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Maybe instead of changing it permanently to one length of time or another, it could change a bit each round so that everyone's strategy has to change. Announce it before hand. Round 12 will be 50 days. Round 13 will be 80 days. You know? Could be fun.

Ignore me...I just type things....

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I think that 90 days would be too long.

First, the last 30 to 40 days would be all out nuke warfare. Nothing wrong with that per se, except about half the nations would be huge and the other half, devistated. That would likely increase the number of nations that would just idle out.

Second, as we see even now, the number of naturally idleing out nations would increase. And this would likely end up in TE becoming even smaller than it is now. If you idle out with 30+ days left, you are less likely to sign up for the next round if you have to wait that long.

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