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Nusantara NEW blood

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NEW OFFICER in charge

Maha Prabu: (aka. King)

Maha Patih: (aka. Prime Minister)
Sang Amurwabhumi

Sang Panca Ring Nusantara:
K1l1o n1mr4 - Mahamentri Hino (MoIA)
Jeff123 - Mahamentri Halu (MoT)
Vibi - Mahamentri Sirikan (MoEd)
yoyoabc - Patih Amancanegara (MoFA)
Kutumoncrot - Tumenggung (MoD)

Congrat Guys.!!

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[quote name='Lennox' date='21 April 2010 - 01:17 PM' timestamp='1271870225' post='2269242']
This is like a NEW beginning :P

I hate you sooo much :P

Sad not to see GatanX up there.

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Thank you for all of friends here :)

Sadly TAN and gantanX decided to take a break from CN politics due RL things, but in the other side their decision made NEW found another dynamics in our internal. I personally want to see how far SangAr will take us, and i believe he will give glory to NEW :)

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[quote name='Kill Joy' date='21 April 2010 - 10:08 AM' timestamp='1271869689' post='2269230']
I'm surprised to not see GantanX or Suryanto Tan. Congrats to all the new gov members!

Agreed.. Saddens me.. but it just gives em more time to raid ;)

oo/ NEW and the new gov :)

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