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The formalization of the House of Bruno


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Within the Duchy of Hesse,Louis I decided to form a House which would be ruled by a certain family.The Bruno family who's reputation has been known from the city of Frankfurt as a powerful group of individual's who brought order to the city of Frankfurt and basically took out any opposing family's without trouble.

Louis I decided that the Bruno family to become the first and only House of Hesse, the leader of the Bruno family was James Axel Bruno II, he and along with a few of his followers pledge fake loyalty to Louis I and wanted to kill off Louis I without arousing suspicion.

So James Axel sent a envoy, to the kingdom of Romanga of north Italy for a marriage alliance. James Axel was going to get his son Henry Alexander Bruno to marry one of Romanga princess.

But until the letter arrived in Romanga James would haft to wait.

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