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The Irish Protection Confederation

Lord Tri

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[size="5"][color="#008000"][b]The Irish Protection Confederation[/b][/color][/size]

IRC: #IPC @Coldfront.net[/center]

Well hello there! I am Lord Tri, Chief Bartender of the Irish Protection Confederation. We are an Irish-themed alliance based around the style and atmosphere of a Bar, Pub, or Tavern. The Irish Protection Confederation has only recently declared its existence, and remains a very small alliance. However, we don't believe an alliance's greatness lies in its strength in numbers, but in the quality of it's members. The Irish Protection Confederation is looking for members who will contribute to the benefit of our most holy of Bars. The fact that we are small also gives many nations the opportunity to test your mettle as a leader, and become a major factor as we grow in CN.

[b][u]Why You Should Join:[/u][/b]
[*]We are a small, tight knit group of nations where you are more than just a number
[*]We enjoy a laid back community, allowing for us to develop strong bonds of friendship
[*]We have the best beer in CN
[*]We focus less on recruiting, and more on building up our younger nations
[*]Each and every member contributes to the good of the Bar
[*]We provide aid, nation growth guides and programs, security, and a good time
[*]We provide the opportunity for you to learn and become a strong leader

[b][u]How to Join:[/u][/b]
[*]Change your Alliance Affiliation to "IPC Applicant"
[*]Register on the Forums
[*]Follow the Instructions and post your application
[*]Be patient while we mask you (rarely takes longer than a few hours at most)
[*]And you're in![/list]

So we hope to see you at the Bar, drinking with us, and having a good time.

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