals. We're guessing the town has been overrun by remnant military. Awaiting orders to airlift you out and level the place."


A black hawk helicopter rocketed onto the street in front of the building where the squad was under fire. The gunners on the miniguns tore up the surrounding buildings, killing everyone inside. The squad was in the helicopter and in the air in less than 5 minutes. Not a minute after the blackhawk left the scene, three B-1B bomber squadrons carpet bombed the entire town, flattening it and the surrounding farmlands.

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"Australia thanks Cascadia for their generosity in releasing us from the terms as dictated by Tahoe in the Dragon Empire/American conflict. We wish you a speedy recovery from the aftermath of this war."

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