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Sardinian Notizie


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King Leonardo Cubelli of Sardinia has declared that the tax of Sardinia will be set at 30%, quote "In order to further advance the people and military of Sardinia".


King Leonardo Cubelli has also ordered the construction of theaters throughout Sardinia as the citizens of Sardinia had called for them many times in the past. They will entertain the population using plays, musicals, and other forms of entertainment.

(OOC: I am buying the Movie Theater wonder in a couple of days)


The Navy of Sardinia will expand with a further eight (8) ships under construction, bringing the current total of 17 to 25.



The Army of Sardinia is undergoing heavy training to make sure that every member is an expert in his field of combat. Forts begin construction in several areas on both Corsica and Sardinia.

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