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Révolution française

Karl Martin

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It was Bastille Day, the day France will be reborn.

The military parade would pass down the Champs-Elysées from l’Arc de Triomphe to Place de la Concorde where the leaders of France, his government and foreign ambassadors would stand. There was some confusion as to whether it should be President or Prime Minister, and things were settled for "Head of State".

Things were nearly prepared, with only the leaders of France needing to take their positions.....

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"I've sworn my sword to your cause. I would not forsake that vow, save it were your wish." Adelaide said staring towards the ground at Therese's feet, her knees in a genuflected stance like nothing Therese had seen before. They had been talking about the celebration in Paris and then as Therese's anxiety had been building Adelaide had dropped her knees to the ground and embraced the Prime Minister's hand in her own. "There is no greater truth to that statement Tressa, we've been friends for too long for me to allow anything to happen to you."

"Adele." She smiled and laid her hands on the Paladin's shoulders. "I have never meant to make you worry like this and I have no problem in going back to Bordeaux. I-"

"No, if anything happens to this city, if anything happens to a single person in France I swear to God..."

"Nothing is going to happen and if it does, then we will deal with it like we always have. After all, we have the country unified, we have a strong France for ages to come. Something that has not happened in years. We did it together." Therese smiled and brought Adelaide back to standing straight ahead. It will be a parade, either way it will go well, or our dissenting friends have a surprise for us. Either way, it is not something that we can worry about. You can't live in fear your entire life, plus." Therese opened her jacket, a small derringer protruded from one of the pockets. "You see, I know just how to protect myself. Now...I believe they're waiting for us and you'll be the soldier that I've always known you to be Miss Josselyne."

Adelaide smiled and nodded. "Of course Miss Zelle, right this way."

Therese and Adelaide walked out of their quarters in the Paris Government Complex, escorted by the Knights of Aquitaine towards where the parade was going to be taking place.

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As the Aquitaine people were moving to the Place de la Concorde, Karl Martin von Hohenzollern was also proceeding to the square with Léon Degrelle. There were several from the Preußische Eiserne Brigade, all the way from Berlin, by his side. Rumors of a potential attack in Paris had been going around Paris for some time now, and given the politically stormy conditions, it was completely possible.

"Your Majesty, do you really have to attend? You have helped accomplish what all others though would happen only through bloodshed." The worry was plainly seen on Degrelle's face. He had worked for the King for a decade, and now, at the height of their dreams, his lord was risking his life in an event that he did not have to be part of. "Please, allow just me to go."

Only tired and cold eyes greeted the pleading. "Jedem das Seine, Léon. If something is to happen, it is to happen. Nothing will change it, and only by my being there if something happens could I do what is necessary to prevent things from turning for the worst. A former member of the [i]Légion étrangère [/i]follows "[i]Honneur et Fidélité[/i]" to the death. Shall we continue?"

Some time later, they had taken their seats at the square. Therese and Adelaide arrived just a few minutes after the Burgundians. "It is a nice day, isn't it? In wishes that all will be fine."


Somewhere in the barracks, where the parade was being prepared....

There was some troubles with one of the Aquitaine tanks, and the drivers were trying to fix it with the mechanics. When things were all done, they stood back in satisfaction.

"Good thing we managed to get it down. It's armed, so leaving it behind would be too much trouble."

Several muzzled gunshots was heard, with the people collapsing. Several shadows approached that tank.

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Reaching the Burgundians, Therese and Adelaide both smiled and bowed respectfully towards the hosts of the parade. "Yes, thank you Mr. Degrelle, it is a beautiful day." Therese said happily. "You have all outdone yourself and I am expecting something quite breathtaking here. If you both have not already met, I would like to present my bodyguard and commander of my armed forces, Adelaide Josselyne."

Adelaide bowed in return and offered her hand to both of the leaders. "A pleasure meeting you both I assure you. The Prime Minister speaks the truth, I look forward to seeing what is done here."

As they took their seats, both Adelaide and Therese sat heavy, their eyes darting across the grounds, waiting for the parade to start and if everything was going to go according to the Burgundian's plans. Along with the fact that everything they had planned to begin with would be okay. Both Therese and Adelaide were suspicious, it was only natural to be on your guard, but the would enjoy themselves even if it did come down to chaos. They had been through everything together, this parade would only be another tack on their chart.

