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The Green Gang in Shanghai had established themselves along the Chinese Coast in the waning days of Palintine Rule. One of the older gangs in China, it had been rung in over the course over several governments, but in the absence of a strong central government, the Chinese underworld did what they were the best in the world at. They found business opportunities and exploited them. Today with China's economy and law and order was coming back on track. However, it was still under developed. Even as trade now flowed into the country and infrastructure with it. The Green Gang was taking advantage. Cheap manufacturers websites would be filled with phish and spy ware programs were added either through bribes to employees or hacking attempts.

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Operations were beginning to run smoothly. As the foreign relations of China expanded, so did the range of the Green Gang's influence. The opening of markets in Guangxi and Vietnam corresponded with access to excellent opium fields which the triads had begun investing in heavily. This crop would then be shipped throughout the Asian and Oceanic region in smuggling. The triads were an unintended consequence of the USCs policies of market opening. They were able to locate cheap manufacturing in the high density Chinese coast, home to most of China's metroplitan areas, cheap agriculture in Guangxi and Vietnam, and markets in the USC, Vietnam, Japan, Rebel Army Korea, and the Phillipines. The gangs kept this business under the radar, careful not to get too big in any one place, but merely to out price local drug king pins.

Their internet business was another area where they were moving to establish an aggressive presence, their first two targets would be France and Kentucky, two places with little in common. Their goal would be through malware to be able to begin implanting themselves in their networks where they could siphon off revenue and put it into bank accounts in Athenian Banks. They also would begin creating a zombie network in these countries.

The Green Gang itself was going through changes. Its leadership had slowly been replaced by a group of aggressive up and comers. This group was lead by a man named simply the Khan. He seemed to be of far western Uighur descent. It was now at the top of the food chain as far as the Green Gang went. It would soon have plans to take the rest of the triads out.

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