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An Official Fallen Knight Announcement

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[size="5"][center]Fallen Knight Announcement[/center][/size]

As of Monday Apr 19, 2010 10:16 pm my alliance, Fallen Knights, has been admitted into the bloc NOIR. We are committed to Black unity and we will do our best to help further it.

So to celebrate come visit our forums: http://www.cn-fk.co.cc
or visit us on IRC: #FK
(always free beer)

xR1 Fatal Instinct

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By the way, I do have a question that lingers in my mind at the moment :

Why are you called Fallen Knights? Doesn't that in some way show that you will fail eventually?

If you can enlighten me on that, that would be great!

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[quote name='President S O' date='21 April 2010 - 01:00 PM' timestamp='1271869188' post='2269224']
Oh NO[s]IR[/s].

Best of luck to all involved.

Yes, good luck to NOIR. You are going to need it with this one. :awesome:

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