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The long, flaxen hair and the dark brown eyes of Adelaide caught Karl's eyes. She was like Champagne-Ardenne, with its golden wheat fields, smooth lakes and river, sparkling white wine, and the dark Ardenne. He swallowed softly, feeling his heart beating at the sight.

"Yes, it is certainly a pleasure to meet you.... Miss Adelheid. Please, take a seat".

As they were all seated, with his adopted father Henri VII to his right and Josselyne to his left, he couldn't keep the slight blush off his face.


"Diana, is everything ready?"

"Yes, the shell has been loaded. It'll take only one shot if done correctly."


The parade opened with cadets from the military schools in order of seniority: the École Polytechnique, the Saint-Cyr, the École Navale, followed by newer academies. The Patrouille de France leads the fly-past. It was followed with foot soldiers: army Infantry; troupes de Marine; Air; Gendarmerie, including the French Republican Guard; and occasionally non-military police units. The French Foreign Legion brought up the rear of this part of the parade, because their ceremonial marching pace was slower than that of other French infantry units and it was the only regiment that not split up when passing by the officials and the army headquarters' tribune. A special salute was done for Karl Martin, who was formerly a member of the Legion.

Motorised and armoured troops came next. As the tanks came rumbling down, Karl started frowning. He could sense from the sound that one of the tanks were heavier than the others, and it was bothering him. They were the same tanks; what could it be that would make one heavier with loads? A slight move of the barrel of one of the tanks, and then he realized what was going on.

"Get down!"

Throwing himself to left to cover the Aquitaine leaders, he barely got Zelle and Josselyne onto the ground before the burst came, the shell crashing into where all of them were just there.


At the same time, all around Paris, some of the Aquitaine and Burgundian soldiers turned their guns against their fellow soldiers. Within a few minutes, the most important government buildings were held by the sudden rebels. All broadcasts were shut down, and a logo came on, followed by a man with a white mustache.


"I am Alain Mamère, the president of the former French Republic. I have come back from the shadows to return France to her true path

Following the collapse of the republic from hostile internal forces, I have been forced to hide myself, to make sure the ideals of the republic can be preserved. During that time, France has been split, by both Germans and traitorous French, in the form of Karl Martin von Hohenzollern and Therese Zelle.

No more will I tolerate this. France is grand, and it is her mandate to be the greatest nation on earth, not run by foreigners or girls, but by true patriots. Arise, my people, and overthrow the false for the true!"

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Everything just seemed to happen so quick, Adelaide had been smiling at Karl Martin, easily being able to tell of his attraction to her, while Therese had finally been able to put down her guard and enjoy the parade watching the military of the united French march down the main boulevard. Then the explosion had occurred, both of the girls had watched in horror as the turret began to turn towards them, their eyes widened and Therese began to shake as Adelaide jumped to the side to cover her leader, but she knew that even then, both of them would be obliterated in the inferno. However as the flames baked their backs another body slammed into her saving them from the shell. Karl lay on top of Adelaide and Therese, effectively saving them and dispelling both of their thoughts that this might have been a Burgundian plan to kill both of them in one beautiful stroke. As the smoke cleared, all three of them were alive, but many of the people around them had not been as lucky and Adelaide's fist formed into a brick of strength as she helped Therese to her feet.

"Are you okay Tressa?" She smiled to her friend and the Prime Minister nodded back, still dazed while the Paladin turned to Karl. "Thank you, we might not have trusted you before now. But I think we can trust you now. You saved both of u-" Before she could finish her sentence the broadcast from Mamère came and both of the girls watched in grief as both Burgundian and Aquitainian began to turn against their comrades, the rebel forces revealed to all and Paris was turned into a miniature civil war.

"That...that...that !@#$%^&!" Therese pulled out her derringer from her dress and cocked it back. "I swear I'll kill him myself."

"Damn, I can't believe this." Adelaide looked back at her. "You have to stay safe Therese." She turned and took the hands of the Prime Minister. "If there was ever a hope for France, it rests in you and I promise everything is going to be okay."

"Adele." Therese pounded her fist. "We got this."

On the ground, the French Loyalists to Therese had pushed the rebels away from where the leadership stood and immediately became ground zero, however, Adelaide was not about to leave Therese with anyone besides herself, but both of them wanted Mamère dead and had to assume that he was already in the Hotel de Ville, if not, then he was much further away and would have to find him later. Instead Therese and Adelaide walked out from the ruined platform into the squad of loyalists. "Gentlemen, you've all heard the broadcast." Started Adelaide. "Many of our comrades are dead because of the rebels and they have many strongholds within Paris. The fighting will be thick, but we outnumber them and we will have reinforcements arriving within the hour from our command posts outside of the city. But damage should be kept at a minimum. Is that understood?"

