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Convention of the Confederacy

Bull Run

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President-elect Jonah Hex strides anxiously past the lush green gardens & into the shadow of the large, marble columns of the American Continental Hall for the noontime session of the 1st official Convention. Similarly, all state governors, 13 members of Congress, several judges, state legislators, senators, industrial leaders, & all members of the Cabinet had arrived for the momentous political proceedings of the Convention. Their most important order of business; the official & very public launch of their new government. The Provisional Congress of the American Continental Confederacy had feverishly worked to formally establish the American Continental Confederacy as a nation. Along with a long line of changes to the politics of Central America, an entirely new national identity was at hand. The outlook for the future of the nation as well as the entire American Continent seemed as bright & promising as the clear & sunny skies over the Hall.

Massive oak benches allowed seating for thousands of spectators while bright flags of the Confederacy stood erect behind the seats of President Hex & Convention participants amid massive banners strung illuminated by powerful lights that glared down onto the provisional Congress. By 1:00 pm the hall was full & the main doors had been propped open as a small safety measure, as well as to allow for a cool breez into the hall. Soon, the session was called to order. Over the past week, the body had elected officers along with a provisional president of the convention, sat through acceptance speeches & the like, largely in privacy- this would be the first open Convention. The last Convention was the fourth in a 4-day effort to draft the Confederate Constitution, and (after proceeding reaching deep into the evening) the Continental Confederate government had been ready.

Silence befell the entire hall at once as the floor was given to President Hex to make the announcement. His proclamation of the first fully elected government by the people into legitimacy was met with a roaring applause & slightly wild jubilation surrounding the outside of the building. The success of the conventions had completed the revolution, but their work was far from complete. Nonetheless, teams where quickly organized for diplomatic innitiatives to Europe, Africa, Oceania, Asia, & fellow American nations.


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