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"No longer."

Sargun II

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Carmelo stumbled forward, his hands wrapped around the hilt of the blade sheathed in his chest. Without success he attempted to remove the metal from his body as his strength quickly plummeted lower than the depths of the hell that he was headed for. His vision blurred quickly as he gasped for air, the blood he treasured so preciously being the very thing blocking life from reaching him. Carmelo lost all sense of time and place as his head fell and was cradled into the chest of his killer. He wondered what was going on for only one more fleeting moment before his soul was rushed into the void[size="3"][size="2"].


[b]Seven days earlier[/b]

Roderigo read with silent fury the letter left behind by his beloved, Maria. For two years he had been courting her; for two years he had waited patiently as his senile father and strained relations with Castile had nearly doomed their relationship. For two whole years his life had been wasted on her... only for Maria to throw it away for [i]Carmelo.[/i] Carmelo, his own brother - his own blood - his kin! Roderigo stood with righteous anger and tore the teary letter apart, ripping it seven times before throwing it into the fire and watching it burn. Smoke tinged with the darkness inhabiting his own soul rose through the vertical column above it and out into the night sky.

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