"Yes Milady." The soldiers said in unison, while Adelaide reached into her pocket and pressed a button onto a receiver. Fifty kilometers away, General Valmonde would receive her orders to lock the country down, though no further mutinous movement was encountered as further brigades began to move towards the city of Paris.

"That !@#$%^& is dead." She said with narrowed eyes. "Dead..."

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Karl stood up and looked around at the damage. The first thing that caught his eyes was the head of Henri VII, which had been blow off when the shell had hit directly upon Henri's body. This meant only one thing....

The broadcast of Mamère grabbed his attention. The man who had been the reason for his being a widower had now killed another person close to him.

"Degrelle, get me an FAMAS."


For the next few hours, the united Burgundian and Aquitainian forces fought down the rebels. Here and there were was a bit of damages to the historical buildings, but nothing too serious. The trio of Adelaide, Karl, and Therese were at the head, raising hell for all those that were under the Action Française organization. Soon almost all of Paris was secured, with the exception of the 8th arrondissement.

They manage to locate Mamère's position: Élysée Palace

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[i]North of Paris[/i]

Kellina was heading north. The insurrection was failing, and she had orders to get as far away from Paris before the Umbrella was to open. It was something she did not like, but survival was the most important thing.

She stopped when a figure in khaki suddenly appeared in front of her.

"You shouldn't be running away like that, Kellina Shimadu. Or shall I say.... Diana."

She fired with her Desert Eagle at his face. Just when she thought she hit him, she saw taht he had leaned back slightly, with the bullet hitting the sunglasses and nothing else. Red eyes stared back from where the dark lens were.

"My my little one, you are such a sassy one."

Loud cannonshots rang out, and Kellina felt sudden pain in her right arm and left leg as they were blown off. A rather large pistol was in the hands of the man standing in front of her.

"Length of 39 cm, weight of 16 kg (35.2 lbs), and made of black gunmetal. Fires special 13 mm armor-piercing, explosive, mercury-core baptized bullets, with casings of Macedonian silver. Not a weapon a normal man could even hope to wield, since it was never meant for a man. How do you like the taste of it?"

"Wha, what are you trying to do....."

"Your heart is pumping, making the precious blood flow out smoothly. In the next few minutes, the lack of blood will send you into shock, shutting down your organs one by one. It'll be a slow death, but not that painful."

The girl started sobbing.

"Now now, don't be so sad. You've done your jobs, it's only fitting that you end up the same way you sent so many others."

The sobbing continued, getting weaker and weaker. Some moments went by, and all went silent. Khaki smirked, then got his cell phone out.

"Diana has been eliminated. Send a chopper to get me to Waffle."

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With all haste, Adelaide, Therese, and Karl, along with a contingent of Adelaide's personal bodyguard force, set off towards the Élysée Palace. Around them the city of Paris seemed to have turned into an inferno of sorts, there were many buildings on fire from the sporadic fighting across the city, while both soldier and civilian lay dead on the sidewalks. Medics had already come in from French military positions outside the city and everything had been secured, all that was needed now was to finish off the job of getting rid of Mamère. When they reached the gates of the Palace, they found that the entire building was silent, eerily silent, if this was Mamère's position, then it was to be anticipated that the fiercest resistance would be found here as well. Instead nothing, nothing besides the gates being locked and taking the extra few moments to break through the lock and open into the great courtyard of the palace and there at the center of the courtyard, surrounded by two of his own bodyguards, stood Alain Mamère.

The white mustached man smiled as he walked down the staircase from the entrance of the palace and bowed lightly towards his three attackers. "I must say. You do quick work Miss Zelle, the city already pacified, thanks to your whore in shining armor and the German !@#$%^&, but I'll get to that later. I realize, as unfortunate as this is, that my time is pretty near up." He reached into his suit and pulled out a pocket watch. "It is a shame of what is going to happen to France. A German King." He chuckled. "That won't last, Karl, you are a truly an idiot if you think that the people will stand for that much longer. Burgundy was sore on the face of the world, but enough of the German. Miss Zelle, Miss Josselyne, what you have done to my nation is an abomination. Two !@#$%*es running a country? It is an insult to everything that I have done, everything. I would be shocked if you two can even manage not to cry daily because of the difficulties of running France, you two make me sick, you're not politicians, you're school girls who should be home with their dolls. But perhaps my loyalty was displaced, the French people are too stupid to realize what's good for them and they would rather be governed by their Prussian and Female overlords."

"That's enough Mamère!" Shouted Adelaide. "You are a traitor to the Prime Minister of France, Lady Therese Zelle and therefore you are subject to every murder that happened out on the streets of Paris today. Stand down for your crimes!" She glared at him.

"Oh my dear Adelaide, if only things were that easy. I should let you know that I have no intention of leaving like that and while you may have stopped me, the people's voice will be heard, change...change will be brought to France.

Therese smiled. "You're right Mamère, change will be brought to France and you won't be around to see how much chaos will occur."

"You dare speak out against me woman?" With that he took out another pistol from his pocket and aimed at Therese, he fired, as Adelaide screamed to jump in the way of the bullet. It struck her in the shoulder, sending her to the ground, but not before she was able to fire her own shots one into Mamère's leg and another into his arm that was holding the gun. Being knocked out of the way, Therese pulled her derringer out striking the other bodyguard in the head and dropping him, while one of the Knights behind the trio took out the second bodyguard. With the traitors incapacitated, Therese turned back to Adelaide as she bled from her shoulder.

"Adele!? Please, are you okay?"

Adelaide groaned and got back up to her feet holding her shoulder. "A...flesh...wound..." She said holding her wound and pulled her own pistol out, pointing it at Mamère's head. "I said stand down." She said kicking his pistol out of the way as the Knights moved in to secure the rest of the Palace. "Or I swear, I will put ten bullets through your eyes before you can even make it to Hell."

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The former president closed his eyes for a moment, then opened to look at Karl.

"The Umbrella will open where you cannot see if you are there, Charles. Try to look for it before it is too late. Après moi le déluge!"

An audible crack is heard from Mamère's mouth, and as foam formed, he collapsed. There was an electronic sound.

Beep......beep.....beep..be-be-be-bebe the electronic sound gradually grew louder. It was something - from under the desk- There was something giving off a warning from the heavy desk in the center of the room.

Karl's body moved before any doubt could set in. He didn't even ask himself why he was trying to run at the last moment. Grabbing Adelaide and Therese by the waist and kicking off of the floor, he broke through the nearby window back-first.

In the next instant, the room exploded. The high power explosives under the desk blew up, and the blast shook the building. A torrent of flames gushed from the windows. The shock of the blast also broke the surrounding windows, and hundreds of pieces of remnants and debris spewed out over the courtyard.

With a crash the three landed on the roof of a truck, with Karl absorbing most of the blow. Bearly holding back the pain, he sat up and rolled onto the ground, and started limping toward an automobile as Degrelle came running.

"Your Maje-"

"Get Zelle out of Paris right now, Degrelle. Evacuate as many people away from the 6th arrondissement."

"But why?"

"Project Umbrella is there."

He stopped for a moment, than turned around and kissed Adelaide on the cheek. Getting into the car, he speeded south.


Contacts were sent out all around Paris, telling all to leave Paris as soon as possible. The reason for it was given to only the highest members of the military, who were provided with a paper.

Project Umbrella

The former French Republic's nuclear program. Originally proceeded with in secret, it was the cause of the civil war that brought the collapse of France. The only information that Burgundy was able to gather was that it was near completion, although the location of the device has not been founded yet. It is feared that if it was completed, it would be a potential threat to France as a whole.

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Adelaide and Therese both went with Degrelle in the car and fled from Paris and even given Adelaide's injury, she was sure to tell Degrelle to let her drive. A secure location was needed, this being the French military positions outside of Paris. After they had reached these positions, Adelaide turned and smiled at Degrelle. "I appreciate what you've done for us, but I can take it from here. Right now if your King is in Paris, I need to make sure that my charge is safe in Bordeaux. It appears that Paris will never be fit again to be the capital of France, but that is just something we will have to deal with. But both myself and Therese thank you."

"Indeed, Degrelle, it was a pleasure and I hope that Karl will be all right." Therese smiled as Adelaide helped her into their own private car along with a contingent of French soldiers and took off towards the south and to the safety of Aquitaine.

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